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Last updated: May 6, 2020 • Celebrity Real Estate

Oscar Spotlight: The Homes of Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling seems to have it all, so it’s good to be among celebrities . He’s paired with Eva Mendes, he’s got the dream job, his “Hey Girl” is memed worldwide, he gained a 30 million dollar fortune with The Notebook & Murder by Numbers, and he’s currently driving a Prius. (Wait, what?)

Oh, and he’s up for Best Actor this Oscar season for the smash hit La-La Land. That doesn’t hurt.

Ryan Thomas Gosling was born in 1980, and it didn’t take long for his looks and talent to gain him attention. He started his career on the Mickey Mouse Club, did a stint on Afraid of the Dark, and then moved on to Goosebumps.

A 2006 Oscar nominee for his role in Half Nelson came shortly after he catapulted to fame in 2004 for his role in The Notebook, and he was nominated in 2007 for a Golden Globe Award for his performance in Lars and the Real Girl. 2010 brought the insanely popular Blue Valentine and another Golden Globe nominee, which was followed up by three blockbuster roles in 2011; Crazy Stupid Love, The Ides of March, and Drive.

Gosling’s directorial debut Lost River was a disappointment, but he rebounded with the critically acclaimed The Big Short (hello Golden Globe win at last!) and followed up with La-La Land.

Gosling is more than just a pretty face – he’s got singing chops, too. His band released their self-titled album Dead Man’s Bones in 2009.

How does the heartthrob, former Disney child star, and musician from Cornwall, Ontario, Canada spend his money?  A lot of it goes in and out of real estate.

Gosling previously resided in New York City with his mixed-breed dog, George. He co-owns Tagine, a Moroccan restaurant in Beverly Hills, California. He bought the restaurant on an impulse; said that he spent “all [his] money” on it, and spent a year doing the renovation work himself. He still oversees the restaurant’s menus.

For a time Ryan rented the famous Ridgewood house in the Buckhead area of Atlanta; it also housed Liam Hemsworth at one point. The home is a hot spot for actors, musicians and other celebrities and is often used for film shoots and music video locations.

Ryan lived for a time with Mendes in the actresses LA home, which she sold in 2014 for a staggering 1.27 million; she originally bought the home with former flame George Gaurgurevich, but later acquired a larger home in the neighborhood and let the modern deco mansion go – it sold for more than asking price.

The couple currently owns a place in Los Feliz, where they try to stay out of the spotlight, although Ryan can be seen ducking in and out of his favorite haunts for lunch, or having breakfast with daughter Esmerelda at the duo’s prime breakfast spot, Little Dom’s Deli.

Gosling and Mendes like to rent out lavish places for a weekend or a month at a time- most recently, the couple spent her birthday at Frank Sinatra’s former elegant house in Palm Springs enjoying the luxury of Palm Beach, Florida real estate.


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