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Last updated: May 20, 2021 • Marketing Tips

Marketing New Construction

Buying a new home that is new construction, can be a unique, creative opportunity. With a new construction, make sure that your clients understand that these types of properties can often come with flexibility for new home features. At times, it may be hard for clients to envision themselves living in a property that is not completely built and, as a realtor, you can plan for this:

Have everything in writing: When working with a construction company to sell a home, make sure to have everything in writing. Every feature that the home will have should be clearly stated and be written in the form of some type of documentation with a warranty. Once the details of the home are established, a realtor will be able to make a better sale to their client and give accurate information on warranties and property fees. This is also to avoid clients buying a home without knowing all of its features and later experiencing buyer’s remorse.

New home owners: One great benefit for a home under construction is that clients will be first to live in the home. A home with no previous homeowners is often seen as a highlight. This is because new owners will not have to worry about the wear and tear on the building. Buying a brand new home means that the buyer will have brand new appliances with some sort of warranty.

Point out the features: Make sure clients can visualize themselves in the home. In this case, it may be helpful to show your clients a model home that has been staged. For homes in the process of construction, inform your clients beforehand that the model home may have upgrades that come with a premium. When working with construction companies that don’t offer model homes, using visual aids, like virtual models or floor plans, will work.

Sell the location: For new properties, it is important to upsell every feature, especially including the home’s location. If your buyers have children, or may want to in the future, mention the good quality of the school district that they would be moving into. For clients that express interest in nightlife, mention the home’s close proximity to downtown and shopping malls. No matter the location, potential buyers will always respond well when their realtor add emphasis on proximity and community amenities.

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