Why Now Is The Time To Move To FOREST, VA?

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Published: Jan 03, 2024

The United States is home to some of the most extraordinary places, yet they stay under the radar for most people. However, if they discovered those hidden gems, they’d quickly realize their unspeakable potential in every sense of the word! One of these delightful treasures is Forest, a thriving census-designated place and charming community (population 11,000 in 2023) in the heart of Virginia. Though tiny, Forest in Bedford County compensates with affordable housing options, breathtaking natural beauty, and unique financial advantages. Is now the time to move to Forest Virginia?


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 Moving to Forest, Virginia, shouldn’t even be a question if you take into consideration all the benefits it can bring to your life in exchange for a small amount of investment. Revealing these financial, economic, and all-around life-changing perks is my number one priority! 

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Should you invest your resources in a home in Forest Virginia?

The beautiful city of Forest features the ideal conditions for building a new home for your family. The local real estate market in Forest VA provides budget-friendly solutions with great potential to make you a profit in the long run. At the end of 2023, the median Forest property sale price was only approximately $355,000! And that’s fantastic news for homebuyers because Forest homes are more reasonably priced than the Virginia average (about $362,000) and the national average ($412,000).


Buying a cheap home in Forest Virginia will bring you an excellent ROI!

In 2023, real estate prices in Forest increased by about 16 percent, which is a clear sign that people discovered the city’s unique opportunities. No wonder Forest, by Q4 2024, turned into a seller’s (and highly competitive) market. Forest homes receive multiple offers and stay on the market for a short period (ten days on average.) 


Although the future of real estate is unpredictable, regional property prices will likely continue to soar. For this reason, I recommend not postponing investing in a Forest property!


Should you worry about the local economy in Forest Virginia?

aerial view james river flowingNot at all! The economy in Forest is in tip-top shape, and I have the data to back it up! From an administrative aspect, Forest is part of the up-and-coming Lynchburg Metro Statistical Area; thus, it has access to numerous financial resources. The unemployment rate is about 48 percent lower than the US average. Simultaneously, the job market is predicted to experience further expansion within the next ten years. 


The average income in Forest VA is also competitive, exceeding the American average salaries. Another financial incentive for people to choose Forest as their new home is that the sales tax rate (5.3 percent) is lower than the US median (7.3 percent). 


Prepare to be part of a rapidly growing community!

Forest is one of Lynchburg’s suburban parts, but it doesn’t settle with the title of one of the most tranquil residential areas in the state! Throughout the years, it proved its economic ambitions with numerous investment projects. Undeniably, the Ivy Hill community is the most renowned development project providing great economic appeal to the town. 


As a result, many established national companies and local businesses found fertile ground for business in Forest VA. Top employers in Forest, VA, are Intercon, Mail America Communications, Innerspec Technologies, Coleman-Adams Construction, etc.


Explore the family-friendly vibes of a peaceful community in Forest Virginia!

Despite its economic advancement, Forest has retained its primary status as one the friendliest residential communities in the States. This gorgeous town welcomes everyone with open arms looking for a tranquil life, exceptional outdoor recreation, breathtaking green spots (see you at Blue Ridge Parkway or the Thomas Jefferson Poplar Forest!), and the cleanest air. 


Forest is also considered one of Virginia’s safest towns, with a lower-than-average 26.6 percent crime rate. Secondly, it offers fantastic education and good schools, such as Forest Elementary School, Jefferson Forest High School, and Brookville High School. 


Moving to Forest Virginia means reinventing your life. 

2024 can be the year of radical changes. Why don’t you grab this opportunity and reinvent your life for the better? Moving to Forest entails benefiting from affordable property prices with a high ROI and a spectacularly expanding economy featuring lucrative job opportunities. Add to this a family-friendly and safe community with jaw-dropping natural wonders, and you get the ideal town to settle in! 


If you need additional housing information or want to benefit from an incredible deal, reach out to me with confidence!


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