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Located approximately a 20-minute drive away from Savannah, GA, the suburban city of Pooler, Georgia is the western economical hub of Chatham county. With a population of around 24,000 residents, its proximity to the much larger county seat, Savannah, makes it an ideal place for young families to relocate to. This much more relaxing small town has a vast number of amenities available for its residents that do now follow the pattern of small towns. Quite the opposite as it’s amenities make it feel like a much larger town, not to mention the city’s proximity to the beach.

Pooler, GA’s population has experienced a sudden increase after the passing in the new millennium as in 2000 there were only 6.24K residents but by the end of that decade, the population number had tripled. With 18.69K residents in 2010 the estimates for the 2020 census are around 24.84K as the increase continued over the last decade at a slightly slower pace. This influx of new residents is a clear indication of the quality of life and safety that Pooler offers its residents. Real estate agents in Pooler GA can also help you access that high quality of life and find your dream home in this suburban growing economy.

Cost of living

The overall cost of living in Pooler, Georgia is around 3% lower than the national average while maintaining the average cost of living in the state of Georgia. For Pooler’s residents, it is more affordable to purchase housing as the median home price in Pooler GA is lower than it is in the US on average. Other expenses that are more affordable for those living in Pooler, Georgia are transportation by 9.2% and healthcare by 17.3% when compared to the national averages.


In regards to the educational system, the Chatham County School District has 4 public schools in Pooler, Georgia and 1 private school that pertains to the city’s students. Considering the information regarding the graduation rates available on bestplaces[dot]com, the city of Pooler, GA has higher percentages of graduates for all educational degrees except for Masters Degree.

There are 92.4% high school graduates amongst the high school students in Pooler and around 35.5% graduates for degrees of 4 years. With these statistics Pooler, GA has a better education system than Savannah, GA and that might be because that within the city there are the best schools in the county.


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