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Last updated: April 13, 2023 • Celebrity Real Estate

These celebrities have the most humble homes

Celebrities are often known for their extravagant lifestyles, luxurious homes, and ostentatious displays of wealth. Yet, celebrities with humble homes have been a trend in recent years. These humble abodes may not have the opulence or grandeur of their celebrity counterparts. Still, they provide a sense of grounding and authenticity that is rare in the entertainment industry.

Celebrities that have humble homes come from various backgrounds and industries. From multi-million dollar mansions to modest suburban homes. Some are well-known actors and musicians, while others are successful business people or entrepreneurs. Is it a genuine shift towards more humble values or a calculated attempt to project a more relatable and authentic image to the public? And what impact might this trend have on the entertainment industry?

Inside celebrity homes

  1. Maggie Rogers
maggie rogers new york

When Maggie Rogers and Pharrell Williams released “Alaska” in 2016, she shot to fame at a rate that would make your head spin. Rogers keeps things grounded, shown by her starter home in Echo Park, Los Angeles, 1,034 square feet. In 2020, Rogers bought the house. It’s different from what you’d expect from an artist nominated for a Grammy whose album reached number two on the Billboard 200. The modest house is very different from the mega-mansions of other stars. It has a modest patio space and a plain black facade, giving it a homey vibe that continues inside. The house’s interiors look “bohemian modern,” with light furniture paired with bright walls and wooden ceilings. The kitchen is small but functional, with high-quality tech appliances, white cabinets with gold pulls, and enough room for a large center island. Rogers’ artistic sensibilities are evident in the master bathroom, one of three on the property, and the three bedrooms. Oil paintings and a sprawling fiddle-leaf fig are surrounded by a freestanding bathtub in the master bathroom. Outside, there is also a shaded hangout area that is next to a patio. The musician can work on new songs while watching the sunset in Los Angeles.

  1. Lea Michele

Glee’s leading actress lived in a cozy Los Angeles home she bought for $1.4 million in 2012 when the show Glee was most popular. The actress lived there until 2015, when she decided to move into a $3 million mansion with a two-story gym, among other features. Even though the property wasn’t very big, it had its luxuries, like a saltwater pool heated by the sun.

  1. Christina Ricci
christina ricci in white new york

Another actress who made the list of celebrities with humble homes is Christina Ricci. She became famous at 11 as Wednesday Addams in “The Addams Family”. Christina is now a legitimate Hollywood royalty. As a result, it is even more surprising that she maintained such a modest house into adulthood, opting instead for a 1,981-square-foot home in the Hollywood Hills rather than the extravagant mansions of Los Angeles. Ricci, who bought the house in 2005, lived below her means. But, the property’s opulent architecture, deep-blue pool, and prime location made it impossible to pass up. The property, built in the 1950s, has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a library, and a place to study. The living room has a fireplace, and the house has skylights and grand French doors that let in a lot of natural light. Ricci lived there for nine years before moving on and purchasing it in 2014. She did not profit from the property. When she sold it for $1.37 million, she got a little less than she paid.

  1. Taraji P. Henson
taraji p henson walkoffame

Taraji P. Henson is a well-known name in Hollywood, so you might expect her to gravitate toward larger projects typical of A-listers. Henson is not bothered by living in smaller spaces. Instead, she lives in Glendale in a 1,406-square-foot home she bought in 2002 for $431,000. The Spanish bungalow of an actress that was nominated for an Oscar, has a one-of-a-kind, rustic orange exterior and a large swimming pool in the backyard. Dark wooden floors run throughout the 2.5-bathroom Spanish-style home with two bedrooms, and intricate wrought-iron railings separate the split-level space. The kitchen contrasts with bright white cabinets and textured gray countertops, giving the property a feeling of light and space throughout despite the moody floors. Although the “Empire” star has since left the property, you can still rent the property for $3,700 monthly.

  1. Keanu Reeves
keanu reeves ceremony

The acclaimed actor known for his roles in The Matrix and John Wick franchises, doesn’t let fame and fortune get to his head. Despite being one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, he prefers to live in a humble home. Keanu’s home is in Hollywood Hills, a neighborhood known for its luxurious mansions and high-end properties. However, unlike many celebrities, his home is modest and unassuming. He purchased the property in the mid-90s for a reasonable price and has lived there ever since. The home is not ostentatious in any way, and it’s far from the extravagant mansions that are common in the area.  Keanu’s humble home is a testament to his grounded and frugality. Seeing someone who has achieved so much success remains down-to-earth and humble is refreshing. 

  1. Elijah Wood
elijah wood los angeles

In his acting career and property portfolio, Elijah Wood has a reputation for making interesting decisions. Wood preferred settling down in Austin, Texas, spending over a million dollars on a three-story house in 2012. That purchase did not affect his $18 million net worth. In contrast, the majority of actors live in extravagant homes in Hollywood. The 130-year-old residence has four bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and two impressive living rooms. The size of the house is more than 3,285 square feet. The house has an elegant exterior and an enclosed porch space. The home’s interior features classic details like marble countertops and clawfoot bathtubs. The property also has a guesthouse, and the top floor has spectacular views of the Austin skyline. Wood kept the house for eight years before he sold it in 2020 for $1.85 million.

  1. Vincent Kartheiser
vincent karheiser

Some famous people prefer to live in a million-square-foot house, while others seek smaller homes. This was the situation for Vincent Kartheiser, a “Mad Men” alumnus, whose Hollywood residence had 54 square meters of space. Even though the house is big, Funn Roberts, an architect, and designer, helped make it one of the most creative and tasteful spaces. The black marble shower in the main room’s middle creates a wet room in the house’s center. Or the bed that’s on the ceiling. Kartheiser planned the bed to be brought down around evening time through a weighted pulley framework, and he could overlap down the redwood headboard during the day to make a work area. Kartheiser sold the house for $800,000 in 2014 after purchasing it for $547,000 in 2003.

  1. Robert Pattinson
robert pattinson

Celebrities with humble homes, including Robert Pattinson as well, have never subscribed to the celebrity way of life. The former “Twilight” star has a net worth of $100 million, but he hasn’t let his wealth get to him. Pattinson bought a modest 1,940-square-foot home in the Hollywood Hills shortly after the phenomenal success of the vampire franchise, which demonstrates this pretty clearly. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom single-story hacienda is hidden at the end of a long driveway, providing the movie star with the privacy he deserves. The rustic tiled flooring in the great room pairs with the farm-style wooden doors that lead to the outdoor areas, giving the property’s open-plan living a feeling of being much more extensive than its floor area. Wooden cabinetry and a custom cast-iron stove are brought to life in the kitchen thanks to the vaulted ceiling and skylights. Additionally, the library is the ideal setting for a thoughtful person like Pattinson to unwind with its inviting seating and book-lined walls.

  1. Adrian Peterson
adrian peterson footbal player

Since turning professional in 2007, running back and NFL legend Adrian Peterson has earned a million dollars that year. It’s a little puzzling why he kept his Minnesota home with five bedrooms and four bathrooms, which he bought in 2007. It is a small house for a sports icon, measuring 4,167 square feet, and it would be difficult to tell from the outside that it is the residence of a football legend. A well-kept front lawn, a large garage, and a boxy window above the front door separated by a transom give the house a typical suburban appearance. While the inside is as exemplary as the outside, one room indicates that a football star lives there. The former Minnesota Vikings player decorated his game room in the team’s colors, with the large pool table in the middle of the room highlighted by the deep purple walls. Peterson didn’t let go of the house until 2017 when he sold it.


The fact that some celebrities with humble homes decide to live in them despite their immense wealth and fame is a refreshing reminder that material possessions do not define one’s worth or happiness. These celebrities are role models for their fans. Showing that success can be achieved through hard work and talent rather than by flaunting wealth and extravagance. Furthermore, living in a modest home can provide a sense of grounding and stability in an industry that can often be chaotic and unstable. It also allows celebrities to maintain a level of privacy and security that may be compromised in a larger, more ostentatious residence.

Overall, the trend of celebrities with humble homes is positive. It highlights the importance of simplicity, humility, and down-to-earth values. It serves as a reminder that success should not be measured by material possessions but by the impact one makes on the world, and the positive influence one has on others.


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