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Last updated: September 11, 2021 • Marketing Tips

6 Unusual Commercial Ideas for Mobile Real Estate

Contrary to popular belief, not all real estate is stationary and planted in one spot. Quite a few real estate investments have been made into mobile real estate, and what can’t be done with moving homes and shops. From tug-along homes to actual buses being renovated into mobile homes, many people have begun traveling and living in mobile houses. However, that doesn’t cover the number of possibilities that can be found in moving shops and businesses.

With the added mobility, shops can gain quite a bit of business by moving along and gaining customers as they go. Not to mention, the whimsy of it draws attention and makes them more likely to gain traction. Real estate agents will be able to tell you how popular the city’s many food trucks are and how is living in mobile houses.

If you’re interested in mobile real estate and want to know the potential for a commercial option, here are a few ideas for moving businesses from the REA Mobile Real Estate Pinterest Board!

Mobile Bookstoremobile bookstore

Everyone likes the quaint, homey feeling of a small mobile bookstore. Whether you’re selling a collection of second-hand paperbacks or investing in new stock, a traveling bookstore is a great way to make a buck while on the road.

Mobile Hair Salon

mobile hair salon

With a bit of maneuvering, a mobile hair salon is a great way to publicize a salon business and take your skill to the road. But beware, most customers probably don’t want haircuts while the bus is moving! Going to their home or gaining new clients from high trafficked areas is a sure fire way to grow your business. Offering clients the flexibility to do their hair “on-the-go” or at the time that is best for them, without the hassle of them driving to you could mean more appointments in your calendar. This is also a great option for the elderly that may have transportation issues… so a lof of pros on the mobile hair salon.

Mobile Vintage ClothingMobile Vintage Clothing shop

Hipster, vintage, and boho fashion has never been more popular. If you’re talented at secondhand shopping, mending clothes, or making clothes, a traveling clothing store may be perfect for you. You can also sell hats, shoes, and jewelry to accessorize your shop. Mobile clothing stores work well when they are located near college universities, conferences or highly trafficked business areas. Allowing people to shop on their break or in between classes could mean more clothes sold daily.

Mobile plant shopMobile Plant Shop

Whether you have a traveling greenhouse or you’re just selling succulents, a traveling plant shop is a unique, adorable idea for anyone. Plants are a great thing to sell since they tend to be cheap and easy to care for on the road. With a little sunlight and water, these plants will thrive right alongside your business! People tend to buy when it is convenient for them, finding the right locations to “plant” your mobile plant shop is key to finding the right kind of customers.

Mobile Cocktail Stationmobile cocktail bar

This is a perfect opportunity to get hired for parties, cookouts, and festivals. A traveling bar and cocktail station can be stocked once and last for a long time, while beer and wine coolers can be bought regularly or before events. If you have experience tending a bar or mixing drinks, this might be perfect for you!

Mobile Therapy Bus

mobile therapy van

For therapists who work with children, a renovated bus can provide a safe place to work on emotions or social issues – without really having to leave home at all. Parked in a patient’s driveway, this mobile solution can bring help and comfort to even the youngest patients with ease.

Food trucks don’t have to be your only option when looking into mobile real estate! If you enjoy being on the road, living in a big town, or maybe even living on the road, traveling real estate options like these may be a wonderful way for you to enjoy your lifestyle while still making money. With a bit of planning and a mobile trailer, you can turn any small space into a successful business!

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