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City Of Savannah GA

Located in the most northern-eastern part of Georgia, on the Atlantic shore, Savannah, GA is a city that is older than the county it is in. The cobblestone streets and architectural styles that remind us of Europe’s squares, the old parts of the city make many people fall in love with it simply because of how it looks. In order to appreciate a city like Savannah, GA you will need some sunglasses for the weather, a passion for its history and an appetite for some amazing food.

With a population of 146,000 residents, the city of Savannah, GA didn’t experience a big fluctuation in its citizenry since the 1990s. Its development had been at an all time high during the middle of the 19th century, then at the beginning of the 20th century and finally during the 1950s and 1980s.

Diversity of Savannah, GA

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As Savannah, GA is a city that was established in 1733, during those years slavery was ongoing throughout the colonies. At one point there were even more enslaved people then free people in the city. This led to its current diversity in population.


  • African Americans: 53.9%
  • Caucasians: 35.5%
  • Hispanic: 5.1%
  • Two or more races: 2.8%
  • Asian: 2.4%
  • American Indian: 0.2%
  • Native Hawaiian: 0.1%

Living in Savannah, GA

If you like 18th century architecture, affordable housing in downtown or by the beach, beach life, history, nightlife and great food, then Savannah, GA will be a good place for you to live. The city that managed to inspire Union General Sherman not to burn it to the ground solely because of those amazing historical buildings and cobblestone streets, made sure to maintain their architecture. The Historic District reminds us of another time and seems to be in contradiction with what happened during those times. As the first city of Georgia, Savannah has a troubled history that the residents can observe all around them.

The city of Savannah, GA is often referred to by the locals as Slow-vannah. Things seem to move at a different pace in this medium sized city of Georgia. Savannah, GA tries to provide safety but the statistics aren’t exactly what one would expect from a city its size. Like many other southern cities, you can also find that famous Southern Charm in Savannah and you would be surprised to see that people generally wave to each other on the streets, despite the fact that the city has stopped being a small town a long time ago. 

Savannah and the cost of living

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Overall the average expenses in Savannah, GA make it an affordable town in the state. When compared to the national average you will find that the city of Savannah is more affordable by 10%, furthermore, when compared to the state’s average there is still a difference of around 5%.

As the biggest expense that you can expect when you decide to relocate to a new city is the real estate market you will be thrilled to find out that that is not something to worry about when in Savannah, GA. Houses in the city of Savannah are 25% less expensive than the average prices for homes in the state of Georgia and 33% cheaper than the rest of the country. In regards to utilities, you can expect the same monthly cost as the rest of Georgia, but when compared to the rest of the country they are around 9% more expensive. Groceries and Health Care is more affordable in Savannah, GA than the rest of the nation as well.

Attractions in Savannah

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When you live in a city with such a deep rooted history you might find it represented in everything around you. From the horse drawn carriages to the First African Baptist Church in America, the Historic District, Bonaventure Cemetery and many other great things to do in the city that will keep you busy while you visit Savannah, Georgia. You will find educational museums as well as Wildlife Refuges, historical forts and modern golf courses, music festivals that are world famous and family restaurants that will provide you with some Southern favorites. For those who want a more interesting experience throughout Savannah, GA be sure not to miss the Ghost Tours as this city is known to be the third most haunted city in America. If you have a Girl Scout in the family the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace is a must-see as it is the house where Girl Scouts began. There are many activities and things to do in Savannah, GA, you only need available time.

The real estate market in Savannah Georgia

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If you wind up comparing Savannah to Charleston, it’s bigger sister, you’ll find that in regards to real estate there is a huge difference when it comes to prices. If in Savannah the median home price is $167,000, in Charleston you’ll find a median home price of $327,000. It is safe to say that the real estate market in Savannah, GA is affordable and desirable. For those interested in becoming a new resident of the Hostess City in Georgia, you can easily get in touch with the top local real estate agents in Savannah GA and get all the latest information. 

Overall the real estate market in Savannah, GA is very hot, gathering a lot of interest from possible buyers as the population seems to lean towards an increase over the next few years. 

The housing market in Savannah varies on what you are interested in. A majority of 38.8% of the homes for sale in the city of Savannah, GA are priced between $124,000 and $248,000 which is less expensive than many other cities located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.The homeownership percentages lean heavier towards renters as there are 59.4% of residents who are currently renting their homes for a monthly average of $1,300 while 40.6% are owners of their homes. Single-family detached homes are the most common type of housing available in Savannah, GA accounting for around 57.08% of all units built in the city. There are also duplexes, large apartment complexes or larger houses that have been converted into apartments.

Savannah’s weather

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If you don’t like snowy winters, then Savannah, Georgia is the place for you. With an average of 216 sunny days per year, while the national average is 206, Savannah benefits from temperatures that average at 66.2°F. During the summer months, you should expect average temperatures of 81.5°F while the winter months offer mild and comfortable temperatures of 49.5°F. Seeing as it is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean there is also a certain degree of humidity that will make the higher temperatures somewhat uncomfortable which is why an Air Conditioning is necessary inside homes and offices. With a subtropical climate, during the summer months, there are instances of thunderstorms and, occasionally, some hurricane disturbances. This may affect your home insurance as, in some areas, especially those closest to the shore, flood insurance may be required.


The city of Savannah, Georgia managed to grab our attention through its beauty, much like it did back in the days of the Civil War as its beauty spared the city from destruction. Considering what it used to be to what it became over the years, the city has a certain appeal that most other places don’t have. From historical places to amazing reservations, the shore and the marshes, everything is made even more attractive by how affordable the city is. It truly is a gem of the south and when it is compared to the city of Charleston, SC it is difficult to decide which one is better.

Let us know in the comments below if the city managed to grab your interest as it did for us. Like & Share with friends and family as this southern beauty is worth at least a visit.


2 Responses to " City Of Savannah GA "

  1. Clyde Goodrich says:

    Please pardon me, but the very opening that reads,”Located in the most northern part of Georgia…” caught my eye.
    I don’t mean to be nitpicky, but as a native of the Hostess City of the South, born and raised there, I am curious as to how this tidbit of info slipped through your editor’s lens.

  2. Tina F. says:

    I really enjoyed your article. I’ve known for years that at some point I was going to head south, and I’ve recently settled on Savannah. Work and life has delayed my relocating. Savannah sounds like the ideal place for me to relocate to; hopefully this will become a reality in about 3 years. Just love everything I’ve read about Savannah: friendly people, lower cost of living, architecture and history. Hoping to take a vacation in October to check it out first hand!

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