Celebrity Homes

Celebrity Homes

(Kanye West’s home: Photo courtesy of E! News)

Celebrities are known to live a lavish lifestyle, and their homes are no exception to that. While some celebrities call more modest homes “home”, many celebrities have purchased extravagant, multi-million dollar mansions. From grammy award winners to reality stars, these celebrities have made it no secret that they appreciate fine-living:

Rihanna: Like many other ultra famous celebrities, Rihanna, has multiple homes. Her real estate in Los Angeles, more exactly in Pacific Palisades, California is definitely list worthy. Rihanna’s mansion, at 10,000 square feet, has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms. The exterior of the home has a gorgeous curb appeal as the California wilderness is its backdrop. Behind the home is an eye-catching, comfortably sized pool. The home’s interior doesn’t disappoint either and has a modern layout and appliances. Rihanna listed this home for sale for over $14 million.

Taylor Swift: Recent grammy winner, Taylor Swift, has recently purchased a real estate in Beverly Hills, California. This home is said to be Samuel Goldwyn’s old home and was priced at $27 million. While the home itself is designed with more of modest charm, it is definitely fit for an A-list celebrity. The property hosts a tennis court, pool, and even a gym.

Kanye West: In true celebrity fashion, Kanye West and wife, Kim, have bought a $20 million mansion. This home was purchased in the Hidden Hills several months after a multi-million dollar renovation on the couple’s previous California real estate. The couple’s estate is on three acres of land. The massive establishment also has a pool, complete with a pool house, eight fireplaces, his and her closets and toilets, and two spas.

Mark Wahlberg: Celebrity Mark Wahlberg owned a private estate that is over 8,900 square feet. The property has a main house and a guest house. The main home has five bedrooms and bathrooms, while the guest home is a two bedroom and two bathroom home. The property was large enough to even have a full sized-gym and a screening room. The home sold for almost $13 million several months ago.

Adele: Another big name celebrity, Adele, has her own beautiful home. The singer purchased a Malibu beach-side home for over $5 million. The home has breath-taking views of the Malibu beach as it sits on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean. The mansion has an open-floor plan with large windows that provide a clear ocean view. The home’s interior decoration is neutral while the outside of the home complements the beach area. Outside of Adele’s mansion also sits an infinity pool and jacuzzi.

Kylie Jenner: Our last celebrity on the list, Kylie Jenner, has moved out of her old family home, several months ago, and right into a multi-million dollar mansion. The $2.7 million dollar, Spanish styled home is located in Calabasas. The lavish home boasts five bedrooms and six bathrooms. The home’s outdoor living area has beautiful landscaping with a pool and outdoor grilling area.


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