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Last updated: January 21, 2019 • Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Black Friday: It’s Not When You Thought it Was!

Traditionally, Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. If you are a real estate agent, you may think that means the weekend is a write off as people line up for deals and shop their way through as many stores as possible before returning home to eat turkey sandwiches and doze in front of the television.

While there can be a benefit to working the Friday after Thanksgiving and through the weekend – if someone is asking to see a home that weekend, chances are they are drop dead serious – the real Black Friday for real estate agents may not be on a Friday at all; in fact, it’s usually the Sunday right after Christmas.

This year, the best real estate selling days may span the entire week after the holiday, since Christmas actually falls on a Sunday. You’ll actually have live ones on the line on this crazy week of the year, and you can double your chances of success if the couple is young, child-free but hoping to become a larger family soon, or even older couples whose children have flown the next.

These potential home buyers are looking to find a house no later than the first of the year, especially in states like Massachusetts. Focusing on individual clients on Real Estate Black Friday Week encourages them as there is less competition for their time, instant service can be delivered, and serious home buyers may become more inclined to finalize their decision on a property.

Don’t waste precious advertising dollars on open house promotions and ads. Instead, focus on your already developed home buyers and provide them with your undivided attention. How can you pique their interest? Go through your list of in the market buyers, and compile a targeted email blast audience and Facebook ad client list. Use services like The Official Real Estate Agent Directory® to quickly expand your reach, and focus on closing deals that are almost in the bag already.

Target new clients as well by spending some time creating home walkthrough videos, new image collages, and rewriting some home descriptions to focus on the property’s advantages for the coming year, run through the staging on a few newer listings and add some inexpensive but gorgeous New Years’ decorations to enhance the look of the home and give it a lived-in feel.

If you have a text list, think about sending a special text out with new photos. People will be standing in line and being bored as they wait for their turn at the cashier register, so they can enjoy browsing the new homes for sale and perhaps you’ll pique their interest. Add that you are taking appointments for home showings all weekend and encourage bookings – warmer climates like south Texas can mean people are eager to get out and house hunt.

Real estate agents should upgrade their own marketing efforts while also taking advantage of the excitement and savings everyone is expecting on Real Estate Black Friday. Make this year the year you start your end of the year drive for final home closings the day after Christmas. It’s only going to be 7 days left until 2017, so encourage home buyers to secure that dream home now! You’ve got nothing to lose and a lot to gain if you keep your phone on after Christmas for those serious home buyers who don’t want to wait another minute.


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