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When someone throws around the term “mobile home”, it almost requires further explanation to fully understand what that person is talking about.

Why is that? Well, a mobile home can be understood as a house that is actively mobile – such as trailers and RVs and other dwellings with a permanently attached chassis, wheels and motor engine – but also a static prefabricated home that is staked to the ground but can be transported somewhere else, if needed. In  The Non-Traditional Homes Battle, Mobile Home definitely gets the “most versatile” prize.

Mobile homes are typically made in two sizes. The first one, commonly called “Single-wides” can be towed as a single unit, while the second one, “Double-Wides” need to be towed in two separate units because the size is too big to fit safely atop a wheeled vehicle. There are triple-wides and beyond, but they are very rare. In fact, because of this hassle, very few double-wides and beyond are removed from their site, once they get established. Single wide owners are more likely to get a deal to trade or sell their mobile homes as a way to reduce the purchase of a new home. Used mobile homes are usually re-sold to be used as inexpensive rental units by mobile home park owners.

Mobile home parks (also referred to as trailer parks) were created as a way to host the several families that either prefers living in motorhomes or have no way of affording something else. It’s basically a land where the owner acts as Landlord allowing motorhomes to occupy a space temporarily. There are over 38,000 of them throughout the United States, and many offer amenities like pool, kid’s playgrounds and more, just like regular condominiums do.

One of the main issues with mobile homes is their sturdiness, so if you’re living in one of the worst cities for natural disasters, it might not be a good idea to live in a mobile home. Avoid at all costs older mobile homes, as they were not built to endure hurricanes and they tend to suffer depreciation over time because, in a way, they are also motor vehicles.

But the mobility of mobile homes on wheels is definitely one big pro. For instance, say you want to spend a family vacation: no need to spend money on flight tickets and accommodations. All you need to do is pick the best vacation destination for you – that is; that has roads leading to it and accepts parking cars – and drive there. Countless families to the cross country coast-to-coast route, stopping by some of America’s landmarks - like Mount Rushmore, The White House, and the Grand Canyon - and have nothing but great memories of this rite of passage that is a family trip on a mobile home. Some people also use them as office space of sorts. Check these 6 unusual commercial ideas for mobile real estate.

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