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Last updated: January 10, 2019 • Home Improvement

What are You Willing to Compromise in Your First Home Purchase?

HGTV’s Property Virgin’s Host, Egypt Sherrod takes hopeful would-be home buyers through multiple properties, trying to draw from them what exactly they are looking for. The show begins in the same way each episode, with a consultation between Sherrod and her clients, as she queries them on the most important features in their wanna-be home. Some want hardwood floors, some need four bedrooms on one floor, some request Sherrod find them a master bedroom suite.

Then the fun begins. With Sherrod and her clients traipsing from house to house and neighborhood to neighborhood, Sherrod manages to check off most of the things on her client’s wish list. As the show progresses, one thing becomes clear: first-time home buyers have fairly high expectations.

An initial dip into the housing market is shocking. The prices seem too high, the square footage too small, the amenities sorely in need of updating. Prospects have a hard time swallowing the bitter truth: starter homes are adequate. They might be a nice place to live, but a lot of the time they do not a dream home make. A dream house is usually the second or third house down the line, when buyers have a little more experience and wisdom under their belt, not to mention capital.

As Sherrod leads her clients through the string of properties, she gently explains they will not get everything they desire (usually), and a majority of clients take the news in stride, turning introspective and thankful for the chance to own their own piece of property. Have you asked yourself the same question? If you were to work with a real estate agent, what might your list contain, and what items on that list would you be willing to let go?

When you walk into a negotiation (and let’s face it) “negotiation” is the epitome of the home buying experience, come prepared with a list of items you feel okay compromising on, and you will not be as disappointed, or let down at the close of the transaction. You might also find new ways to solve your unique needs in a new home. If the kitchen isn’t big enough, for example, and not an eat-in like the one you’ve envisioned, maybe you can feed your family in the dining room? If the master bath doesn’t have a Jacuzzi tub, can you make do with a luxurious shower? Permitting yourself to let your guard down so you can purchase a stable house in a desireable neighborhood (even if you have to give up a few things), is really a reward unto itself.


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