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Last updated: June 8, 2023 • Celebrity Real Estate

Cities You’re Most Likely to Meet a Celebrity in

Are you familiar with those articles, the introduction of which no one ever reads? Because everyone will jump straight at the juicy stuff (in our case, where to meet a famous person.) So, why don’t we present the gist plain and simple to avoid being too wordy or long-winded? Find out now the best places to meet celebrities!

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The best help on how to meet a celebrity in your area comes from local realtors.

celebrity signing in front of people

This article will present trendy locations in major US cities, ideal for celebrity meet-and-greet sessions. Besides, it will feature tips and tricks on how to meet celebrities and the proper way to act when meeting a celebrity.

Where are the best places to meet celebrities in the United States? Suppose you’re on a star hunt, eager to meet your childhood or adulthood role model. But you don’t know where to meet a famous person or how to act when meeting a celebrity. Contacting established local real estate agents will undoubtedly help before visiting a city because their expertise is calibrated to know such mind-blowing trivia. And who knows? You might find a home next to your favorite star.


We don’t condone stalking celebrities, verbally or physically harassing or abusing them in any shape or form! Like any human being, celebrities deserve to be treated with respect, dignity, and kindness! 

To meet a celebrity, Hollywood and Los Angeles, California are the absolute winners.

hollywood california view

Hollywood is the place where dreams come true. Filmmakers, singers, experienced actors, wannabes, reality-show stars, you name it, will work and reside here. Do you wonder where to meet a famous person? We answer that Tinseltown qualifies as one of the best places to meet celebrities. You’ll likely bump into one of them by coincidence or strolling the streets. 

Here’s your chance to meet Johnny Depp, an A-list celebrity!

For starters, Johnny Depp (when he’s not on a world tour with his rock band named Hollywood Vampires) lives in Hollywood. However, the star of Edward Scissorhands also owns several other properties worldwide, for example, a private island in the Bahamas, Los Angeles penthouses, and an entire small French village! Still, his favorite hangout place is his Hollywood condominium. 

Pay attention to how to act when meeting a celebrity such as Johnny D! Be kind, and don’t ask him about his ex-wife! 

Which are the trendiest places celebrities hang out in Los Angeles?

Undeniably, Los Angeles is filled with hidden gems and places to explore and take perfect Insta pics. You can meet Justin Bieber, Ellen DeGeneres, Brad Pitt, Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart, and Leonardo Di Caprio on your journey. Where to meet a famous person in Los Angeles? We recommend you visit  Brentwood Country Mart, Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles, or Musso & Frank Grill because you will most likely see a celebrity there. 

Viva Las Vegas, Nevada!

america never sleep las vegas view table

Let’s find out our following best place to meet celebrities! About a five-hour drive from Los Angeles, the Neon City has attracted many stars. “Sin City” is all glitter and glamour, shaping up to be the perfect venue for publicity stunts and friendly meet-and-greets with the fandom. In a word, Las Vegas should be one of your top destinations to meet with celebrities! 

Typically, casinos and nightclubs are the trendiest locations stars like to hang out at in Las Vegas. We recommend checking out Omnia Nightclub, Nobu (both located at Caesars Palace), and the luxurious Andrea’s (at Wynn.) For a short stay, The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and The Palazzo Resort Hotel are ideal for meeting famous people. On the other hand, you can invest in a Las Vegas property, so you’ll be one step closer to your icons. Expert local realtors in Las Vegas Nevada can assist you in this matter.

Where to see celebrities in New York City, NY?

new york usa front of building view

The Big Apple is third after The City of Angels and Adult Disneyland on our list of best places to meet celebrities. The largest and (presumably) the most prominent city in the States has drawn countless celebrities due to its plenty of cultural perks. Local realtors in New York City will confirm that it boasts many performing arts and must-see musical venues.

Popular performance venues in the Big Apple

Let’s address the question of where to meet a famous person in New York City. On top of our minds, we must mention Broadway, the Metropolitan Opera, and Metropolitan Museum. Additionally, NYC hosts renowned theaters to see your beloved, young, and old actors in action. 

Suppose you attend a theatrical performance or hang out next to Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, The Shed, American Ballet Theatre, Caveat, or Tribeca Performing Arts Center. In that case, you may stumble upon celebrities in New York City.

If this hasn’t satisfied your inquiry about where to meet a famous person, you should check out the following popular restaurants and clubhouses to boost your chances of seeing celebrities in New York City. 

  • The Odeon, Cipriani, and Nobu on Broadway
  • Carbone on Thompson Street
  • Gemma on Bovery
  • Waverly Inn on Bank Street

Celebrities who live in New York City

street sign fifth avenue

Living in NYC means being a part of (arguably) the world’s most acclaimed cultural and artistic scenery. Besides, the thriving real estate market in New York offers reasonably-priced housing and outrageously overpriced luxury properties as well. 

Thus, famous actors and singers have countless alternatives to choose from. And let’s face it, these successful celebrities can afford to buy a high-end apartment on Fifth Avenue or Greenwich Village. 

Here’s your chance of running into the Raging Bull, Harry Potter, or Lady Gaga in NYC!

new york may superstar

One of the most outstanding actors of all time, Robert De Niro, owns several top properties in Manhattan (an apartment building at 88 Central Park West purchased for about $21 million), West Village, and Hudson Valley. Of course, his apartments are equipped with top amenities characteristic of a celebrity lifestyle.

You can spot Jake Gyllenhall in Tribeca (where he currently resides), NoHO, and East and West Village out of the blue! Did you know Lady Gaga also lives in a top-notch celeb condominium in New York at 40 Central Park South? You can also see her in West Village, where she owns a townhouse. 

Additionally, don’t be too surprised if you accidentally encounter Gigi Hadid, Daniel Radcliffe, Ralph Fiennes, or J-Lo on the streets of the city that never sleeps. So what’s stopping you from booking cheap accommodation in NYC and meeting your favorite celeb?

Let’s listen to country music and meet celebs in Nashville, Tennessee!

nashville tennessee street view

Nashville, the capital of country music and Tennessee Whiskey, is a magnet for famous musicians, actors, and football talents. Plus, it’s our fourth pick for the best places to meet celebrities. Throughout the years, national celebrities called Nashville their home, such as Bill Belichick, possibly the most remarkable American football coach, Bobby Hebb, an R&B soul singer, and Gregg Allman, a member of The Allman Brothers Band. 

Nashville hasn’t skipped a beat in its popularity over the years. Did you know that Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Faith Hill (singers and songwriters), Jason Aldean, and Tim Mcgraw (both outstanding country music singers ) own real estate in Nashville, TN? Walking the streets of Nashville, you can bump into Kristin Cavallari (actress best known for National Lampoon’s Van Wilder), Oprah Winfrey, Nicole Kidman, and Evan Rachel Wood (Hollywood actresses.)

Reach out to established local real estate agents in Nashville TN to get an accurate update on where to find a famous person in town or if you’re interested in buying a property here!

How much does it cost to meet a celebrity?

julia roberts attends money monster

Fans are interested in where to meet a famous person and how the meeting will be organized. Celebrity meet-and-greets can take place in various forms. For starters, you can pay the entrance fee for a live performance at a concert or the theater. Then, you can attend chic events organized for genuine fans and followers, such as conventions (the San Diego Comic-Con), panel discussions, renowned film festivals (see you at Sundance!), and sign tours. A talk show, fundraiser, charity event appearance, or movie premiere are excellent ways to meet a famous person. 

If you’re lucky, you won’t have to pay much. In exchange, you can personally meet and address your questions to your beloved celebrity. Secondly, you can get a signed autograph in the best places to meet celebrities. You’d be amazed how many celebs enjoy conversing with their fans. Besides, they’re contractually obligated to do so to advertise their upcoming film, album, or concert.

Alternative payment methods to meet a celebrity

You can turn to the upcoming event organizer or your celebrity management agency. They can assist you in getting into autograph signings and celebrity meet-and-greet sessions. 

How much will a VIP experience cost you in the best places to meet celebrities? It depends entirely on the celebrity and their PR agency. However, meeting a celebrity in person won’t be cheap. Usually, it ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands at least. For example, around 2019, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and Ariana Grande charged their fans a hefty $2,000 for a meet-and-greet.

Or, if you’re a millionaire, you can ask for a private concert at your mansion. However, don’t even dream of paying anything below one million bucks for a 45-minute private gig from a five-star celebrity like J-Lo, Taylor Swift, Tiesto, or Katy Perry!

How to act when meeting a celebrity? Does and don’ts

bradley cooper with fans

Celebrities love when you approach them as lifelong pals! Because somehow they will also recognize you even though you haven’t met before. They also adore it when you don’t respect their personal space. Besides, celebrities greatly enjoy discussing their private life, marriage, or current or former relationships with complete strangers. 

If you are on a meet-and-greet with them in the best places to meet celebrities, don’t forget to ask them how much money they make! Also, remember to let them into your personal opinion and share your advice on their marital problems, professional performances, and future projects!

By all means, we’re joking, and you must refrain from such acts! Our honest advice for how to act when meeting a celebrity is to keep calm and polite! You can ask for an autograph or pic respectfully. Keep your questions and inquiries short and to the point! The chances are that many fans are standing in line waiting for a personal meet-up!

Final revelations

Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City, and Nashville are only the tip of the iceberg regarding the best US cities to meet Hollywood celebrities. However, you’ll have the most excellent chance of seeing gorgeous movie screen stars and the most shining music artists in these cities. 

Social media is a vital tool for information. Most celebrities regularly update their official social media newsfeed with current events, live performances, and celebrity meet-and-greet sessions. Thus, following their Insta, Facebook, and Twitter accounts will prove helpful later if you wish to meet them in person. 

Suppose you can’t wait for a public event, and you don’t feel like traveling much to another city to greet your idol. In that case, you can consult their PR agency to schedule a private meeting with a celebrity. Secondly, you can invite a celeb to perform a private gig at your place. However, the last two options come at a hefty price. Also, when meeting a celebrity, you must show them respect and address your questions with serenity. 

Have you ever met a celebrity in person? Where did the encounter take place? What was your overall impression? Please share your feedback with us! Also, if you liked this article, please like it and share it with your friends online!


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