David Bowie: A Beautiful Life and Properties

a beautiful life and properties

David Bowie – Celebrity singer, songwriter, producer and actor David Bowie was beloved and adored by many fans around the world, and now dearly missed after passing away on January 10, 2016. Bowie became famous in the early 1960’s, winning fans over globally with his top albums and hits Space Oddity, Let’s Dance and Life on Mars. Bowie experienced decades of fame in every avenue of his career lasting throughout the remainder of his life. In 1992, Bowie married his wife, Iman, and settled down for a relatively quiet life out of the spotlight, until he began working on and completed his last album, Blackstar.

With his recent passing, many have wondered what will happen to some of Bowie’s most famously prized possessions. Arguably one of his most famous assets was Bowie’s private villa on the island of Mustique that was built for the artist in the late 1980’s. Inspired by the beauty of Southeast Asia, Bowie designed his Mustique villa to be a tranquil and peaceful environment. The property was adorned with several koi ponds and designed with an open floor plan to contribute to the zen atmosphere. The establishment was also built with several rooms dedicated to entertainment including a game room, reception rooms and pool areas. With all of the lavish ideas for his property, Bowie’s design quickly became a multi-million dollar project. Bowie sold this property years ago for several million dollars. This beautiful villa in Mustique is currently up for sale and can be purchased for a hefty $15.2 million US

Another one of Bowie’s famous pieces of real estate was Little Tonshi Mountain, owned by Bowie and wife Iman. The 64-acre property currently sits untouched, without any construction for a home. It is unknown whether Bowie or his wife had plans to build on the property.

Even with the musician’s love for tranquility, shown through his serene properties, Bowie certainly lived a notable life worth celebrating. His musical talents will not be forgotten. As an artist that contributed much talent to the music industry, David Bowie will surely be missed.



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