Location Spotlight: Chicago

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Known as the “windy city”, Chicago is one of America’s most modern cities. This metropolis showcases a beautiful skyline filled with skyscrapers located in the city’s business district. Among these lofty towers is Chicago’s famous 360 Observation Deck, formerly known as the John Hancock Observatory, where tourists and city residents can have a 360 degree view of Chicago from hundreds of feet in the air. 

If it were only for the things that Chicago is known for now, this place would still be a monumental achievement and worthwhile mecca for tourists. However, the history of Chicago is what truly catapults it to monumental heights; with a fascinating past that stretches all the way back to 1833, there’s plenty here for history buffs to explore. If you’ve got a thirst for learning, you can quench it here in Chicago! 

Chicago isn’t just about history though; this city is a great place to spend time in today! With a wide variety of fascinating architecture and attractions, there’s no shortage of things to see and do here, no matter what you’re into. There are plenty of great restaurants to choose from too, so you won’t go hungry while you’re here. Just don’t forget to have a slice of that legendary deep dish Chicago pizza! 

This isn’t just a great place to spend a vacation; it’s also perfect for anyone seeking to make a new home! While it has its rough edges, this city is overall one of the best places to live in the entire country. Flaws aside, there are plenty of great reasons to make this city your home. In the following sections, we’ll be breaking these reasons down, so keep reading! 

Things to do in Chicago 

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This outing is a must see for Chicagoans and city visitors alike. Another similar experience, at the Willis Tower, can be enjoyed along with a dinner and the scenery of the city as the backdrop. City residents and visitors can also enjoy walking along the Magnificent Mile, located in Chicago’s downtown shopping district on Michigan Avenue. There are also several well-known museums, theaters and cathedrals to enjoy throughout the city.

The beauty of Chicago extends beyond the large skyscrapers and beautiful architecture. Chicago is perfectly situated next to Lake Michigan, giving the coastline of the city gorgeous lake views. There are several tours centered around enjoying the views of Lake Michigan by trolley, helicopter, boat, or kayak tours. Residents and visitors can attend various riverwalk tours by mode of segway, bicycle, or walking, giving it a unique way to enjoy the city. 

If you’re in town and you realize that your stomach is growling, don’t worry; Chicago has no shortage of excellent restaurants to choose from! There’s that famous deep-dish pizza we mentioned earlier, which you won’t want to miss, but there’s plenty of variety besides that. From savory Asian cuisine to mouth-on-fire spicy Mexican and good old all-American comfort eats, hunger is a thing of the past here! 

After dinner, you might just find yourself hankering for a drink. When the thirst hits you, this city won’t let you down! There are plenty of excellent bars and clubs where you can take a load off and wet your beak with a cold beer or fancy mixed drink. Whether you’re in the mood to relax with friends or want to get all gussied up for a night on the town, we’re confident that Chicago has something for you. 

Real estate in Chicago 

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Beyond the city-life and downtown allure of Chicago, the city offers superb real estate properties. Real estate in Chicago is similar to that of any larger city. In Chicago, real estate ranges from multi-million dollar apartments that rival prices of those in New York, to modest-sized homes on the city’s outskirts. This market may not be accessible to everyone, but it’s a lot more affordable than some other metropolises (we’re looking at you, NYC). 

If you’re thinking of moving to the city of Chicago, you’re probably going to want to know the price of real estate. The median home price is the primary factor that will determine whether or not you can afford to make this city your home. At $373k, homes here are surprisingly affordable when compared to other cities of similar size. This makes Chicago a suitable place for most homebuyers, at least in terms of cost. 

Where Chicago fails to live up to its history somewhat is its yearly property appreciation rates. At 1.27% percent annually, homes in Chicago might not be the best investment if you’re looking to speculate on the real estate market. If you’re only seeking to purchase a home for yourself and your family, you’ll be happy to hear, however, that homes here do hold their value fairly well. 

Homes here also take quite a while to sell, staying on the market for an average of 53 days before selling. Considering the fact that most homes spend even more time on the market, it seems rather clear to us that homes aren’t exactly in high demand. You can use this to your advantage if your financial situation isn’t particularly favorable.

With all of this said, it’s clear that Chicago is a strong buyers market at the moment. While real estate markets in most cities continue to skyrocket in price, you’ll have very little trouble finding a relatively affordable home with the help of one of the real estate agents in Chicago IL. There’s no question that this is one of the best real estate markets for low budget home buyers in the entire country! 

Schools in Chicago

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No matter the family-size, there is a slice of Chicago real estate that can suit any family. Chicago also has over 40 magnet high schools and elementary schools along with several charter schools. This city offers a dozen gifted centers for students, making Chicago an ideal city to raise a family.

As far as facilities are concerned, there are plenty of excellent school districts with well furnished and well equipped schools. Teachers are fairly well paid, so you can expect your children to be provided with everything that they’ll need to secure an adequate education. While there are cities with larger education budgets, Chicago spends a very respectable amount on its students and facilities. 

Moving on to academic performance from students, things are quite positive; most students test above average when it comes to standardized metrics. Thanks to a number of equal opportunity initiatives, all students are treated to a solid education and a chance at pursuing higher learning opportunities. While some schools are better than others, parents who put in the work to search for the right school will undoubtedly find it. 

As we mentioned earlier, there are also a number of private and charter schools available for children of parents with the financial means to afford such opportunities. While they aren’t for everyone, those who can afford to send their children to such establishments will undoubtedly find that their children receive the best education that money can provide. If you’re hoping to equip your children with the skills and knowledge they need to have a successful future, then this option is for you. 

Finally, college educations are sufficiently plentiful here, with most colleges offering subsidized tuition to boot. Whether your child eventually decides to pursue a career in medicine, a career in finance or some other career path, you can rest assured that they’ll learn everything they need to know in this environment. 


After reading all of this, we hope you see eye to eye with us when we profess our undying love of this great city. It has its flaws, but there are few places on the face of the earth that are anywhere close to how exquisite and unique this city is. It has plenty to see and do, as well as a plethora of practical reasons to make it your home. With all this to offer, how could anyone not love the beautiful city of Chicago IL? 

There’s a great deal that we haven’t been able to mention about the city of Chicago, thanks in large part to the vast number of things there are to see and do in this city. That’s a good thing, in our estimation; it means you’ll have to go out and explore the city yourself! No matter how long you spend perusing this place, you’ll always be left with something more to do. That’s just the charm of the windy city for you!


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