How Is The Weather In FOREST, VA?

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Published: Nov 27, 2023

More and more people have grown weary of big-city hustle and bustle. Instead, they choose a more relaxed and 100% natural environment with mesmerizing scenic beauties to raise their family. If you’re one of them, I’ve found your ideal solution!


Forest, Virginia, is a census-designated place in Bedford County with a small community of about 11.000 souls in 2023. Though the town is relatively small at 13.9 square miles, it still features those advantages that sell the place in the blink of an eye. One of these perks is the varied and truly diversified climate. Let’s discover the main features of the Forest, VA, weather and climate!


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How is the climate throughout the year in Forest Virginia?

Virginia, the Old Dominion, features a humid subtropical climate (imagine cool, snowy winters and hot summers) with a humid continental climate. Forest is no exception to this rule.


The weather in Forest VA is usually moderate all year. Winters can be chilly, but they don’t generally last long. Forest summers can be hot and humid, with temperatures seldom exceeding 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Precipitation and showers are spread evenly throughout the year, although some months may see more than others.


The location also has all four seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter, allowing tourists to observe the changing of the leaves or participate in outdoor activities when the weather heats up. 


Discover telling statistics on Forest’s weather!


As I mentioned before, rain is a frequent guest in town. Forest has recorded an average of 43 inches of rain yearly, while the American precipitation standard is 38 inches. In addition, Forest receives 112 days of rainy days annually. 


Relish in the sunshine and the joys of summer in Forest!

conifer dreamy fairy taleDon’t believe sunshine is a stranger in Forest! Did you know there are, on average, 213 sunny days in Forest? In this regard, we beat the US average of 205 days per year! Summer highs are recorded in July, with 86 degrees on average. Forest packs a lot of fun adventures during summer, like Views & Brews electric bike adventure or the 3-Hour Guided Mountain Biking in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Are you up for the challenge?


Experience the winter joys in Forest Virginia!

Snow makes us happy every year, with a median of 13 inches per year instead of the 28 national average. It’s the perfect amount to thoroughly enjoy winter sports in Forest, such as skiing, skateboarding, ice skating, cross-country skiing, or, for extreme sports lovers, hiking. The Blue Ridge Mountains are waiting for you!


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All in all, May, June, and September are the most pleasant months in Forest. On the other hand, winter shows its teeth in January and February the most, with an average temperature of 24.8° instead of the US avg. of 21.7°.



Before moving to Forest Virginia, you should know it has a humid subtropical climate with snowy and chilling winters and hot summers. Luckily, the place is perfectly equipped with exciting things to do customized to every season.


Forest has been blessed with excellent harmony between seasons. According to the renowned Best Places Comfort Index, the CDP of Forest, ranking 7.5/10, qualifies as one of Virginia’s most pleasant places to visit and live.


Suppose you are looking for a charming, peaceful, and quiet small town in Virginia with an excellent housing market and economy. Then, get in touch with me, and I will bring you up to speed with everything trending in Forest Virginia!


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