Is Palm Coast Florida A Good Place To Live?

Definition of "Is Palm Coast Florida a good place to live?"

Considering how much the population has grown in Palm Coast over the last decade, the city on the East Coast of Florida seems to be a very sought out destination for many families as well as for seniors looking to retire.

The combination of year-round warm climate, unique attractions, and an amazing holiday atmosphere seem to collaborate in making Palm Coast become one of the most populous cities in Florida. Still, let's look at the more analytical side of the issue. What exactly makes Palm Coast, FL such a sought after location.

Cost of Living

The overall expenditures for living in Palm Coast, FL are not only lower than the national average by 9% but also lower than Florida’s average by 11%. When comparing the cost of living in Palm Coast to the national average there will be some visible differences that make a big difference.


As the biggest investment of any move, housing costs are important and they might make a possible new resident look to other cities if the amount of money required is too high. This is highly unlikely to happen in Palm Coast as the average housing cost is 24% lower than the national average. Furthermore, when compared to other cities from the same metropolitan area, housing is still less expensive. As part of the Deltona–Daytona Beach–Ormond Beach, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area, Palm Coast housing is 8.7% more affordable than in Daytona Beach as well as 19.5% cheaper than Flagler Beach. Currently the over 91,000 residents of Palm Coast, FL are very comfortable with their situation in their waterfront homes. Real estate agents in Palm Coast FL will surely accommodate you as well in your dream waterfront home.

Other expenses

Utilities are the only factor that has higher costs than the national average as prices are higher by 4% in the Palm Coast area than elsewhere. When it comes to public transport and gas prices the balance shifts again in this city’s favor by being more affordable by 7%. A monthly pass for public transportation in Palm Beach is around $50 while the national average is $75.

Food and groceries are also more affordable in Palm Coast even if the difference is only 2%. A three-course meal for two people at a mid-range restaurant averages nationally at $55 while in Palm Coast, FL you’ll only spend $40. However, if you’re more comfortable with cooking at home, 1lb Beef Round averages at $5.46 in the U.S. while Palm Coast residents spend only $3.21. 

The differences add up in time but by only looking at the cost of living it’s clear to see that Palm Coast offers a more comfortable way of life.


The residents of Palm Coast, FL love the great weather, the low crime rate, and amenities available so close to the shore, but there are other things that are more important than the amazing view. The amazing outdoors and weekend retreats are a great pastime but life, unfortunately, isn’t a continuous holiday, even if it might look like it here.


The schools located in Palm Coast are in great demand in Flagler County as three were rated as “A” schools


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during the summer of 2019. The award wasn’t given in order to inspire but because the average test scores among all the schools in Palm Coast are 22% higher than both the national average and Florida’s average.

A great thing about education in Palm Coast, however, is the belief that education doesn’t stop once you get your diploma. There are many available options where residents of all ages are able to enroll in their chosen courses. Some may want to continue studying their subjects or learn about new technologies and here they have that option not only through online courses but also through actively participating.

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