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Located on the Western coast of the state of Florida, Naples is an ideal place to live for those that want to enjoy the best of the best of the Gulf of Mexico. From high-end shopping to professional golf courses, the city of Naples, Florida, provides some of the best waterfront amenities to over 22,000 residents that live within its borders, not to mention the visitors and snowbirds.

Now, whether or not Naples, Florida is a good place to retire, we have to understand what do retirees want in their golden years. If the answer is sun, well, the Sunshine State has that covered. So why is Naples, Florida, in particular, a good place to retire?

Three Factors: tax-friendliness, medical care, and social life

When trying to figure out which city in the US is the best place to retire, SmartAsset looked at tax-friendliness, medical care, and social life. Based on their system of ranking, Naples, Florida made the top of their list in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

With a tax burden of only 13.6%, the tax-friendliness in Naples remains the best even in 2021 even if, for the moment, Cumming, GA, took its spot at the top of the list. This makes Naples, FL a good place to invest. Regarding medical care, in Naples, Florida, there are 29.2 doctor offices for every 1,000 people providing the best healthcare possible for the city’s residents. There are 9.4 recreational facilities for every 1,000 residents, aside from the pristine white sandy beaches on the Gulf of Mexico that come together with the best sunsets in the state. With 52.5% of the city’s residents being seniors, Naples, FL has one retirement center for every 1,000 residents of the city. Do pay attention to the amenities when it comes to the best neighborhoods in Naples, FL. Overall, Naples, FL is known for having some of the best amenities in the country, but these might differ by neighborhood.

However, the most important factor that makes Naples, FL stand out among many other cities for retirement, it has the amenities to entertain people of all ages. Meaning that, when children and grandchildren stop by to visit their grandparents, they will have a multitude of entertaining activities to spend quality time as a family. Contact real estate agents in Naples FL for more information about this paradise coastal city.


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