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Last updated: May 6, 2021 • Celebrity Real Estate

2016’s Grim Reaper Claims More Stars Before Year’s End

The staggering array of celebrities loss continues – in addition to Bowie, Prince, and others, the past week claims another musical icon, George Michael, as well as mother / daughter duo Carrie Fisher (the indomitable Princess Leia and General Organa) and her mom Debbie Reynolds (famous for Singing in the Rain and other massive hits).

All three leave behind an iconic legacy for their fans – as well as real estates that must now be distributed. Celebrity real estate news continues, learn more about where their real estates will go below.

George Michael

Image: Wikimedia

George Michael had a fortune believed to be in excess of $100m, and owned a range of homes including the fabulous $5million house in Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, where he passed away peacefully in his sleep.  He also owned an $8million Georgian mansion in North London, a $2.5million home in Los Angeles and a $3.5m beach house in Sydney.

Credit: Oprah

Credit: Oprah

Who gets the money and houses is up for debate; George fathered no children, but had godchildren and it is speculated that they along with his partner Fadi Fawaz will be included in his will.

The godchildren include Roman and Harley, the children of Martin Kemp, along with Geri Halliwell’s daughter Bluebell – (the goddaughter of George’s ex, Kenny Goss.)

Carrie Fisher

Image: Wikimedia

Carrie Fisher also had a huge fortune – not only did Star Wars set her up for life, but she was an in demand lecturer and a respected author. Her estimated net worth was $25 million – and would have been much more if she hadn’t been convinced to sign away her likeness.

Image: Muzul

Image: Muzul

Fisher’s amazing home in Beverly Hills is a Spanish style mansion with eclectic decor – a piano in one bathroom was used by James Blunt to record a song, and there’s a lamp she salvaged from the her days married to Paul Simon proudly displayed next to a Handel George Lucas gave her.

Carrie’s fortune, along with the house – will almost certainly go to her daughter, Scream Queen actress Billie Catherine Lourde.


Credit: Wikimedia

A day after Carrie Fisher succumbed to after effects of a heart attack suffered on board a plane, her mother, Debbie Reynolds suffered a stroke and also passed away.  Debbie was a famous actress herself, noted for starring in the famous musical “Singing in the Rain”.

house DR

Credit: Malcolm Logan

Due to wise investments, Debbie’s fortune was expected to total around $60 million. Her Palm Springs real estate is just one of her assets; her son, Todd, Carries brother, is expected to inherit.

With other greats like author Richard Adams (Watership Down), actor George S. Irving, actress Liz Smith, and socialite Zsa Zsa Gabor among others all passing at the close of the year, 2017 can’t come quickly enough.


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