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Last updated: January 19, 2017 • Home Selling Tips

Five Steps to Closing the Deal

The process of home buying can be lengthy and difficult. The steps to closing a sale can be tricky, and is seen as an art by many because of the talent it takes. As a real estate agent, it is necessary to master the art of closing a deal in order to have more sales. There are essential steps that a real estate agent will need to take in order to close a home deal.  Make sure to take these five steps to closing the deal:

Identify the client’s needs

Every client has a different set of needs. It is important to understand what the client needs for their new home based on their family size, location preference, and even their personal wish list. As a real estate agent, it is impossible to move forward on a deal without knowing what the client desires. Without a clear idea of what the client needs, there will be wasted time searching for the wrong property.

Influence the client

Once there is a home that seems like the perfect fit for the client, sell it. Clients will respond well to a realtor that believes that their potential new home is the perfect fit for them. During this time, it will be important to accentuate the features of the home. This is when being knowledgeable of a client’s wish list is useful. At this point, clients will be focused on determining whether this house will be their new home. By accentuating the features of the home on the client’s wish list, the client will begin to build an emotional attachment to the home. In this stage, it will be beneficial to have a home staged in order to push the sale.

Be Persistent

Keeping in contact with clients is important. During this stage, clients need to be constantly kept up-to-date on any changes in their home buying process. This will help clients to feel that they are constantly in the know. This also helps clients to build a trustworthy relationship with their real estate agent. Information that can affect the price of the home or buying process should be shared immediately during this stage.


Now that the perfect home is available, and the clients have decided to put in an offer, it’s time to negotiate. Real estate agents need excellent negotiation skills to negotiate deals with their clients and associates. At this stage of the deal, it is most important that the client feel they have received a fair price on their new home. Remember the price range that the client desires to stay within. Work with the seller’s real estate agent to negotiate a price for the home.

Reach a Clear Conclusion

During the final stage of closing a deal, there is no room for ambiguity. Once a client and home seller have reached an agreement on the final price of the home, there needs to be clarity to move forward. At this time, a real estate agent should be clear on if their client wants to complete the sale. After the client has agreed to the sale, then the final stage of the home buying process can officially begin.


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