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Life In one of The Newest Cities Of Florida, City Of Palm Coast

On Florida’s eastern coast, with the Atlantic embracing its shores, you can find the middle-sized city of Palm Coast, FL. As one of the newest cities in the Sunshine state, Palm Coast has experienced significant growth over the past decade, more than doubling its population from 2000 to 2010 and managing to hit the 91,000 residents milestone by 2020. 

Many people swear by the benefits of living in this coastal paradise and it’s easy to see why. With some of the best amenities available and the Atlantic ocean right outside their homes – or a short walk away – many people choose to relocate here for a more fulfilling life. 


population demographic report

Living in Palm Coast, FL leaves one with the impression that they’re on a constant holiday. Some of us have to go overboard in planning our holidays in order to enjoy what Palm Coast residents get to experience on a daily basis. Many retirees choose to relocate to this eastern coast sunny holiday card of a city but the same goes for families with children. The median age for the population of Palm Coast, FL is 48.9 with a slight imbalance between gender ratios as 52.49% are women and 47.51% are men.

Racial diversity

White   79.93%

Black or African American   12.23%

Asian   2.88%

Some Other Race   2.55%

Two or More Races   2.20%

American Indian and Alaska Native   0.19%

Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander   0.02%

Things to do

Located only half an hour away from Daytona Beach, the city of Palm Coast has the best of both inland and coastal living. Whether you want to be able to stretch your muscles in the sand with your morning coffee or enjoy an energizing drink in a hip and modern coffee shop, whatever you choose here, you can be you with no judgement. High rise apartments or waterfront single-family homes are both on the market and there are plenty of things to do here for any activity preferences.

Stretching your legs

The most amazing thing about Palm Coast, FL is the wide variety of accessible outdoor activities for all its residents. Biking or walking trails can be found just a few miles away from the city center and kayaking, canoeing or boating are available on the Matanzas River or in the Atlantic Ocean.


washington oaks state park

Washington Oaks State Gardens spreads between the Atlantic Ocean and the Matanza River, also known as the Intercoastal Waterway, has some amazing running and biking trails that can be enjoyed by Palm Coast residents just a twelve-minute drive away from downtown. Fishing is another available activity on the Matanza River as well as boating through the canal all the way to Pellicer Creek Aquatic Preserve or the Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve, both amazing locations for birdwatching enthusiasts or family leisure time.


As a newer city in Florida, there are many planned communities, both inland or by the coast, that are sprinkled with golf courses and clubs, some with the most breathtaking views of the ocean. Palm Coast is one of the most perfect destinations where golf lovers can enjoy the sunny weather with miles upon miles of honey-colored shores. Ocean Course at Hammock Beach has the largest number of holes by the ocean in Florida and it’s an amazing location for a photo opportunity so don’t forget your camera. The Pine Lakes Golf Club does not risk losing balls in the Ocean but they have a couple of water hazards to keep things interesting.


blue sky on a beach

We can’t really talk about recreation in Palm Coast, FL without mentioning the Beach. The sand mimics the color of honey, almost with amber tints to it and the sand melts into the ocean in the glowing sunlight of this weekend destination. Mimosas on the beach with sand and water tickling your toes sounds like something out of a dream but here, it’s a reality. The one thing you should beware of as you wiggle your toes in and out of the sand is the nesting turtles from May until November all along the beaches of Flagler County.

Grab a bite to eat

With architecture and an arrangement that reminds people of the piazzas of Florence, Italy or other historical European cities the European Village in Palm Coast, FL has a large number and a wide variety of restaurants. From Indian cuisine at 5th Element to a romantic Italian Bistro or Farley’s Irish Pub, there is little left to be desired in this one-stop destination for any social activity. 

For Asian food we recommend Mamaling Asian Street Food. With delectable Vietnamese chicken pho, sticky ribs and sake on the menu, this Asian Street Food restaurant in Palm Coast, FL will delight your taste buds. With a cosy atmosphere and friendly staff, the plates will be empty before any Instagram moment can be captured.

Go on a shopping spree

The European Village can be considered an outdoor mall or roofless mall as it is designed in such a way that it has food quarters, plenty of lounging and shopping options as well as entertainment. With the amazing architecture and an all-inclusive shopping experience, you will surely lose track of time as you browse around the stores with friends in search of a perfect summer outfit.

If you want to add a bit more local color to your shopping experience, you can go on Flagler Beach to find two amazing beachside boutiques. Bahama Mama’s is known for its whimsical gifts that you can get for someone who needs a good laugh as well as sweet summer dresses and jewelry. For a larger variety of apparel, you can try Frankie Alice’s Beachside Boutique where you can find women and mens clothing as well as hand made local accessories to enjoy by the beach.

Living in Palm Coast, FL

wooden house tower

There is so much more to living in Palm Coast, FL than what has been listed above and finding out the treasures available close to the beach is part of the adventure. It isn’t called a treasure hunt for nothing. Its residents can happily enjoy their downtime in this scenic eastern waterfront city. Join in their relaxation by getting in touch with real estate agents in Palm Coast FL and find your beach life wonder home.

Real estate in the Coastal Paradise

With over 91,000 residents, Palm Coast, FL has around 30,500 homes and apartments. Out of these, 87.1% of housing is single-family detached homes and the median home value is slightly over $230,000. 

If you’re thinking of looking for a house for you and your family in Palm Coast, FL it might be of interest to know that the city’s real estate market incorporates one of the newest housing development in the U.S. Out of all housing 49.9% has been built since the year 2000 and 49.1% between 1970-1999, which leaves only 1% of housing is older than 1969. The most common home size has 3 bedrooms (63.5%) followed by 4 bedrooms (18.4%). Almost half of the real estate in Palm Coast, FL ranges between $125,000 and $249,000 while the second largest group (31.4%) is slightly more expensive between $249,000 and $498,000. Only around 0.6% of the real estate market in Palm Coast has prices that exceed one million dollars.

Senior housing in Palm Coast, FL

happy pensioners

As a very sought after destination for retirees, Palm Coast, FL managed to develop several independent living communities to ensure that the new senior residents will have everything at their disposal. With a population of over 27% of senior citizens, Palm Coast is known for its great amenities for active retirees and amazing facilities within these independent living communities. The average cost for high-quality independent living within the Palm Coast area is around $3,900 per month.

Las Palmas

A community where seniors can socialize while enjoying indoor activities like Billiard, board games or book clubs. There are also several offsite activities available through which you can either get some exercise or explore the hiking trails around. 

Independent living starts at $2,429/month.

Princeton Village of Palm Coast

A more active senior housing community includes yoga, fitness room, gardening and Zumba among it’s onsite amenities in order to maintain a high quality of life for its residents. Those who decide to relocate here notice an improvement in how they feel after a while.

Independent living starts at $4,395/month.

Crime rates in Palm Coast, FL

two prisoners handcuffs

If you want a safer community somewhere on the north-east coast or, really, anywhere in Florida, the medium-sized city of Palm Coast can be a great option for you. While violent crime rates are dropping below half of the Florida average, the residents of Palm Cast have a 1 in 512 chance to be a victim of violent crimes. In regards to property crime, there is a 1 in 83 chance of falling victim in Palm Coast while the Florida average is at 1 in 44, so almost half the chances.

During 2018 there has been a crime decrease of over 17% in all of Flagler county compared to the year before. The statistics improved further by June of 2019, the county has experienced a crime rate decrease of 15% in the first 6 months of 2019 alone. Things are looking up in Palm Coast, FL while residents are feeling safer and more comfortable in their own homes as well as on the streets, despite the continuous growth of population. Palm Coast, FL so far managed to not follow the negative trend that brings more crime in cities that increase in population numbers.


For almost 20 years the city of Palm Coast, FL has managed to attract an insurmountable number of people with its amazing beaches, affordable housing, and great quality of life. Our guess is that it will continue to do the same in the future as citizens are still mesmerized by this eastern coast paradise. Feeling the sand seep in between your toes as you walk along the beach isn’t a passing trend, it’s something that most people dream of doing every day. That dream of utter relaxation is a reality in Palm Coast, FL and just the thought of it makes me want to at least pay it a visit.

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