Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly

5 Tips for Selling your home

We’ve already written about how to buy a house quickly, but what if you’re a home seller and what you need to learn is the opposite; how to get your house ready to sell? Don’t worry, has all the scenarios covered, and we’ll give you tips for selling your house fast too.

Find a real estate agent
: Duh. It’s kind of obvious that this would be our first tip, right? It’s in our name;! We are firm believers that, in order to sell your house fast, a real estate agent is a must! A real estate agent will know all the shortcuts and tips for selling your house and will, despite the commission, actually help you sell your house for a much higher price than you would’ve selling by yourself via the For Sale by Owner route (FSBO). Not to mention the hassle of going through ridiculous offers and annoying not-serious home buyers asking for showings he/she will happily deal with on your behalf. Real estate agents are time and money – what’s the difference between the two anyway? – savers.  Seriously, that’s the first – and possibly most important – thing you need to do if you want to sell your house fast. Find local Real Estate Agents and let the pros handle it!

Show the Flow:
Creating a space that flows well is important to home buyers coming in to look at your property. Create a space that allows them to move about the house with ease by removing furniture that blocks walkways and small hallways. Open up the space so the home buyer can picture their belongings in the room, instead of restricting their viewpoint to how you wanted to decorate it. If you want to, you can turn the flow to the max and try a Vanilla Box; the real estate trend that’s taking residential by force. But, if you think a Vanilla Box is too radical and you prefer the old-fashioned approach to selling your home, know your home staging tips and tricks and make it work!  

Storage Space is Sexy:
This one relates to the last one. Homebuyers love to see that a home has plenty of storage space – especially if they have children. Square footage is one of the most important aspects of real estate; if, by being organized, you are able to “create” extra space, and sell your house fast. On that note of how to get your house ready to sell, here’s an unorthodox tip for selling your house: What about adding some storage space by building a She Shed outside of the house? The home buyer will see it, if not as an extra room where he/she can do whatever they want, as a place to store things they don’t have a place in the home to put all the extras.

In the end, it’s not really about square footage, but the idea of it. And you can create more of it with a good dose of organization. Showing off a neat, clean pantry, plenty of closet space and organized shelving structures that make it easy to…

Show off the TLC:
Not the channel… well; if the homebuyer likes to watch TV and you have a kickass mancave/TV viewing room, then yes: show the TLC channel to him/her. But we mean: show your Tender Loving Care (“TLC”); show your passion for that home where you’ve been living a number of years and don’t be shy to talk about every single renovation (and its funny stories) you did to charm that homebuyer and sell your house fast. Don’t exaggerate and make the homebuyer feel bad for buying your house, but tell him how it means to you and make the homebuyer feel all that greatness that it can be his/hers. Truth is that homebuyers want to see the tender loving care that went into a property, so be proud and discuss the ways you’ve loved your property and the upgrades you’ve given it.

This might seem like a strange tip for selling your house but trust us: the eye of the master fattens the cattle.

Give the Outside a Makeover:
It’s not only the inside of a house that makes you sell your house fast. It’s really simple: if you spend some time working on your curb appeal, more people will notice your house, with more traffic, your chances of selling your home will grow. Find the right landscaping ideas to improve curb appeal and sell your house fast – plant a few new flowers, mow the lawn; give the front entrance a redo. A friendly front door and a fresh coat of paint go a long way when future buyers walk up to the entrance of your home.  

And you know what? Some home buyers are busy during the daytime or they just love to take a stroll through the neighborhood in the evening to see what kind of place they may be moving to after dark. So, here’s a good tip on how to get your house ready to sell even after-hours: add some “mood” lighting to the entryway giving your home a nice glow should they drive by!

Now that we gave you these easy-to-implement tips for selling your house, you already know how to get your house ready to sell. You just have to put the plan to action and your chances of finding the home buyer who wants to make this home the one of their dreams become much grander! Enjoy the home selling process and ask your real estate agent for other tips and ideas on how to get your house ready to sell, as he/she will know specificities of the real estate market you are in and will be able to give some good insights regarding the area’s homebuyers and past real estate deals.


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