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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Living In Kendall Florida?

Who doesn’t dream, once in a while, about spending their well-deserved time off or retirement years in an idyllic town far away from big city hustle and bustle? We might have found the perfect formula if you wish to take advantage of both worlds: the suburban serenity and urban amenities. Meet Kendall, the gorgeous suburb in southwest Miami, customized for your maximum comfort and recreation! Living in Kendall Florida delivers affordable housing options, the best shopping and dining experience, and one of the most acclaimed schooling systems in the States. Plus, the Everglades National Park is genuinely close. What else can one wish for?

But are there hidden pitfalls to this peaceful place? Why don’t you join us as we unearth the pros and cons of living in Kendall Florida? To get the full picture of its many housing and economic advantages, we recommend you get in touch with professional local real estate agents in Kendall Florida!

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Everything you need to know about Kendall Florida (but were afraid to ask)

kendall florida usa map

Kendall’s location can be confusing. First, you need to know that we’re looking at a census-designated place and unincorporated area (so no local municipal corporation governs it) in Miami-Dade County. In addition, no clear demarcation separates Kendall from Miami (the distance between the two is approximately fourteen miles.) Kendall is part of the larger Miami Metro Area of South Florida. The villages Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, Richmond Heights, and Three Lakes surround our beloved CDP.

The unincorporated place features a tropical monsoon climate with hot days and cool nights. For this reason, this region is one of the best places to visit in the Sunshine State because rain and bad weather are practically strangers here all year.

Kendall is a thriving and diverse community.

Kendall’s total area is 16.6 square miles, hosting around 78,000 residents in 2023. Kendall is mainly a residential area featuring single-family homes. Still, these hard facts won’t tell you anything about the pros and cons of living in Kendall Florida. 

In short, Kendall, one of Florida’s hidden gems (at least, regarding its suburbs), is a vibrant community providing a unique blend of urban perks, astonishing things to do, and natural beauties.  From its diverse cultural scene to its picturesque parks, Kendall has something for everyone. 

Explore the most breathtaking perks of living in Kendall Florida!

palm tree lined walk way

As in the case of many other great American cities, the pros and cons of living in Kendall Florida, can be relative and is a matter of comparison. For instance, the local real estate market might seem pricey (compared to other cities). Still, it gives newcomers access to tons of advantages. For this reason, we highly recommend investing in a Kendall property

Also, Kendall’s economy can appear misleading at first sight, with a higher-than-your-average cost of living and a slightly high unemployment rate. Then again, these two are merely two minor details of the larger jigsaw puzzle. Let’s elaborate on this, shall we?

Kendall’s local economy is filled with fantastic potential.

It’s a fact that, according to the most recent statistics, Kendall’s 8.2 percent unemployment rate is higher than the American median of six percent. Still, writing off an entire town’s economy based on present numbers would be a mistake. The job market in Kendall, FL, has experienced a slow but steady recovery of one percent over the last year. 

Moreover, analysts predict that the job market will undergo an essential improvement in the next ten years, reaching an astonishing 38 percent increase instead of the 33.5 percent national average. Based on what reasons do these specialists foresee such a giant financial leap?

It pays to be living in Kendall Florida!

young business woman with phone in hand

You must know that Kendall is an affluent neighborhood. Working and living in Kendall Florida means access to higher wages. This is partly because the income tax rate is zero percent. A Kendall resident’s median annual income was approximately $34,000 instead of Average Joe’s $28,500 in 2022. The median household income was also substantially higher than the American average. 

Furthermore, more renowned US companies have decided to establish a local headquarters. The Next Level (media publication), Pollo Tropical, Hear USA, Brandsmart USA, United Realty Group, and Great Florida Insurance are only some of the top employers in Kendall. Plus, the town is home to the famous shopping mall behemoth called Dadeland Mall. Healthcare, education, and professional services are among the leading industries in Kendall. Since the place is constantly expanding, everybody can find outstanding opportunities to build a career.

Kendall is family-friendly.

child walking dog on street

Kendall is known for its family-friendly vibe. It’s an exceptional place to raise kids, showcasing numerous parks and good public and private schools (Florida ranks high on the list of best US states for education in 2023 based on US News). For instance, Snapper Creek Elementary School, Palmetto Elementary School, Coral Reef Senior High School, Terra Environmental Research Institute, and School For Advanced Studies – South are some of the most eminent institutions that will bring out the best in your children. 

The slightly above-average crime rate (see more about this later) shouldn’t deter anybody from moving to this family-friendly haven! The sense of community is strong here, making it easy to build connections and friendships. 

Plenty of open-air and indoor activities await you in Kendall!

matheson hammock park view

Yes, Kendall is primarily a residential area. This, however, doesn’t stop the place from providing an abundance of extraordinary pastime activities for all ages. First and foremost, beaches attract thousands of tourists and locals throughout the year. Living in Kendall means you’re just a stone’s throw away from some of the world’s most gorgeous and pristine beaches. Whether it’s the calm waters of Matheson Hammock Park or the lively atmosphere of South Beach, the delightful shores are always pretty close.

Why don’t you visit the Miami Zoological Park, which hosts more than 3,000 animals, picnic areas, and a playground? Kendall is a genuine haven for golf enthusiasts. Even if you are a newbie, we recommend you give Crandon Golf Course a chance! You’ll soon find yourself addicted to this fabulous sport.

If shopping is your thing, Kendall has you covered. Dadeland Mall and Falls Shopping Mall, some of the most extensive shopping centers in the country, offer a broad range of shops, from high-end boutiques to trendy chain retailers. In a word, you can’t run out of fantastic things to do in Kendall!

What are the main disadvantages of living in Kendall Florida?

miami usa florida highway view

As mentioned, temporary setbacks or disadvantages shouldn’t discourage anyone from moving to Kendall. More than that, even the apparently bleakest drawbacks will give you access to something genuinely positive or a future potential. Let’s investigate the cons of living in Kendall Florida!

The housing market in Kendall Florida is expensive.

As of September 2023, the median property selling price in Kendall FL was around $515,000, one hundred grand pricier than the US average. Property prices have increased by about 12 percent since 2022. However, the good news is that homes in Kendall sell, on average, two percent below the listing price. 

Carefully examining Kendall’s housing market trends and present opportunities, we can confidently conclude that the final quarter of 2023 marks the ideal time for you to buy or rent a home before an increase hits the market.

The cost of living in Kendall Florida is not for the faint of heart.

inflation effect customer

Plain and simple, you’ll need a reliable source of income if you wish to make it here. The cost of living in Kendall Florida is about 19 percent higher than the rest of the country. Undeniably, our charming CDP joined the US cities hit by inflation the hardest

Under such circumstances, expect higher food, housing, transportation, child care, health care costs, and taxes. Add to this the relatively high unemployment rate and the slowly recovering job market, and you’ll see the greater economic picture. Nonetheless, life in Kendall, on average, is still more affordable than the Florida median cost of living. 

The streets could be safer.

Let’s stress upfront that Kendall doesn’t have a clear city boundary, and sometimes local statistics intertwine with Miami’s. With that in mind, it’s still surprising that crime exists in Kendall at all. Kendall’s violent and property crimes are present but don’t exceed the national average. Even more baffling is that most locals have a predominantly good opinion about Kendall’s public safety

This contradiction can be clarified because only some neighborhoods have attained a somewhat infamous reputation. In addition, residents expressed their faith in local authorities and law enforcement, the Miami-Dade Police.

Public Transit is a mixed bag, so expect traffic congestion!

traffic jam on highway

Like many thriving urban areas, Kendall struggles with traffic congestion, especially during rush hours. The Palmetto Expressway can be a bottleneck, and navigating the city will definitely require patience. Unfortunately, having a car in Kendall is almost a necessity for daily life.

Kendall is situated immediately south of Downtown Miami. The average commuting time between Kendall and Downtown Miami is about 30 minutes. Although traffic might sometimes be thick, the commute is relatively easy generally. Miami’s bus system is also fairly reliable, so if you are okay with public transit, that is another alternative. 

Miami-Dade Transit provides public transportation options, such as the Metrobus network, covering most of Kendall. Secondly, you can opt for Metrorail, which offers immediate access to Downtown Miami. Thirdly, you can try the Tri-Rail system, covering the entire county. Still, they are a far cry from the more reliable European transportation. 

Weather extremities on Kendall can be a nuisance.

omnius clouds view

The weather itself can be the source of pros and cons of living in Kendall Florida. Mostly, it’s sunny in Kendall, and you can have the best of times on the beach. However, the extreme tropical monsoon climate can also affect living in Kendall Florida. As you know, Florida’s humidity can be severe, especially during the summer months. This, coupled with the state bird, i.e., the mosquito, can make outdoor activities almost impossible. So, remember to bring your bug repellent!

Furthermore, being in South Florida, Kendall is exposed to hurricanes. While precautions are in place, the hurricane season can be stressful for residents. It’s paramount to be prepared and have a plan in case of evacuation! 

Nevertheless, the erratic weather won’t stop senior citizens from choosing Kendall as one of their most beloved snowbird destinations in the States.

Final thoughts

The pros and cons of living in Kendall Florida can’t be genuinely separated from one another. The situation is more nuanced than that. Let’s take the local real estate market in Kendall FL for instance. It might seem that property prices are slightly higher than the American average. However, investing in Kendall real estate can bring you a substantial ROI in the long run as the local population expands and the economy develops. Then, though the cost of living in Kendall is high, the average salary is also higher than Average Joe’s. Plus, the job market shows genuine signs of progress.

So, is Kendall Florida a good place to live? For those who love sunshine and a family-friendly atmosphere, it’s a slice of paradise. However, it has its challenges, including traffic and infrequent hurricanes. Like any place, it’s all about finding the right balance that suits your lifestyle. So, whether the beaches or the cultural diversity draws you in, Kendall has everything for those willing to call it home.

What are the most characteristic pros and cons of living in Kendall Florida? Which are the perks that are worth moving to Kendall for? What are those disadvantages that make you think twice before choosing Kendall? Why don’t you tell us in the comment section below? Please like and share this article if you’ve found it fascinating.


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