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Last updated: January 19, 2017 • Home Improvement

Basement Remodels: Design, Cost, and Value Factors

Planning a basement remodel? A basement remodel can give new life to a space of the house previously unused. Basement remodels can also increase the value of a home. Evaluate these factors before beginning a basement remodel.


When planning the design, consider the purpose behind remodeling your basement. Are you looking to increase home value? Perhaps you are looking to liven up a space that is currently being unused. If you are looking to increase the value, weight out the time and cost associated with an elaborate design versus a basic, one-room remodel. Expect to pay in the range of $25 to $35 per square foot for basic remodels, and $50 per square foot or more for higher-end remodels.

Moisture can be a large concern in basement remodels, so before starting a remodel, look for cracks along the foundation where water comes in. After cracks are sealed, add a vapor barrier on the floors and concrete walls before adding the frames.

Baseboards, carpet, a fireplace, and insulation can add warmth to the basement and liven up the space, but will also add to the overall costs and time associated with the basement remodel.

For finishing design touches, give the space a pop of color with paint, and consider floor to ceiling bookshelves for a stylish storage solution.

Costs and Value

Basement remodels can have numerous unforeseen costs, such as repairs to cracked foundation, and additional time and labor. Consult with a professional contractor on what the costs and timeline to the basement remodel will be. Create a realistic budget that you are looking to spend on a basement and calculate your return on investment. A post-remodel appraisal can be done to assess the home’s market value after your renovation.


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