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When people think of Naples, Florida, there are several things that come to mind. For a known worldwide destination, this is to be expected, but what exactly is Naples, Florida known for isn’t as simple to pinpoint. The reason for that being that it’s not just one thing.

Being located on the western part of Florida’s coast, Naples faces the Gulf of Mexico. From this alone, we can safely guess one of the things that the city is known for, but we’ll get back to that in a moment. Housing over 22,000 residents, the city of Naples, Florida, provides a great and safe environment for all its inhabitants who can also enjoy a great quality of life in their city. Residents and tourists alike find exactly what they are looking for in Naples, Florida, but not only because of its location.

Naples, Florida - ideal holiday destination

Firstly, when we say holiday, we want you to understand that we don’t only mean that week off you get during the summer when you can take a trip to Naples. No. A holiday, in this situation, can also be considered retirement as you take the last and most rewarding holiday of your life after a whole life of work. Because, yes, Naples is a holiday destination, but also one of the best places to retire in the US. People from all over the country come here to enjoy the amazing weather, those breathtakingsunsets, those perfectly smooth white-sandy beaches that go on for miles with the waves crashing in on them, the laid-back lifestyle, and, of course, the waterfront experience. In addition to that, those who come here for their retirement can also enjoy the tax-friendliness, the top-notch medical care, and the vast variety of activities, both related to the water or not.


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Naples, Florida - a destination for the wealthy

While this might not be the best impression about Naples, Florida, it is a fact. But try to see it from the city’s point of view. As Naples, Florida has a median population age of 66 and retirees have a higher chance of gathering funds over the course of their lives, real estate prices meet homebuyers’ budgets. It is a cold hard fact. When there are a lot of people interested in living in a place that offers Naples’ lifestyle, and those people can afford to pay thousands of dollars for waterfront properties, or more, those properties will sell for the value the buyer is willing to pay. The housing market in Naples, Florida is a seller’s market after all, which means that hot homes can get multiple offers above the asking price. A great way of dealing with the city’s housing market is to work with the local real estate agents in Naples FL. They know their market better than anyone and can help you purchase the property of your dreams by working with the budget you have.

Another subsection here would be the unparalleled shopping experience available in Naples, Florida. Where there are people with deep pockets, the retail industry makes sure to provide the best options available. Waterfront plazas and historic shopping districts supply the demand for designer brands, internationally known retailers, trendy shops, and quirky boutiques. In Naples, Florida, you’ll be able to find everything that you might be interested in purchasing, so make sure to enjoy the premier shopping experience in this city. Just pick a street and start browsing.


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