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The City of Canton GA

What do you look for when searching for a new place to call home? Is it a friendly community, with warm and cheery neighbors who greet you by name and strike up a conversation when you bump into them on the street? Or is it the housing availability, whether it be rural farms, quiet row homes or sprawling mansions. Maybe it’s the amenities, from restaurants to bars to public services. One thing is for sure: whatever you’re looking for, Canton has it!

Canton is in northern Georgia, about forty miles north of metropolitan Atlanta, amongst the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains. With a population of just over 20,000 residents, Canton is the perfect size; not so small that you have to drive to a large city for convenience but not so large that it loses its charm. If you’re looking for a perfect middle ground between big and small, look no further! 

So without wasting anymore time, let’s get into taking a look at what exactly Canton has to offer, and whether or not it’s not the best option for you!

Attractions in Canton

interior of a modern urban restaurant

As anyone who lives in Canton can tell you, the city has plenty to see and do that will keep you busy for as long as you are here! Whether you’re looking for a fun night of dining, drinking and dancing or a calming early morning walk to get back in touch with nature, Canton has what you’re looking for!

We couldn’t talk about Canton without mentioning its rich selection of fine dining venues that offer all kinds of different eating experiences. From quintessential Italian restaurants with delicious pizza and pasta, to all-American BBQ joints with pulled pork sandwiches and baby back ribs and Sushi restaurants with artfully prepared sushi of all different kinds.

After you’ve had dinner, let’s say you want a drink. Lucky for you, you’ve got plenty of options! In the mood for an ice cold beer? Try out the Green Line Brewery? This atmospheric bar and brewery has a wide selection of craft, domestic and imported beers, and even the most demanding beer aficionado will leave satisfied. If you’re looking for something a bit more simple and down to earth, why not swing by the Butcher and Bottle? With the feeling of a saloon in the old west, this bar is loads of fun! 

If you want to skip the drinks, don’t worry, you won’t have any trouble finding something to do. Canton is home to one of the cutest little theatres you’ll ever see! Opened in 1911, it’s been entertaining the good people of Canton for over one hundred years, and it won’t start to disappoint now! If you prefer the silver screen, Canton also has its very own AMC movie theatre, where you can catch a movie drama or pulse pounding action flick any night of the week.

Housing in Canton

beautiful home exterior design

The strongest quality of Canton’s housing market is without a doubt its diversity. Want a sprawling 80 acre farm with an old fashioned off-white farmhouse? Chances are, Canton has what you’re looking for. Want a cute little suburban town home with a manageable front and back yard? You’ll have plenty to choose from! Canton has condos, town homes, row homes, farm homes, you name it, it’s here.

Now, this wide selection comes at a relatively high price; at around $300,000 on average, homes in Canton are a bit pricey, to say the least. The average home price in the rest of the United States is right around $200,000, which, when you compare it to the average home price in Canton, is quite low.

If you don’t have the resources to buy a house, renting is always an option! Renting in Canton is never a bad idea, as it allows you to get a feel for life in the city, without the commitment that comes with buying a home. Rent prices are just about average, at around $1,200 a month, making renting a very feasible option. Additionally, most of the rentals in Canton are near the city center, so you’ll be only a short walk away from some of the cities hottest attractions! 

Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent local realtors in Canton, and these skilled professionals do an excellent job of finding great deals for their clients, so high costs of housing are somewhat mitigated. If you want to buy a house in the area, you’ll have to contact one of these top real estate agents in Canton GA. Once you’ve taken your pick of the real estate agents in Canton, you’ll be able to find out what Canton has to offer!

Canton’s low crime rates

crime rate words

One of the most attractive qualities of Canton is its exceptionally low violent crime rate! In fact, Canton GA has some of the lowest violent crime rates of any city in the country. By simply moving to Canton, the probability that you will become the victim of a violent crime instantly drops by almost 75 percent! 

To give you an idea of how impressive these statistics are, let’s take a quick look at the numbers. In the United States, the probability that you will become the victim of a violent crime is around 4 per 1,000 residents. In Canton GA, that number is astonishingly low, at only 1.19 per every 1,000 residents. See what we’re saying? If you’re worried about safety, then Canton is likely the right place for you!

Now, before you start packing your bags, it’s worth mentioning that the property crime rate is much less impressive than their average violent crime rate, although it’s still below average, if only slightly. At around 23.5 incidences per one thousand residents, property crime is fairly common. However, you should keep in mind that your risk of becoming the victim of a property crime can be minimized by observing common sense security measures and taking other steps to reduce risk.

Excellent education system

a red pencil and a plus marked

Canton also shines in its education system, with excellent scores across all grades, various options for public, private and technical schools as well as many other great qualities that set it apart from other cities in Georgia. This makes it a great place if you have kids who are still in school! 

We could start talking about the school system in Canton by mentioning its standardized test scores. While not among the top 10 by any means, schools in the city still rank inside the top quarter of all the public schools in Georgia. This makes it an excellent choice if you really want a good education for you kids. 

Facilities at Canton’s schools are not elegant by any standard, but their design is exceptionally practical, and students who attend here will quickly learn that the environment is highly conducive to academic performance. After all, test scores are more important than aesthetic appeal! 

Once your kids have graduated high school, you’ll probably be thinking about college. Fortunately, the prestigious University of Atlanta is less than an hour’s drive away, with a variety of attractive options at a distance that can easily be commuted if your pride and joy isn’t quite ready to move so far away from home. Even closer to home, Chattahoochee Technical College is also an available option, located right in uptown Canton!

A haven for families with kids

happy male and female playing with kids outside

Given it’s low rate of violent crime, excellent education system and bright and cheery atmosphere, Canton is a great place to raise a family. Whether your kids are young or old, they’re sure to integrate well in this family friendly southern town, making friends and fitting in without any problem. 

Real estate agents in Canton don’t hesitate to mention how attractive this town is to those who have kids. It’s a real estate agent’s job to make sure that their client is satisfied, and if you have a family, that means finding you a place that you’ll like. For the real estate agents in Canton, this task is a walk in the park; the perks of living in this city speak for themselves. 

If you’re looking for a place to put down roots, Canton might just be the place for you and your family. Great schools ensure your kids will get a good education, increasing the chances that your kids will be successful and find high-powered careers. Low violent crime rates make it a safe place to raise your family, and the perfect place for those worried about becoming the victim of a violent crime. 

If you’re looking for a beautiful city with a ton of attractive qualities and a refreshingly relaxing atmosphere, Canton just might be the place for you. With all of its perks, from its low violent crime rate to its great education system and vibrant culinary and cultural scene, this town is an attractive monument to south’s culture and way of life. So why not give it a try? Canton awaits you!


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