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City of Pooler GA – the railroad city

The state of Georgia is spread from the eastern shore of the Atlantic Ocean through the farmland terrain all the way into the mountains. With such a variable landscape, the cities throughout Georgia are as different as they can be. From coastal holiday cities that attract visitors and tourists with those sandy beaches that blend into the waves, all the way to the mountain ridges that protect small reclusive towns where people live off the land. Regardless of what kind of lifestyle you have, chances are you’ll find a place to live in Georgia.

Looking at the city of Pooler, Georgia, located in Chatham County, many people remember its shy beginnings that made it known only for a railroad station. Nowadays, however, those that describe the city use words like “new”, “growing” or “exciting” despite the fact that it is still considered a small town. Its residents like the fact that it still feels like a small town contrary to the growing number of residents.

Diversity of the Population

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With numbers that keep on growing from the 2000s, in some periods even skyrocketing by tripling the city’s population, Pooler, GA manages to maintain a small-town atmosphere as they focus on keeping the central parts of town free of big shopping malls or factories. Currently with around 24,000 residents, the city’s population remains friendly towards newcomers as it had been from its early beginnings. The residents came from various backgrounds and together they worked towards the improvement of their city. The median age of Pooler’s population is 37.3 years and there are 91.8 males for every 100 women. The most common jobs in Pooler, GA are management occupations while the most common industry is retail trade.

Racial Diversity

Considering the city’s proximity to the first city of Georgia, the racial makeup of Pooler’s population is almost as diverse as Savannah’s. Many of the city’s residents live there while they work in the much larger city so migration does occur between the two cities. 

  • Caucasian – 67.96%
  • African American – 24.15%
  • Two or more races – 3.82%
  • Asian – 2.61%
  • Native Hawaiian – 0.6%
  • Other Race – 0.51%
  • Native American – 0.35%

Living in Pooler, GA

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The city of Pooler, GA is a combination of farmland as it was developed in part due to its dairy industry, and high-end entertainment that make trips to Savannah, GA futile. Besides all the things to do in Pooler, the population growth has also been influenced by the good quality of life in Pooler GA

People feel safe in Pooler and not only from a criminality standpoint but also because of the increasing number of jobs in the city of Pooler, GA. Industries have flourished over the last two decades and that created a healthy market for jobs in Pooler. Job security is as important for a good quality of life as general safety is and families have a secure future because of the good quality of schools in Pooler. What is even more impressive is the affordable cost of living granted by the affordability of housing despite the limited listings available on the market and the high demand for houses. People still want to move there and the numbers keep growing.

Cost of living in Pooler Georgia

Living in Pooler, Georgia isn’t much more affordable than the national average but a 4% difference matters when you take into consideration the much lower median house cost in the city. With housing prices 16% below the national average, Pooler, Georgia attracts residents from outside of the state as well as some people who work in the city of Savannah, GA but desire a much quieter atmosphere. Although the overall expenses are more affordable in Pooler than Georgia’s state average, the housing costs in Pooler are higher than the state’s. The areas where Pooler wins some points against the average expenses in the state are health and transportation which makes both the access to medicine and travel more approachable.

All these expenses are important to better understand a city’s cost of living when compared to other regions, cities or states, but these expenses need to be covered by the purchasing abilities of the residents. Income is very important when it comes to the cost of living calculator in any city and it is good to note that the median household income in Pooler, GA was $80,000 during 2017 while in Georgia it was $56,000 which makes quite a difference when you think that the cost of living in Pooler is more affordable.

Things to do in the city of Pooler GA

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The city of Pooler, Georgia has everything its residents and visitors could possibly need, especially when it comes to entertainment as well as nature. Pooler’s proximity to the coast allows residents to take weekend trips to the shore for some water-based activities or for higher ground they can go towards the northern parts of Georgia where they can enjoy the mountains. With canals, creeks and rivers flowing in and around it, fishing, swimming, kayaking are all activities available in Pooler, Georgia if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature closer to home. For more exciting activities you should check out some of the cooler attractions in Pooler, GA as the word “bored” does not exist in Pooler’s dictionary.

If you’re looking for some exciting things to do in Pooler, GA there is no point to venture as far as Savannah. The city of Pooler developed quite the entertainment industry that would keep you busy, relaxed, stress free and excited for every future visit.


In order to have some well-deserved fun in the city of Pooler, GA, all you need to do is to grab your family and friends before you pick your desired location. At Fun Zone Amusement & Sports Park you can enjoy some Kart races, mini-golf courses, and arcade games. Age is not a matter of interest as grandparents often choose this location to spend some fun times with their grandchildren. Adults get to let their inner child have as much fun as possible so the whole family can spend an amazing day together.

Stress treatment

Destressing shouldn’t be stressful which is why in Pooler, GA you have two great options that stood out to us. The Bear Axe Throwing venue is meant for those moments when you want to lash out but fear to do it in the presence of other people. In their venue, you can throw as many axes as your shoulder muscles can handle without worrying about your boss or other people’s reactions. Letting go of anger can be done in a controlled, risk-free manner that will relieve your temper and improve your attitude after a few throws of the axe. Another option that relies less on physical prowess and more on creativity is Painting with a Twist where you don’t paint while you twist but after a glass of wine, you might find people joining it. Painting is a very relaxing activity and in this studio, you can use painting not only as a destressing mechanism but also as a girls night out venue.

Natural escapes

For those that prefer some outdoor activities, the city of Pooler, GA also consists of several parks, ponds, canals, creeks, and rivers. Tom Triplett Park has several trails to cover, two tennis courts, and many fishing areas. If you want a more activity-driven area you can go for a ride towards the Ogeechee River at Ogeechee Outpost in order to rent cabins, boats, kayaks, and share paddles on the river down or upstream. There are also several places where you can go for a swim, Ogeechee River being one of them and the whole family can enjoy some outdoor fun with a picnic and some water splashing.


The best-rated restaurants in Pooler, GA offer dishes from a large variety of cuisines. Pooler, GA’s restaurants cover Italian, British, Indian as well as American traditional foods, so whichever is your favorite, chances are you’ll find it here. The best-rated restaurant in Pooler, GA according to TripAdvisor[dot]com is Pie Society which serves European/British meals from proper Fish & Chips to the best meat pies you’ll ever taste. At Naan Appetit, you can explore authentic Indian cuisine with all its flavors and spices as well as beers that complete the gastronomical experience.

Real estate in Pooler, GA

neighborhood view in Pooler GA

If you’re thinking of moving to Pooler, Georgia, taking a look at the real estate market is one of the first things you should do. Depending on where you’re moving from, the difference in pricing might convince you or make you change your mind. Something to keep in mind is that while housing is more expensive than Savannah, Georgia for example, a household median income is much higher in Pooler than it is in Savannah. This affects the cost of living in a city and Pooler is a prime example of that. The real estate market is young with over 68% of the housing units built since 2000 and there are two common types of housing that cover the extremes: large single family two-story homes or mobile homes.

Homes for sale in Pooler, Georgia

If you’re looking to purchase a home in Pooler, GA where you can live a peaceful family life, there are some new developments towards the southern parts of the city, some of which are gated communities that offer another level of safety and comfort. On either side of Jim Gillis Historic Savannah Parkway you will find planned communities and gated residential areas. You should know, however, that while the median home price in Pooler, GA is $206,000, some of these homes range from $200,000 to $1,750,000. This is where you’ll find those large single family homes. Towards the northern edge of the city of Pooler, there are other residential developments of single family homes that have a more affordable cost ranging between $205,000 and $570,000.

The most affordable housing area in Pooler is, quite out of the norm, the area that is considered the center of town. Between Pooler Parkway and I-95, on either side of Highway 80. There you can find both single family one story homes and mobile homes for prices that range between $160,000 to $250,000. 

Finding the perfect family home for you and your loved ones might not be as easy in Pooler, GA but the city is under continuous development with new residential communities being built as the city continues to grow. Currently, the city’s real estate market is a sellers’ market as there is a higher demand for property then there are available homes for sale in Pooler, GA. Top real estate agents in Pooler GA can provide you with a comprehensive list of all the available homes for sale out of which you can choose the one that fits your family’s needs and lifestyle.

Rentals in Pooler, Georgia

The housing market rate tips towards home owners but there is a large percentage of 38.4% of the population in Pooler, Georgia who rent. In the areas of the city where there are small apartment buildings or larger apartment complexes, few and far in between as they might be, or homes for rent, white-collared professionals who commute to Savannah decide to rent. As Pooler, GA has a larger number of population working in computers or math than 95% of the country. These jobs are the third highest paid occupations in Pooler after Architecture and Medical professions while also employing over 4% of the population in the city.

Those incomes that average around $80,000 makes the cost for rentals in Pooler, Georgia accessible to them. Young professionals are more likely to rent an apartment or home before they get married and around 51.3% women and 55.8% men rent before they get married. The median rent cost in Pooler, Georgia is $1,500 being more expensive than in Savannah, just like purchasing a house.


Living in Pooler, Georgia has many benefits especially for families. The great quality of living is brought on by the high quality of education, the safe environment provided by a well organized  law enforcement as well as the citizens of the city. In Pooler, GA you will also have an abundant amount of activities to enjoy that is sure to impress those of all ages. Both history and innovative development transformed the city from a reclusive railroad city to the commercial center of the western edge of Chatham County. With a growing market for jobs in Pooler, GA and a continuously increasing population, this city is on the road to becoming the newest commercial hub of Georgia. Its proximity to the coast, Savannah and the natural havens close by give a plenitude of areas for a holiday retreat in various environments. There are plenty of reasons to move here and discover the city’s hidden treasures yourself.

Let us know in the comments section below what helps you determine to move to a new city as we’re sure that Pooler, GA already convinced you. Like & Share this article with friends and family that might be thinking of relocating to this growing suburb of Savannah, GA.


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