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Welcome to my web page! I am so happy to have you! I will enjoy helping you and yours find or sell the perfect home! I have been a Real Estate professional for over 29 years and love what I do. I am a full time broker and will work hard for you. My team is here for you, too!

My goal is to be the best agent you have ever encountered! My work philosophy is the “Golden Rule” Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you!

This rule makes everything simple. I have helped hundreds of families succeed. I sell homes, land, farms, commercial and anything that doesn’t out run me! Please contact me for all your real estate needs. Call a professional….. Experience makes the difference!

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Justin Stewart

Justin Stewart


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Holding Company

    Company formed for the purpose of owning securities of one or more real estate corporations and assuming control over their practices and management. The other corporations are generally referred to as subsidiaries. Holding companies control many subsidiaries in different real estate areas. ...

  • Property

    (land and attachments) and personal (movable effects not attached to land). Both classifications of property give rise to an insurable interest. ...

  • Rates

    Cost per unit of insurance. ...

  • Self-procured Insurance

    Policy purchased by the insured from a nonadmitted insurer. This policy can be purchased directly from the insurer by the insured. ...

  • Stratification Of Losses

    Technique of breaking down the various losses as a whole into useful components called subsets (strata) so that no subset is overrepresented. The result is the classification of losses according to dollar amount in order to predict the probabilities of various degrees of loss severity so that the or ...

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