The City of Houston Texas

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There are few places quite like the city of Houston, Texas. There’s a nebulous but unmistakably magical quality intrinsic to this enchanting city that draws people to its streets from far and wide. Houston is the 4th most populous city in the United States, and it grows every day. There are a lot of things that contribute to this, but each one does it’s share to make Houston a really great place to visit or make your home. Even Houston has it’s pros and cons and there are certain downsides that accompany the upsides, of course, but overall Houston is absolutely excellent! 

From historical, scientific and cultural attractions like the Space Center and the Museum of Natural History, to more practical advantages such as the thriving job market and the booming housing economy, Houston has plenty of things to grab your attention and keep it. So let’s explore this fascinating city a bit more closely, shall we?

What is the city of Houston Texas known for?

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The city of Houston Texas is one of the most iconic in the nation; and for good reason too! There are dozens of things for which Texas is known, from the contributions its community has made to science and the arts, to the thriving real estate market and high median household income that Houston is home to. 

Perhaps the thing most likely to be mentioned in conjunction to Houston is its status as the place where some of the most monumental steps forward in man’s exploration of space took place. The Houston Space Center was a crucial infrastructural center for the research and development of much of the technology fielded during the space race and afterwards, and this is one of the things the city of Houston, Texas is known for. 

Houston is also known as the fourth most populous city in the United States, with 2.2 million residents. Next to populous cities like Los Angeles and New York City, it’s one of the best examples of a thriving American metropolis, with its own quintessentially American identity and culture. What’s more, it’s culture is unmistakably Texan, with the classically stoic but simultaneously passionate mindset that Texas has come to be known for pervading every aspect of its atmosphere and social scene.

Things to do in the city of Houston Texas

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Whether you’re planning on moving to Houston or just considering taking a vacation there, you probably have at least a cursory familiarity with at least some of the things you can see and do in Houston. Whatever your interests and personal preferences, Houston has something for you, without the slightest shadow of a doubt. 

Whatever amount of time you’re planning on spending in the city of Houston Texas, it won’t take you long to realize that Houston has enough to keep you busy no matter how long you’re in town! If you have an inquisitive mind and a curious personality, you will love the Houston Space Center. With dozens of fascinating exhibits, interactive displays and simulation experiences, you may just end up spending more than a few days in its spacious interiors. 

For the more artistically oriented, there are a number of art galleries, museums and festivals that showcase both the well established and the virtually unknown works of artists from all over the world. The Houston Museum of Fine Arts, and the Contemporary Museum of Arts in Houston are both great places to experience the fascinating perspectives of some of the most brilliant artists of the present and past.  

The city of Houston Texas is also home to some of the most ambitious musical pioneers the modern music scene has to offer, in addition to those it has harbored in the past. Over the years, the city of Houston Texas has been a safe haven for some of the most creative figures in the outlaw country scene, providing these brilliant artists with an atmosphere much more accommodating to their artistic brilliance than the suffocating corporatism that pervades the city of Nashville

With this thriving music scene, it’s no surprise that Houston is a great place to live if you enjoy listening to or creating music. The city is full of creative musicians both young and old, and its labels are much more open to creative new sounds from all new genres than many other hotspots for musical development in other cities. From rock to pop to jazz, the unmistakable culture of the city leaves an indelible mark on the music of artists who develop their sound here. 

If you’re looking for a great way to spend an evening out on the town, there are plenty of things to keep you busy. If you’re looking for a place to grab dinner, Houston has hundreds of great restaurants to choose from, with enough variety to satisfy even the most niche craving. Houston’s culinary culture is rich and complex, with a unique, delicious identity all its own. Whatever your culinary tastes, you’ll no doubt satisfy them in Houston. 

Feeling a bit thirsty after dinner? When you’re in Houston, you’ll have your choice of bars, pubs and clubs available where you can take a load off and end the evening in style. What’s more, there are a number of breweries, wineries and distilleries producing handmade wines, beers and liquors, each with their own character and unique taste notes and motifs. Even the most demanding drink aficionados are sure to find something to their liking!

Houston real estate market

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As is to be expected from a metropolis of this scale, the real estate market is thriving, and surprisingly, quite accessible to those with lower incomes. Whether you’re looking to invest in Houston, or simply find a new home for you and your family, you’ll find that the city of Houston Texas is a great place to buy a home or two. Real estate is highly sought after, and home value is slated to increase steadily in the coming years. 

The average home price in Houston is impressively lower than average, at around $189,000, as compared to the national median of $240,000. This, in addition to the great educational opportunities available and its high median household income make it a great place to buy a home for your family, whether you have one already or are just planning on it. 

This low median home price makes Houston a great place to work as a real estate agent! Whether you’re well established in the business or are just considering becoming a real estate agent in Houston, the city offers an attractive package for realtors. With such attractive housing options, real estate agents in Houston are able to offer excellent deals to their clients while still making attractive commission on listings they sell. This is one of the reasons why real estate agents in Houston make such attractive salaries

On the flip side, if you’re not planning on buying a home, this might not be the city for you, as the city of Houston Texas is among the most expensive places to rent a family apartment in the country. With a two bedroom apartment carrying a rent price around $1,700 per month, this is simply not the best place to be a renter. If you are trying to find a city where rent is inexpensive, there’s a good chance that Houston isn’t going to meet that need. 

This high rent cost, however, makes it a great place to own one or more rentals. The city of Houston Texas is one of the best places to be a landlord, as demand for housing is higher than ever, and short and long term rentals are seldom vacant for any long period of time. Whether you are experienced in the rental business or are just starting out, Houston is a great place for this business. 
If, after due consideration, this city seems like the place for you, you’ll need to contact one of the top real estate agents in Houston Texas. Once you’ve made this step, you’ll be that much closer to making your home in the beautiful city of Houston Texas!

Is the city of Houston Texas a good place for families?

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If you are looking for a place to move your family, you may be wondering whether or not Houston is a good place for people with families to relocate to. While there are arguments to be made for and against it being a good choice, ultimately the choice is up to you. To help you in your decision, we’ll quickly discuss some relevant data, so you can make an educated decision. 

The median household income in Houston is $63,000, which is the national average for the United States. While this isn’t particularly attractive, what is attractive is the low average home price. At only $189,000, it’s over $70,000 cheaper than the national median of $240,000. This makes it a great place to buy a home, and might influence you in your decision to move or not move your family to Houston. 

One thing that may give you pause is the crime rate in Houston. The city of Houston Texas has a violent crime rate that is almost twice the national average, and, while the risk of becoming the victim of one of these crimes can be minimized by observing certain precautions, it may still deter potential home buyers.


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