What’s The Average Home Price In Pooler GA?

Answer for "What’s the average home price in Pooler GA?"

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For a city located just 20 minutes away from Savannah,GA, the city of Pooler, GA is significantly attractive for all those that want to live close enough to the big city while enjoying the more relaxed life of a small town. Located towards the northwestern edge of Chatham County, it has a growing population of around 24,000 residents.

For many people who have high earning jobs in Savannah, the small suburban city of Pooler, Georgia is a good place to live and raise families. Another appealing factor of this city is it’s growing economy that offers employment opportunities for all those who want to avoid the commute as well as plenty of amenities that can almost rival the ones from major cities. The city went from its railroad days to the commercial hub of the western part of Chatham County.

Real estate in Pooler GA

As the housing demand has increased with the growing population numbers over the last couple of decades, the housing expenses manage to stay below the national average. Currently, with the median home value at $206,000, housing costs are 16% below the national average while being inches higher than Georgia’s average.

The real estate market in Pooler, GA is a seller’s market as there is a higher housing demand in the area than there are houses available for sale. This can lead to an increase in pricing, but so far the real estate market maintains an appreciation rate of 1.66% from year to year. Becoming a homeowner here can be easier if you get in touch with real estate agents in Pooler GA as they can keep tabs of the available properties and pinpoint the one that is perfect for you.

The housing market in Pooler, GA is relatively new, with around 68% of the units having been built in 2000 or sooner. The second largest percentage of 23.6% represents homes built between 1970 and 1999, while 8.4% are older than 1969. Considering how new the housing market is in Pooler, GA, around 61.6% of the residents own their homes while 38.4% are renters.

The highest percentage of homes in Pooler, Georgia value between $114,000 and $228,000 (46.5%) while the second largest percentage are valued between $228,000 and $341,000 (32.5%).


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