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Last updated: July 3, 2018 • Real Estate History

Would You Live in a Haunted House if the Price was Right?

Edwin Gonzalez and his wife Lillian gave living in a haunted house a shot. A Victorian with sweeping rooms and stately grounds, his wife fell in love on the spot and they moved in. Their realtor hadn’t disclosed that the house was haunted and so they thought they’d found the home where they would spend the rest of their lives.

If only they had known. Strange things started happening, ghost sightings and one presence even sat on top of his wife’s chest in the middle of the night! It was that incident that became the tipping point, when enough was enough. They decided they couldn’t live in the property, although they still own it and conduct tours to this day.

What about you? Have you thought about buying a haunted house? Maybe you even desire to live in one? Perhaps you wonder if a haunted house would be a financial steal.

Haunted houses, when the history is disclosed, often make for a good bargain…for hearty souls, those who can abide living alongside beings from the spirit world. If you don’t believe in such happenings, if you’re more of a matter-of-fact person, your deal may be even sweeter.

The good news is, you can usually enter in such an agreement with your eyes open, since most states are required to reveal spectral activity in a seller’s disclosure. There isn’t a check box a seller would mark to indicate whether a home is haunted, or not, but an honest seller would let you know of unexplained phenomena like phantom dogs howling, or ghost babies toddling across the floor. If you still want to protect yourself, or if you have suspicions about a property, make sure you ask questions—even if you feel self-conscious. That way, if something happens and you want to get out, or a supernatural being is trying to push you out, in a case where the seller’s haven’t been truthful, your bid to recover sunk funds is a lot stronger.

A few creepy stories to leave you with:

  • One eerie inhabitant left gifts of baby rings
  • A man rocked in mid-air as a homeowner painted the interior of their house. When the homeowner asked the ghost if they approved of the new color, the ghost silently nodded in agreement.
  • A poltergeist trying to shake a kid awake, and the kiddo replying that they wanted to sleep in because it was spring break. Gotta love fearless kids!

The lesson? Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, or otherworldly happenings, get in the practice of asking questions about the home you may be connected to for many years.


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