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The city of Bethesda MD

Are you tired of the crowded cities where you have to wait in line for everything and get stuck in traffic when commuting to and from work? Maybe it is time for a change and for some time you have been browsing for a new home either in a different neighborhood or city. Where can you find a city that still has that urban feel to it but less crowded, and more accessible? Having everything your heart desires within walking distance and not having to deal with the traffic, sounds like the perfect place to be living.

Well, we want to tell you that such a place exists in the beautiful state of Maryland. The state has been rapidly growing in the past few years and people seem to love everything about Maryland. There are many cities that stand out for their history and beauty, but one that really intrigues people is the city of Bethesda, MD. 

Located in Montgomery County the city of Bethesda, MD is considered to be one of the best places to live in Maryland. Everyone who ever had the opportunity to visit Bethesda MD will tell you that this thriving community is known for its numerous parks, shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. With it  being so close to the capital of the US, Washington DC makes a huge difference in terms of accessibility and development. 

Also, the artistic side of the city is really reflected through a variety of shows and performances that are held in many of their well-known stages and venues. Let’s dive a little deeper and see what the city of  Bethesda MD has in store for us.

Things to do in Bethesda, MD

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It is always great to see what a new city has to offer in terms of attractions and what is there to do in order to have a little bit of fun. If you have the opportunity to visit the city of Bethesda MD then you are in for a treat and we literally mean that. The dining experience that you can find in Bethesda MD is considered to be the best in Montgomery County. If you come by you have to experience the culinary scene at some of the best places to eat in Bethesda MD.

You can have an amazing meal at some of the restaurants in downtown Bethesda, immediately after you had a walk or a bike ride on the Capital Crescent Trail. It is considered to be one of the best bike trails in the Washington DC area and there are a couple of reasons for that. The Capital Crescent Trail is 13 miles long, paved for the first 7 miles after which you hit a portion with crushed stone surface. The trail was originally built on an abandoned railbed of the Georgetown Branch, B&O Railroad. With beautiful views of the C & O Towpath and lots of shade, the Capital Crescent Trail is perfect for biking, jogging, walking, or roller skating.

After you got in your workout and now that you know the best places where you can eat, you should also attend one of the world-class performances held at Strathmore. Remember, we mentioned how the city has an artistic side to it? Well, this is as good as it gets if you really want to experience some of the best performers in the industry. The state-of-the-art concert hall can seat about 2,000 people for some of their grand shows which include blues, pop, jazz show tunes, folk, and classical music.

Also, Bethesda prides itself on having plenty of parks and green areas that people absolutely love. It makes the place very lively and with a family-friendly environment expect to see a lot of families with children playing and having fun. Enjoy the views, and discover the beautiful city of Bethesda MD. With so many things to do in Bethesda MD, you will surely have a blast out here.

Downtown Bethesda MD

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One of the most active and vibrant areas in Bethesda MD is the downtown area. It is considered to be one of the largest downtown areas in Maryland with a large concentration of residential towers and offices. This came as a result of having the Washington, DC Metro system running underneath Bethesda, giving the area the necessary transit that would create a dense as well as a walkable community.

Thanks to a major redevelopment project called Bethesda Row, more retail, entertainment, and restaurants have been brought to the area. Having said that, Bethesda turned into one of the most affluent areas in the state with a variety of high-end shopping and coffee shops. Being a dense area it allows shoppers to choose from multiple art galleries, specialty boutiques as well as familiar chains. The Bethesda Row is where the high concentration of stores is found, but you can expect to see some more around the area as well.

This will make for a perfect weekend if you want to spend your afternoon and evening, strolling through downtown Bethesda. Having a multitude of shops that close late on Friday and Saturday along with many restaurants, make the area perfect in terms of its nightlife. Having a good transportation system and being very close to Washington D.C. allows you to move back and forward between the two cities really quickly. Also, downtown Bethesda MD is just about 38 miles away from Baltimore which is also very convenient.

Downtown Bethesda is awesome for so many reasons. If you like shopping you will absolutely love all the shops spread throughout the area where you can find exciting collections of high-end fashion, boutique shops, and home decor. As a food lover, you should definitely not miss out on some of the best restaurants in downtown Bethesda MD that will give you a memorable culinary experience. Pair that with the best coffee at some of their amazing coffee shops and you are in for a real treat here in downtown Bethesda MD.

Living in Bethesda MD

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From what we have talked about so far you probably think that Bethesda is definitely an awesome place to be a tourist, but what about living here? In that regard people consider Bethesda MD to be a great place to live and there are a couple of reasons for that. Firstly, you have a prosperous economy and this is also thanks to its location near Washington D.C.

It’s proximity to DC has given birth to a prosperous job market where the kind of jobs you would find in Bethesda MD are mostly related to different government sectors. Also, the city benefits from having highly-rated schools and pairing that with the safety of Bethesda MD, you have the ideal place to live in.

The downside to all might be the fact that the city has a relatively high cost of living. If we make a comparison between New York and Bethesda MD you would overall have the same expenses, but here is where the difference lies. Expenses for food and groceries are almost the same both in New York and Bethesda, however, utilities, transportation, and healthcare are much more expensive in New York. The balance is created with the housing market where New York has a housing market that is much more affordable compared to Bethesda MD.

Therefore, if you are searching for a home for sale in Bethesda MD make sure you find the best realtors in Bethesda MD to help you get the best deal. Homes for sale in Bethesda MD are not cheap so you should approach the market, having the right knowledge and help. 


The beautiful city of Bethesda MD is one of the places you always dreamed of living in. It has everything you would expect from a city. It allows you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors with all sorts of recreational activities and it has all the best restaurants and shopping you could wish for. Pair that with top education that allows you or your children to grow and build a nice career in a city with a prosperous economy and you have everything you need in a thriving city such as Bethesda MD.

Have you ever had the opportunity to visit the city of Bethesda MD or to live here? What do you love most about the city? Let us know in the comment section.


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