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Located about an hour away from both Jacksonville and Orlando, the city of Palm Coast dwells in Flagler County, on the Eastern coast of Florida. It spreads over 96.05 sq miles of land and water and was incorporated as a city in 1999. Since then its population skyrocketed going from 32,750 to 75,500 in 2010 after which a more gradual increase in residents took its population to over 91,000 in 2020. We can safely expect the city to exceed the 100,000 residents milestone in a few years as its affordable real estate market attracts more and more new buyers.

This surge in new residents usually comes with an increase in crime rates for cities. We can see that happening in many metropolitan areas in the U.S. However, the city of Palm Coast, FL managed to limit the increase in criminality statistics.

From 2017 to 2018

Following a trend that started during the recession of 2009, Flagler County and Palm Coast continued to drop by 7%. The result came through a combination of police work, intelligent planning and the involvement of the whole community. Because of that arrests increased by 27% in the first six months of 2018. The increase was felt especially in illegal substance arrest which grew by 35% in that period of time.

In regards to violent crimes by June of 2018, there has been a drop of 50% and the police department put in place several steps to continue to follow in the future which had not been activated till that point. During the same period of time, Florida’s crime rates dropped by 8%.

From 2018 to 2019

From January to June of 2019 in Florida, there has been 6.1% in crime rates from the same period the previous year. Those rates, however, almost tripled compared with Florida’s numbers and managed to drop by 15.1%. Flagler County got on the fourth highest rank of the biggest drop in crime rates among other areas with around a population of 100,000.

This shows that the procedures put in place in the previous year, coupled with the involvement of the community has had a great impact on bettering the lives of Palm Coast and Flagler County residents. 

As such, Palm Coast, FL, which is a large part of Flagler county manages to climb the ladder of the safest cities in Florida. The statistics show only signs of improvement and becoming a resident of this coastal town becomes more and more appealing. If you find yourself considering relocating to this coastal town, get in touch with the local real estate agents in Palm Coast FL for your own small patch of heaven.


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