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Last updated: January 14, 2019 • Real Estate

Most Family Friendly Cities

Regardless of the city in America, families will be able to find activities to enjoy with each other. Whether it is in the northernmost areas of New England, or the southernmost areas of Florida, you will be able to find indoor and outdoor activities for both the adventure and relaxation seekers of the family. Yet there are several cities in the country that seem to be the perfect fit for families of all ages, sizes, and interests.  

If you are considering relocation to begin settling down in a family-friendly community, start looking into real estate in the following cities:

Orlando, Florida real estate – Orlando is known as one of the most tourist-filled areas because of its popular attractions like Disney World and Universal Studios. Although the area may seem like it can get too crowded because of its close proximity to major tourist destinations, Orlando still harbors smaller family friendly communities. These communities are the perfect locations for families as they are also next to exceptional schools, beautiful parks at Lake Eola, and a lively downtown. This allows for families to be only a short drive away from popular amusement parks and activities that cater to families.

Atlanta, Georgia – The city of Atlanta is beautifully diverse in its attractions throughout the community. There is virtually everything to do for families with children of any age. Atlanta offers attractive tourist destinations downtown that include the Coca Cola Factory, the CNN Center, and the Georgia Aquarium. Throughout the entire city, there are several famous southern inspired eateries, like Gladys Knight’s Chicken & Waffles and Pittypat’s Porch, that can satisfy any palate. Atlanta is an ideal community for families not only for its attractions but also its real estate. The city is known for having a wide range of home styles from high-rises in the city to spacious ranch-style homes and mansions in the suburbs.

San Diego, California real estate – On the west coast of America, there is sunny San Diego. San Diego is known for its perfect weather and laid back beach-town atmosphere. The city is close to the bustling city of Los Angeles but still far enough to maintain tranquility, making it perfect for people who are looking to settle down. San Diego is famous for the San Diego Zoo that attracts thousands of families that are interested in its beautiful wildlife. The city is also well-known for its food trucks that can be found selling almost any kind of food imaginable. San Diego offers the perfect balance of city life with family living.

Colorado Springs, Colorado – Colorado Springs is a calm city that is nestled between mountains. The city has outdoor activities for any time of year. Whether it is snowboarding and skiing in the Winter or white water rafting and kayaking in Spring season, Colorado Springs offers exciting and adventurous activities. The area is perfect for families that enjoy nature and the comfort of a smaller city. Real estate in Colorado Springs ranges from cozy town homes to multi-million dollar mansions on the mountains with breath-taking views.

Houston, Texas real estate  – Texas is a state well-known to deliver on its motto “bigger is better”. The real estate in Houston is no exception. The communities in the area are filled with homes built for even the largest of families and land that offers acres of space. Houston is also home to several museums and the Space Center which makes it perfect for sightseeing. The city is situated right next to Galveston Bay which leads inward to the Buffalo Bayou that runs right through Houston. This creates the perfect trail for joggers and bikers to enjoy through the city.

Boston, Massachusetts – Arguably one of the most historic cities in America, Boston is another perfect location for family-friendly activities. Boston is a city filled with historic landmarks like Paul Revere’s House located on the historic Freedom Trail. With Boston being one of the oldest cities in America, there are tons of historic and educational tours throughout the city. Boston is also situated next to the scenic Boston Harbor. Living in Boston, there will be no shortage of activities from this city given that it is also very culturally diverse.

Phoenix, Arizona real estate – Phoenix is a city known for its desert area. Phoenix offers gorgeous botanical gardens and parks that showcase the beautiful scenery that this city has to offer. For this reason, Phoenix is known for its laid back atmosphere and its lavish luxury spas that allow guests to be closer to nature while relaxing. The city offers communities that are perfect for family living whether they are located closer to the city center or on the outskirts of the city near the neighboring city of Scottsdale.

Seattle, Washington real estate – Located in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is known to have an often rainy climate. This makes the area beautifully scenic with its forests that complement its majestic mountains and volcano, Mount St. Helen, in the distance. Seattle is home to several tourist attractions that include Pike Place Market and the Space Needle. The city offers the ideal community for nature-lovers, especially those who enjoy activities on the water.
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