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Last updated: May 5, 2021 • Real Estate Market

The Home Trends That You Thought Were Outdated

When we are in the market for a new home, we always want to keep up with the latest trends as far as homes go. Becoming a proud homeowner gives you a great sense of fulfillment but there are always things you could change and upgrades you could make to ensure you’re keeping up with the trends. 

When it comes to homes for some people, the simpler it is the better. Some people like the minimalism feel of a home with lesser elements and simpler decor. Other people like to go wild and express themselves by decorating and furnishing their home as extravagant as possible. There are certain home trends that focus on sustainability refurnishing your home.

Whether people are more likely to buy contemporary or modern style homes in your city, there are a couple of home trends that may be considered outdated but the truth is they’re not. Here are some of the home trends that you thought were outdated but in fact are very current and sought after.

Decorating trends for 2020

female interior design decoration

There are a lot of home trends that really bring back memories from the past and seeing some of this home decor today is really a sign that they are still trending. In some cases, you could find a mix of both worlds that really fits very well together bringing out that classy style along with the modern look of a home. Here are some of the decorating trends for 2020 that are not outdated.

Vintage decor

vintage interior design

No matter how fancy and contemporary looking a home may be, there will always be a tendency towards vintage accents. We are definitely starting to see more of an inclination towards vintage elements and traditional details in home decor. In this case, the vintage decor is not overwhelming and we see more people going just for a couple of vintage elements that really bring back the nostalgia of those times.

If you thought that this trend is outdated, then you are wrong. People are interested in vintage decor more than ever, but this time around it is very subtle and you shouldn’t expect to see it overwhelm the home but rather enhance the looks. This time around designers prefer to bring in just a few statement pieces that give that vintage feel to a home. Some of the elements could be an old table or taking a piece, such as an old ladder, and repurpose it into a shelf, or opt for some vintage style appliances for your kitchen.

The formal dining room is still trending

formal dining room

You probably still remember the old times when you would sit around the table and dine together as a family. Even the dining room was designed specifically to meet those necessities. Nowadays meals are planned around the kitchen or within it and your casual weeknight supper tends to be rushed in order to get it out of the way and get on with your day.

The dining room can really receive some serious attention and it can even be the “wow factor” of your home. The formal dining room has a lot of potential and can be much more than a simple storage space for your china. Enhanced with bold colors, patterns, and artwork the dining room can really stand out from other areas because some of these design ideas might not work in other areas in your home but they go brilliantly in your dining room.

Talking about dressing to impress, this is really a brilliant home decor idea that is definitely considered to be outdated, but it actually brings the best out of your dining area.


blue paint porcelain collection

Classicism is back and it is reentering the home trend scene strongly with the perfect balance between the interior design of a room and the aesthetic attitudes brought in through Greek and Roman elements. While classicism refers to art produced in antiquity, neoclassicism refers to art that is produced lately but inspired by antiquity.

Bringing some of these time-honored elements into your home and not taking them too seriously really gives a playful design to the home which is the perfect final touch. It could be an antique vase for your flowers or miniature statues from Greek mythology. These elements not only enhance the house look, but it also has functionality to them because a vase can hold your favorite flowers and a statue can act as a jewelry holder.

Wood Cabinets in the Kitchen

kitchen in remodeled home center

When we think about wood cabinets very often we see it as unappealing, old, and outdated. There is not much to be excited about when you think of dark and unflattering wood, but paired with the right colors and appliances your kitchen comes back to life. If you pair lighter wood with bright neutral colors your kitchen will have notes of traditional paired with bits of contemporary looks.

This is a trend that definitely took a step back since 1980 when it was still extremely popular. However, it is not an outdated trend since we can successfully spot a mixture of wood cabinets paired with bits of modern colors to really make the kitchen stand out. This makes it look modern and aesthetic, therefore we expect to see more of this trend being reintroduced in modern kitchens.

Decorating trends to avoid

keystone heights florida

Having a stylish home that keeps up with the latest trends is always appealing to the eyes and makes you feel good each time you step indoors. Even some of the trends you thought were outdated still manage to keep up the pace with the continuously changing landscape of home decor. 

While some real estate trends spread faster than coronavirus, others are better off not being implemented ever again. Here are some of the home trends that we hope will never see again.

Wood paneling

This trend used to be fabulous in the 70s, but now in 2020, you are better off avoiding this trend at all costs. It really makes the room look dated and they are not very functional. It used to be very common for home interiors to have dark wood paneling, but nowadays people prefer neutral or brightly painted walls. That’s why you would be better off to paint over it in order to freshen it up or just remove them entirely.

Carpets everywhere

empty bright room

It used to be very common back in the day to have carpet throughout the home, but nowadays people prefer hardwood or floor tiles instead. It is true that carpet feels very comfortable under your feet but it’s hard to make a place look stylish with it. Also, carpet is a lot harder to clean and a hardwood floor is a lot easier to maintain and it provides a more hygienic environment.

If you still can’t let go of this trend, stick with low-profile carpet for a more aesthetic look. It’s not trendy anymore to have carpet throughout the house and especially in the bathroom, however people still like sticking with carpet in their bedroom. Carpet or not, finding the right flooring for you can give you a bit of a headache but you should find out what suits you better and stick with it.

Linoleum Floors

closeup of tiled linoleum

Linoleum flooring is cheap and long-lasting, however, from an aesthetic point of view, it could be very taxing. Linoleum floors easily get discolored and dented which gives a very unappealing appearance to the room. Instead, you could opt for a cheap upgrade such as laminate flooring, that can easily go over the linoleum floor and instantly enhance the look of your home.

Pine Furniture

Pine accents and modest use of pine furniture could really enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home. However, back in the 80s and 90s, it used to be everywhere, from bookshelves to beds and dressers. Everything made out of pine is overwhelming and you can tell that it was too much. Instead, you can try a couple of more attractive wood furniture choices such as walnut, acacia, and teak.

One the other hand, pine furniture might go really well in a log cabin if that is something you’ve been thinking about buying as a vacation home for yourself and your family. On the other hand, you might be undecided between buying a second home, looking for vacation rentals or AirBnB so make sure you find what’s best for you.


As much as we like to think that some of these trends are outdated and should not be brought back, we see them successfully implemented in many modern homes. Some of the trends that were extremely popular back in the day were reintroduced in modern homes with a bit of a twist and this made them really appealing and trendy yet again.

For a proper dive into some of the most trendy home decors, find a real estate agent near you and find out what the real estate market has to offer. You can get inspired in order to refurbish and decorate your home to be aesthetically pleasing and trendy or you can start looking for a home that suits your style.

What other home trends do you think are going to make a comeback in 2020? Let us know in the comments below.


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