Answer for "Is Bethesda MD a good place to live?"

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Maryland is one of the US states with really low poverty rates, densely populated, and high standards of living. Being close to the capital of the US and having a prosperous economy is something Maryland really benefits from. Some of the best cities to live in Maryland are located in the proximity of Washington D.C and one of those cities is Bethesda, MD.

Located in Montgomery County, the city of Bethesda MD has a population of about 60,000 people. Bethesda is a city highly sought-after and if you ever had the opportunity to visit the area, you will easily understand why. A healthy job market, beautiful infrastructure, a robust public transportation system, scenic views, are just a couple of things that make this city amazing. But, let’s actually see if Bethesda, MD is a good place to live?

What is there to do in Bethesda MD?

If you ask people around, what do they love about Bethesda, MD, there will be three things that will constantly come up, restaurants, coffee shops and shopping centers. The culinary scene is probably the best you will find in Montgomery County, and having such a variety of restaurants, with different cuisines is going to offer you many options to choose from. Downtown Bethesda has top-notch shopping as well as dining and everything is within walking distance.

Are there any good schools in Bethesda MD?

Relocating to a new city requires a bit of work and hustle but it is a rewarding experience, especially if you ended up in a good place. But firstly, you would have to find one of the best real estate agents in Bethesda MD to help you with the home buying process. Secondly, having good schools in the area ensures the fact that you will get a good education for yourself or your children. Therefore, it is important to know if Bethesda has any good schools in the area.

Luckily for you Bethesda, MD is well-known for having top-rated schools with a high standard when it comes to education. Bethesda has middle schools, elementary schools as well as high schools that are highly rated and some of these schools are: Burning Tree Elementary School, Thomas W. Pyle Middle School, Walt Whitman High School.

Is the cost of living high in Bethesda, MD?

Having such a thriving area with a prosperous economy, a safe community, and a family-friendly environment comes at a cost. We are referring to the cost of living and here in Bethesda, MD you will find it to be quite expensive. It is known that Bethesda is about 60% more expensive compared to the average of the US and this mostly comes from the housing costs. In spite of the high costs of living most people would consider it worth it, especially since the median household income is also higher than in most US cities.


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