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Last updated: May 20, 2021 • Traveling Around the World

Location Spotlight: Chicago

Known as the “windy city”, Chicago is one of America’s most modern cities. This metropolis showcases a beautiful skyline filled with skyscrapers located in the city’s business district. Among these lofty towers is Chicago’s famous 360 Observation Deck, formerly known as the John Hancock Observatory, where tourists and city residents can have a 360 degree view of Chicago from hundreds of feet in the air. This outing is a must see for Chicagoans and city visitors alike. Another similar experience, at the Willis Tower, can be enjoyed along with a dinner and the scenery of the city as the backdrop. City residents and visitors can also enjoy walking along the Magnificent Mile, located in Chicago’s downtown shopping district on Michigan Avenue. There are also several well-known museums, theaters and cathedrals to enjoy throughout the city.

The beauty of Chicago extends beyond the large skyscrapers and beautiful architecture. Chicago is perfectly situated next to Lake Michigan, giving the coastline of the city gorgeous lake views. There are several tours centered around enjoying the views of Lake Michigan by trolley, helicopter, boat or kayak tours. Residents can attend various riverwalk tours by mode of segway, bicycle, or walking, giving it a unique way to enjoy the city. Chicago’s famous Lincoln Park also offers a zoo open to the public, as well as the Lincoln Park Boat Club and Nature Conservancy.

Beyond the city-life and downtown allure of Chicago, the city offers superb real estate properties. Real estate in Chicago is similar to that of any larger city. In Chicago, real estate ranges from multi-million dollar apartments that rival prices of those in New York, to modest sized homes on the city’s outskirts. No matter the family-size, there is a slice of Chicago real estate that can suit any family. Chicago also has over 40 magnet high schools and elementary schools along with several charter schools. This city offers a dozen gifted centers for students, making Chicago an ideal city to raise a family.

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