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Last updated: June 18, 2020 • Marketing Tips

Selling a House with Pets

Pets can pose a large concern to homeowners during the buying and selling process. While they are great companions and friends to have, potential home buyers can be fearful or allergic of pets when entering your home on a home showing.

It is highly recommended that pets be removed from the environment during the selling process, to remove complications of  pet allergies or pet fears. It’s also highly recommended to professionally clean home carpets and duct work after a pet has lived in the home, as well as vacuum any pet hair off of furniture. Be sure to remove any pet feces from the yard prior to a home showing.

Be cautious of any lingering odors, and utilize air fresheners, or plug-in fragrances if need be. Home owners typically become immune to any scents their pets may be infusing the environment with. Choose a consistent fragrance for each room of the house, as a fluctuation of scents provides an overpowering experience, and creates the impression that the owner is trying to cover something. The ambiance should be one of a model home – as clean and inviting as possible.

Unsure where to place your pet? Ask local friends and family if they would mind hosting your pets while your house is up for sale. If having a pet stay with friends or family is not an option, search for local pet sitters who would be willing to host, either during your entire home selling process, or at minimum for home showings.


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