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Last updated: November 17, 2023 • Marketing Tips

Content Marketing – the New King in Marketing

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? Whether an aspiring newbie or a well-established real estate agent, you need to boost your brand awareness and sell more homes. So far, it’s clear as a bell. 

You’ll need a unique and professional marketing strategy to make this happen. In short, you will want to feature content as an expert local real estate agent because this lays the groundwork for a prime strategy. Real estate content is king because it helps you climb to the top of the game and get ahead of your competition. And don’t forget that many new homebuyers have already begun to plan to finance their new home in 2023.

So let’s dive deep into the many secrets and strategies of real estate content marketing!


Why is content marketing for real estate agents crucial?

content is king concept

As we all know, content marketing in real estate is a vague term. You can’t really put your finger on it, but all realtors are well aware that you can’t do without it. We can’t invent a custom-made content strategy for every agent. So, a universally applicable content marketing strategy doesn’t exist. Instead, we can offer you valuable and comprehensive guidelines and helpful tips and tricks. 

Everyone should prioritize their objectives and develop their own content for real estate marketing based on the target audience they wish to reach.

Why can’t you live without content marketing in real estate?

First and foremost, content writing for real estate can boost your brand. It’s a fancy expression for people knowing your name better in the industry. Writing content for real estate will enable you to include precious keywords. Based on these, people and search engines will find your business faster, both online and in real life. 

Building up this thought, the more people recognize your brand, the more they will follow you. As a result, more clients will choose you to do business with. Real estate content writing is indispensable. 

Therefore, you will know how to expand your current audience. Besides, real estate content for social media and content writing for real estate, if done in an out-of-the-box way, will optimize your conversion rate. 

Start content for real estate marketing at the basics!

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Before publishing anything online or offline, you should outline your strategy by putting essential key terms down on “paper.” 

A professional website never ceased to be a must!

A mobile-friendly website hosts the quintessential content for real estate agents! Let’s analyze things from the perspective of content marketing in real estate! A realtor’s site is still an essential tool to showcase a variety of listings, topics, glossary terms, and FAQs. However, we have barely scratched the surface yet. 

Your content for real estate marketing can embrace one-of-a-kind ideas, such as trivia, quizzes, and videos. Why wouldn’t you start writing blogs (more about this later) in a separate section or link them to your website? 

Tips to improve your website and its content!

It would be best to link your website to professional social media profiles. So that your overall content spread on various platforms will form a coherent unity nicely tied up in a bow in the end. Nonetheless, try to avoid copying-pasting the exact text online because it becomes repetitive, and Google can penalize your site. 

Also, website interactivity goes a long way! An interactive site helps you engage a more involved audience. For this purpose, apply unique design elements, catchy call-to-actions, games, competitions, and an active dialogue box for them to share their feedback.

Know your audience!

online virtual audience

Start by determining the region(s), cities, or neighborhood(s) you want to represent. Then, it would help if you established your target audience by age and real estate interest. Will you offer your services to millennials or Gen Z? Each will require different information and housing market news. Also, we advise you to adopt specific writing styles in your real estate content for various age groups.

In time, you can target even an atypical audience. Note that targeted audiences have their beloved online platforms and preferred content format. For instance, you can reach out to Gen Z through TikTok, Insta, and Twitter best in the United States. Simultaneously, you can address the housing need of the older generation via Facebook and YouTube.

In addition, you must decide whether you create marketing content for buyers, sellers, landlords, renters, or investors. Suppose you feel highly confident in your expertise in time. Then, you can address the most profitable real estate niches.

Need help writing content?

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Write a catchy real estate agent bio!

creating cv on laptop

Unfortunately, many still doubt a bio’s efficiency. However, a first-class realtor bio will include all the “star ingredients” mentioned in the section above. It’s an effortless and straightforward way to display the necessary information of your services and field of expertise. You can provide your contact details, the area you cover, and your target clientele. 

Then, you can showcase your agent’s motto, modus operandi (your unique realtor’s technique and strategy), and educational background. Don’t forget to mention your community ties also! Potential clients value your dedication to the greater good and your efforts to make neighborhood life just a little bit better. 

And lastly, we recommend that you enlist your hobbies and interests. A little-known trick is that customers adore pets. So why wouldn’t you present yourself as a genuine animal lover?

Feature your bio on professional social media accounts and business directories!

Writing a fantastic bio will make you more relatable. You’d be surprised how many people will read your bio before contacting you! Undoubtedly, you can get the maximum effect with a mini biography! 

Once ready, you can publish it online on your social media profiles. However, don’t commit the classic rookie online mistake of using your personal profile for your professional one! Furthermore, we also advise you to represent yourself with a great bio on business directories, such as This sort of online representation will bring you closer to achieving your objectives.

Compose and send business newsletters to leads!

join us register newsletter

Though many consider emails out-of-date, you shouldn’t fall into the trap yourself! Users still read emails and often respond to them. By all means, you’ll need email addresses first. How do you go about getting them? 

You must explore networking from top to bottom! In short, being present at social community events and realtor meetings will provide an outstanding opportunity to boost your brand and expand your target audience. In addition, you can exchange email addresses as laying the foundations for your future email campaigns!

A real estate newsletter shouldn’t be too long and tedious. We suggest not including endless property listings. Instead, find a catchy (and concise) way to convey your message! Use a short, appealing, and to-the-point call to action!

Outline educational content for your online readers! 

definition word concept

Undeniably, this takes much time and energy to invest on your behalf. However, showing off your talents and know-how in the business will pay off in the long run. We recommend launching a brand new page dedicated to the essential glossary terms in real estate and finance. Additionally, covering the most regular inquiries sellers and buyers address during a transaction on the FAQ page would be best. Thus, you can prove your worth; the next time, potential clients won’t think twice about choosing you!

Besides your website, YouTube and TikTok are excellent social media for publishing content for real estate agents. You can reach an impressive number of followers and subscriptions effortlessly. 

Go one step further! Suppose you feel confident about your real estate wisdom. In that case, you can experiment with webinars targeted at other agents. Besides establishing yourself as a leading figure in the real estate world, a webinar can turn into an excellent side hustle.

Neighborhood exploration is a decisive ingredient to real estate content for social media.

young woman hearing hat

No content marketing strategy for real estate can be complete without your community’s heartfelt and realistic description. So believe us when we say! A thoughtful and authentic neighborhood presentation is probably the most important thing to raise your brand’s awareness. 

You may find great content about your community for real estate agents online. You can rephrase it and sell it as something groundbreakingly new. Nevertheless, it always will be second-hand information and yesterday’s news. People will know the difference, and so will Google, Baidu, Ask, and Bing. Thus, we advise you to refrain from re-using someone else’s content!

How can you create 100 percent authentic real estate content? 

Grab a tape and video recorder or your high-quality smartphone! And start recording interviews, taking pictures, and shooting your area from the inside out. Get local businesses on the horn and interview Average Joe on the street. Ask them for their opinions about the local economy, schools, and the pros and cons of living in the neighborhood! Thus finally, you can compile the ultimate material you’ll ever need! 

The mindblowing results of this extensive leg- and fieldwork will be enormous! Thus, you will be able to present community life authenticity. You could improve your community due to your journalist-style investigative work. However, most of all, you can develop and strengthen community ties. You can’t really put a price tag on that!

Dip your toes in real estate blogging and vlogging!

bloggin blog word codder

Writing blog entries and vlogging can be an interactive tool in your arsenal for content marketing for real estate. It’s an informative and fun way to showcase your real estate chops and increase your conversion rate. Since no style and content restrictions exist, you can unleash your inner writer. (Refrain from using profanity, though!)

What should you write about in your blogs?

You can immerse yourself as an expert with comprehensive background knowledge on varied topics. Home maintenance is undoubtedly one of the trending topics online and in everyday discourse. From the start, you can engage your readers with cost-effective DIY solutions to increase their home’s worth

Upcoming home design trends are an absolute winner in generating substantial online traffic. Writing about reinventing homeowners’ property with external and internal design elements will capture their imagination. Plus, it will motivate them to participate in online conversations, another traffic booster for you. Besides, you can address such hot home-upgrade issues as eco-friendly building materials or how they can turn their house into a fun recreational center.

Another fantastic content writing idea for real estate is examining future housing market trends in your city. You can use infographics as a visual aid that simplifies complex data. It helps show buyers and sellers how real estate prices have changed over the years.

Hop on trending topics!

Most importantly, you must explore trending online issues. We recommend the following platforms: Google Trends, Quora, SparkToro Trending, or Exploding Topics. These will assist in writing articles that generate the highest traffic and engagement. 

You can benefit from online buzz by customizing your real estate content to trendy topics. Online users will search for keywords, and your post can pop up among the first results. For sure, this method applies not only to real estate content writing but uploading videos to YouTube and TikTok.

What will writing premium content bring to the table?

conceptual display premium content

Suppose you become highly efficient in writing real estate content. Besides, you managed to garner a respectable number of online followers. In that case, you should explore writing premium content for a specific subscription fee. 

You can cover a wide range of complex and sophisticated subjects, such as market analysis and the secrets of earning success as a real estate agent.

Discover the countless perks of high-end content!

A unique, informative, authentic text will undeniably display your real estate knowledge. You may wonder what the premium content’s other outstanding advantages are.

Firstly, it’s a genuine milestone in content marketing in real estate. It establishes your unquestionable authority in the business. You can even become a prophet of upcoming housing trends to a certain extent. In other words, people will pay attention to what you’re saying, and your brand will fly sky-high. Secondly, you can score more precious leads. Thirdly, premium content will bring you substantial revenue as users can access it in exchange for a smaller amount.

How to prepare for real estate content writing?

wooden block find reliable sources

No one expects you to come up with genuine and fact-checked content for real estate by yourself. It most certainly takes time and devotion to your subject. 

Before posting, you should double-check every piece of information and news you find, especially on the net. Consider the following bona fide sources of information!

  • The National Association of REALTORS should be your number-one source for fact-checking. The platform provides the most topical and reliable information you’ll ever need on the real estate market. 
  • features the necessary information, demographics, and statistics you require for your city’s in-depth exploration. 
  • functions similarly to the previous platform. It’s one of the best tools for city demographics and other statistics.
  • Inman provides the latest developments and news in the world of real estate.
  • Don’t forget to visit The National Multi Housing Council (NMHC) website to discover present and future housing trends!
  • And lastly, the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) provides reliable housing data.

Video content for real estate agents

virtual for real estate agents

We can’t discuss real estate content marketing strategies for social media without mentioning producing video material. Photos and videos are organic parts of content marketing in real estate. Yet many forget or jump over an essential step, namely scripting the video before shooting. A “screenplay” helps you outline your video’s structure and inner cohesion.  

We recommend using high-tech gadgets, professional editing tools, and virtual staging applications when presenting a home for sale. Thus, you can avoid a cheap first impression which is a huge letdown for many online users. 

You can post these videos on the trendiest social media platforms, such as YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Suppose you’ve gained the self-confidence to produce more high-end videos. Then, we suggest experimenting with live streaming and interactive real estate walkthroughs on Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube when presenting a property! By all means, there’s always a more elaborate step in real estate content marketing for advanced realtors.


Although we live in a modern digital age, content writing for real estate has never been more topical. Realtors using duplicate content they stumble upon somewhere on the internet reduce their chances of success spectacularly. However, those agents who take the time and effort to produce original and highly informative content will enhance their brand and boost sales.

Real estate success doesn’t exist without marketing. Marketing can’t breathe without content marketing in real estate. And content marketing means hard and diligent work assembling authentic texts that provide helpful information for your readers. You must discover trending social topics that engage users’ interest. The next logical step would be exploring your community and neighborhood comprehensively. 

Did you start writing your professional content already, or did you postpone it? If you did, what topics do you prefer writing about? Have you experienced an increase in the number of your online followers after you published several articles? Please share your feedback with us in the comment section below! 

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