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The City Of Naples, Florida

Have you ever had the opportunity to witness the orange sunset that is experienced on the Gulf Coast? The romantic, inspiring moment can be experienced from the sandy beaches of the coast or even from the comfort of your own home. Can you imagine waking up to one of the most amazing waterfront landscapes? How does it feel when the cooling breeze on the beachside wraps you with a comforting sensation?

Isn’t the beachside one of the best getaway destinations? When grains of sand seep between your toes and caress your heels as you are beckoned by the gentle sound of the calm, soothing waves while they struggle to get to you inch by inch, isn’t that the most relaxing sensation you could ever imagine? If you think that coastline cities are the best destinations for a vacation, we are on the same page. Coastal destinations are great, but why limit them to vacation destinations? The city of Naples, Florida definitely works as both a vacation spot for everyone including snowbirds, but also as a home that allows you to enjoy that year-round.Tourists only get a taste of this for a couple of days while residents get to enjoy this holiday paradise every day of the week, four weeks every month, twelve months every year for as long as they live there. The benefits of living in Naples greatly outweigh the cons therefore, let’s dive deeper into the wonders of the city and see why the Sunshine State deseres its title.

The beach of Naples, Florida

naples beach florida

The city of Naples is amazing in many ways. The beaches here are world-famous for having extremely clean waters and smooth sands as well as offering tourists a world-class beach experience. It is also known that salt water and sand have health benefits for the mind and skin. Think of the best exfoliation money could buy and multiply it, for free.

This quiet corner of Naples is known as the Paradise Coast for having some truly heavenly beaches which are considered to be the best in the state of Florida.Let’s hold our breaths underwater for an extra minute and discover the best beaches around Naples, Florida. As we discover them, let’s also try and figure out why they are the best. Is it the sand, the water, the breeze, or a combination of all those things and more?

Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park

boardwalk across the white sand beach naples florida

With some of the best beaches in Naples, Florida, visiting Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park should definitely be on your list of things to do in Naples, Florida if you haven’t seen it already. This park is great because of its diversity. Aside from the beachside activities like the aforementioned sand between your toes, paddling, snorkeling, scuba diving, and many others, you can also hike the nature trail, enjoy some wildlife sightings and stop at the observation tower for a stunning view. Bring your whole family and throw a blanket for a picnic lunch that won’t only give you enough energy for the activities mentioned above, but is also void of any etiquette or poise. Just make sure not to leave any food around if you don’t want to see how void of etiquette wildlife can be.Experience the beautiful fauna at the park which is lush with sea oats, sea grapes, and cabbage palms.

The pristine 300-foot beach is great for swimming and enjoying the sun for that much-desired tan but sunburn is not so much fun so use some protection. It is also a great place for snorkeling as we mentioned above since there is a hard-bottom reef that runs along the beach. Colorful birds, as well as turtles, inhabit the area, so on top of everything you can take a step back and enjoy just how beautiful this world is. But remember, leave only footprints, take only pictures. Nature is meant to be cherished and respected so try to preserve the beauty in its natural form as neither plastic nor cans belong in nature.

Naples municipal beach

naples pier and beach in florida

For a very long time, this beach has been a favorite amongst locals for many reasons. The ten-mile-long white sand at the Municipal Beach along with the emerald-green water creates the picture-perfect scene. Aside from that, the beach features Naples Pier which is a long boardwalk that stretches deep into the Gulf. Having been built in 1888 as a freight and passenger dock, it was recently renovated and it now spreads its 1,000 feet over the Gulf of Mexico for everyone to enjoy. Remember the scenic sunset we were talking about in the beginning?

Here is the perfect spot to see some of the most breathtaking sunsets in all of Florida. If romance isn’t something that interests you at the moment, don’t fret. The Naples Pier can also be used for other water-related activities.Residents who like throwing a line in the water for some relaxing activity of fishing absolutely love the Naples Pier. It is the perfect spot for fishermen and since it requires no fishing license, they have no reason not to come here for one of the best fishing spots in town. The chance to see some wildlife like dolphins and stingrays is another reason why people love this pier so much. Various types of birds including pelicans usually make an appearance close to the pier, putting up a show for birdwatchers as they feast on whatever the fishermen left behind.  Because the city of Naples enjoys about 300 days of sunshine per year, there is no bad time to come to one of the most praised beaches in Naples, Florida. Here you’ll have volleyball nets, beach supplies where you can borrow lifejackets for your children free of charge. You will also find bait shops, eating areas, and amenities for everyone, including disabled individuals.

Vanderbilt beach

umbrelas along vanderbilt beach in naples florida

If birdwatching is a favorite pastime activity of yours, then Vanderbilt Beach is one Naples, Florida, destination you should not miss. Known as one of the best beaches in Naples, Florida for bird sighting, the Vanderbilt Beach offers amazing views, especially in the migratory winter months, as birds can either be found nesting or migrating. Located at the end of Vanderbilt Beach Road it is also one of the largest beaches in Naples and the wide variety of possible activities will surely keep your family busy.

The only thing you have to worry about once you are there is whether you have enough food and drinks with you as refilling your stash will require you to leave the beach and return. While Vanderbilt Beach is wide and long, it isn’t packed with food kiosks and refreshments spots. You can find plenty of those on the other side of the street from the beach, but the beach maintains its emptiness so people can enjoy it as nature intended it to be. If you like walking on the beach, the size of this beach is going to test out your endurance. With easy access to the beachside and plenty of parking, this beach offers one of the most relaxing experiences in the city, and the lack of cafes, restaurants and ice cream parlors on the beach is a big part of this. Just bring a cooler with you and fill it up from the convenience store across the road. There you can also find cafes, restaurants, ice cream shops and so much more.

The population of Naples, Florida

magnifying glass looking at people

Naples holds a population of over 22,000 people and the 2019 census data registered the median age of the population at around 66 years. This shows that this beautiful city doesn’t attract a lot of young people that want to live here, but it is a preferred destination for seniors. It was actually ranked as the best place to retire in the USA by SmartAsset from 2017 all the way until 2020. To top it all Naples is also a very safe place to live in making it even more appealing to seniors.

Combine all of that with the city’s tax-friendliness, incredible medical care, and the plethora of activities for a socially active lifestyle and you get Naples, Florida, the city where grandchildren and grandparents can have the best of times together whenever the little ones visit. Who would not want to live in a coastline city and enjoy every day what tourists get to experience just for a brief moment?Statistics show that there are less than 10% of residents under the age of 18 in the city of Naples. Also, the 2019 census suggests that 94% of residents are citizens and about 13% were born outside of the country. The ethnical composition, according to the 2019 census, of the population in Naples, Florida is as follows, 89% are Caucasian residents, 5% are African American residents, 5% are Hispanic or Latino residents, 1% are mixed-race residents and about 1% are Asian residents.

Things to do in Naples, Florida

group of friends having fun and palying on the beach

The population of Naples, Florida holds mostly seniors, most likely While the population of Naples, Florida may be mostly seniors, given the city’s median age, there might be a reason for that. This may come as a side effect of the high home prices.

However, despite the fact that the city attracts mostly older adults, it does have several amenities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages where grandparents can go have fun with their children and grandchildren. Your children and grandchildren will, however, undoubtedly love the beaches of Naples. As we already covered the beaches in the section above, let’s focus our attention on what the city of Naples has to offer not only on the beachside but even outside of it. Here are some things you should definitely not miss out on if you come to Naples.

The Revs Institute in Naples, Florida

rev car museum naples fl

If you love the automotive industry in America, you will love The Revs Institute in Naples, Florida. Here you get to see more than one hundred cars built between 1896 and 1995 that represent America in the most significant way. But the Revs Institute is more than just a car museum. Here you can learn to appreciate cars like you haven’t done before, learn the role they played in American society and sport, and what defined the technology and pushed its evolution. Cars displayed here are part of the Collier Collection that holds some of the most important cars ever built.

Cars in this collection are so rare that only a couple of them have ever been manufactured making them rare and unique. This is definitely a sight that shouldn’t be missed by any individual that is passionate about automobiles as the Revs Institute promotes a way of preserving the future of our past. Because of that and not only, it should go on your list of things to do in Naples, Florida.

Bird Gardens of Naples

Located in CorkscrewLocated in Corkscrew Swamp, the Bird Gardens of Naples is dedicated to the conservation of wild parrots and their welfare in captivity. They offer a program that looks after this species in a safe environment for individuals of the species that have been abused, abandoned, or find themselves in need of a safe space to call home. The beautiful vegetation and fauna create a natural environment for parrots. This attracts a variety of other fauna such as insects, making it a diverse natural haven and giving you the opportunity to see, learn, and interact with over 100 species of birds, bees, and butterflies.

The garden allows for guided tours for guests and if weather permits it, you should enter their immense macaw aviary where you are allowed not only to take photos but hold the birds in your hands or on your shoulder. If you feel brave, let them be and see where they end up. Might be your head as they appreciate a higher vantage point. You can bring unsalted nuts to feed the birds, but no peanuts. No, birds don’t have peanut allergies, but they can contract diseases because of them

The Real Estate market in Naples, Florida

real estate agent with house model and key in hand

The city of Naples, Florida was rated one of the wealthiest cities in the country. With the high concentration of households that have a six-figure income per year and a median household income of $107,000, Naples has turned into one of the most expensive places to live in. However, the high cost of living is mostly impacted by the real estate market.

The median property value has seen a significant increase between the years 2012 and the middle of 2017. The median property value was at $850,000 making it one of the most expensive real estate markets in the state. There are less than 55% of homes on the real estate market in Naples that are valued below the price point of $1,131,000. The highly-priced homes also make it hard for many people to get into the real estate market in Naples. That is one of the reasons why Naples, Florida is a buyers market.

The largest share of households in Naples, Florida has a property value in the $1 million range and above. Despite all of that, above 77% of households in Naples, Florida are owner-occupied. With such a large coastline landscape, the waterfront real estate in Naples Florida created plenty of opportunities for investors. Condos populate the waterfront area giving tourists a variety of options from which to choose.

The real estate forecast in Naples, Florida offers a very promising landscape for long-term investments. With a housing market that is not very competitive along with a real estate market that favors sellers, it is a place worth considering if you are looking to expand your investment portfolio. Have one of our real estate agents in Naples FL, to help you further with useful real estate market information for your next deal.


The city of Naples, Florida is a combination of charming beauty along with a peaceful and quiet environment. Aside from the world-class beaches Naples, Florida is known for, there are many other things to do in Naples. The real estate market in Naples offers some unique investment opportunities. However, if you decide to buy a home for yourself, the residents of Naples are more than happy to greet you with a warm and friendly welcome into their community. You will be surprised by the warm welcome, so make sure you return the favor and be a good neighbor.

Let us knoLet us know in the comments section below how much you love the city of Naples, Florida? Tell us what you like most in Naples and what are the things that made you want to come back? Make sure to Like & Share this article with anyone who might be interested to live in this coastal paradise, not only for their retirement but even before. Why shouldn’t people enjoy this heaven before a certain age? Naples, Florida, is a great place to live for anyone who wants those white sandy beaches, and crystal clear waters that perfectly mirror those mesmerizing sunsets.


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