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Last updated: March 2, 2022 • Home Improvement

7 DIY Home Improvement Projects you can do This Winter

Let’s make the best of this year’s winter vacation time off! As we emotionally turn inwards in the advent of approaching holidays, the business rush hopefully slows down a little. The pre-Christmas period is, however, booked with our shopping plans and upcoming house projects. 

We might also consider a relocation shortly, implying a house sale at the right time. The bottom line is focusing on our home can be financially beneficial in the long run. At the same time, home improvements, if done together, can bring the family close. Let’s revamp what, by default, sounds like a chore into a fun time together with these indoor renovations! Still, don’t forget that everything starts outdoors! Watch out for slush, mud, and snow during winter to keep your house clean!

Set the perfect ground for Christmas in your home!

Christianity’s most emblematic holiday is all about rebirth and restoration of hope. Humanity should apply this principle to their homes as well. Because people spend so much time indoors, renovating and improving the home‘s aesthetics can make it a more enjoyable space to live in. 

Winter is an excellent time for home improvement projects, most notably since the renovations will save energy or make the house easier to live in. Selling a home during the colder months may turn out to be a little more difficult due to the colder temperatures; therefore, changing a few aspects of the house can make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Note! Let’s create the perfect environment before implementing all these wonderful ideas, shall we? Why not start with unique winter gardening ideas, something gorgeous and creative for everyone’s benefit? Elevate everyone’s holiday spirit with winter home decor ideas so that they practically emanate love and positivity!

So many exciting house upgrades to implement

home improvement concept wooden

Many of these projects can be done by the average homeowner. Hence, there is no need for outside hire and no need to wait for a contractor to do the work for you. In a few steps, and without any substantial extra costs involved, for instance, you can create your DIY bed to improve your bedroom. Around the house, there is a DIY solution for virtually any problem. So, why not go one step further, and establish your gym with some out-of-the-box home gym ideas!

In case you’re not sure where to start, here are seven DIY projects for your home that we suggest getting down to it right now.

1. Add weather stripping to windows and doors

You’d be surprised by how much heat leaves your house through windows, doors, and cracks. With some caulk and a good eye, you may be able to plug these areas and prevent further heat loss. We recommend window tinting, which can add to the quality of your home insulation.

2. Install a programmable thermostat

woman adjusting digital heat

There’s no need to heat the house when no one is there. With a proper thermostat, you can control the house’s temperature for heat-on when the family is home and turned off when they are away. These can be found almost anywhere and can save homeowners hundreds after installation. We are one step closer to applying energy-efficient solutions to your home now. With innovative smart devices, you can regulate the heating of your house intelligently!

3. Tile your kitchen backsplash

While this may seem purely aesthetic, backsplashes protect your kitchen walls from steam and mold when you use your stove. They add a dash of color to an otherwise bland kitchen or complement an existing color scheme. A real estate agent will also tell you this improves the value of your home. Now that you are in the kitchen, applying a new coat of paint to your cabinets would be a good idea and an essential part of the general kitchen makeover you can do yourself.

4. Paint an accent wall

yellow blue white living room

Staying inside all day can make anyone go a little crazy. Painting your walls is an easy way to liven up your living space, making it cozier inside. Many psychologists consider mural paintings to have a positive effect on our lives. Use vivid colors on accent walls and ceilings, children’s & master bedrooms to create a genuinely astonishing home interior design! Why not try it out?

5. Declutter your residence

Don’t save the decluttering for the spring! Cleaning up your living space helps to prevent depression and encourages productivity. You might know it yet, but decluttering your home will ease your mind too! More than enough charities will be happy to take your extra “stuff,” and you would be donating to a good cause while also getting a tax deduction.

6. Remodel your fireplace

living interior luxury living room

Do it with either glass tile or a fresh coat of paint. Chances are, you’ll want to use your fireplace if it works. Even if it isn’t functional, they are the centerpiece of your home during the winter months. Make sure to have it cleaned, and try refreshing the area with new glass tile or paint. 

Many people want to buy a home that has a fireplace in it, especially if you are selling in a state that gets cold, so updating it means your place will stand out from other homes people are looking at. We know that a fireplace stands for the ultimate romantic dream. Beware, though! If you’re just about to install a new fireplace, we warn you that there are quite a few disadvantages to it; for example, they require a lot of maintenance, cost almost a fortune, and there is always a fire hazard.

7. Seal outlets and switches

Believe it or not, heat does escape through the home’s outlets and switches. If you feel a draft through any of the outlets in your home, try looking for foam gaskets at the hardware store to seal them up.

Cities absolutely worth upgrading your house in

raleigh north carolina usa downton

No place like home, so they say. Still, there are some towns where you can feel more at home than others. If you plan on refurbishing your home, and by any chance, you live in the following cities, go ahead, by all means! These properties excel in super booming housing markets with great investment possibilities now and in the future. If you don’t reside in one of them, we recommend you to consider relocating there. We assure you, they could genuinely turn into real goldmines with some proper home improvements!

These five real estate markets are expected to be the most popular this year, according to the multiple listing service (MLS):

  1. Nashville, Tennessee. While it has a reputation for honky-tonk bluegrass, the local realtors in Nashville TN tell us this city has a growing opportunity for employment and a lot of potential for young couples and families.
  2. Grand Rapids, Michigan. From cozy living to an exciting, artistic scene, Grand Rapids is a fantastic place to invest.
  3. Raleigh, North Carolina. Raleigh has a booming tech industry, several celebrity-owned restaurants, and a high rating, making it the perfect place to buy a home — what more can you ask for in your next hometown?
  4. El Paso, Texas. Such a big state, and so many brightly-lit cities. The city of El Paso boasts a growing number of young people and a high employment rate.
  5. Fort Worth, Texas. It’s no secret that the state of Texas is heating up, both literally and in terms of the housing market. If you can take the heat, contact the real estate agents in Fort Worth TX!

DIY will sell your house better

Whether your goal is to spruce up your own house or prepare to sell it, these home improvements won’t go unnoticed. Moreover, they will most definitely increase your home value! Even if you only invest in one or two of these renovations, you’re bound to see a difference in the live-in value of your home. Other DIY tasks can also apply to Staging Homes for Winter Sales. Pointing out the upgrades will impress any potential home buyers. Subsequently, you can get brownie points for adequately winterizing your home before selling it.

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