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Last updated: March 21, 2022 • Real Estate Market

Design Trends For Commercial Buildings in Florida in 2022

As companies move into another unpredictable year, it will be intriguing to see the types of commercial design changes that will emerge in buildings across Florida. Will new construction bring to light any unique styles never seen before? Will remodeling to fit the current needs in a changing market be what you expect?

Whether you’re looking to purchase commercial properties in Florida this year or you’re an agent getting up-to-date on the latest trends, these are the design styles and updates that you can expect to see in commercial buildings in Florida in 2022.

Geometric, Dark Neutrals, and Beyond: 2022 Colorways

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Setting the base part of your design often means that you need to choose a color palette. What types of color palettes are being used in the newest, most exciting commercial buildings this year?

Say Hello to Dark Neutrals

For years, light and bright has been the name of the game, but dark neutrals are beginning to find their place in the commercial world. Many people find these colors to be calming, and they can be particularly charming when there is a lot of natural light to keep spaces from feeling too dark. Here in Florida, that natural light isn’t too hard to come by.

Another benefit for the dark neutral palettes is that these colors can be decorated into a number of different styles pending how the space is used. Pairing dark neutrals with natural light, textures, and materials will create a home-like feeling. Using chrome decorations will make things lean more industrial.

Revisit Geometric

Sharp, geometric shapes are once again gaining popularity in the commercial sector in 2022. The bold lines of these shapes help direct and focus traffic within a space, which can be utilized efficiently in certain commercial buildings.

Keeping business, employees, and clients centered is more important than ever as we find ourselves being constantly shifted by external factors. Consider how bold geometric designs might be able to drive focus in specific ways.

Continue With Color

Bold colors have always been popular here in Florida, and that’s not going anywhere! People often assume that commercial spaces must be designed in bland neutral colors, but that simply isn’t true. Businesses can benefit from using color to brand their business, and commercial spaces challenge the “boring” design assumption more and more each year.

Increase in Campus-Like Settings

miami florida usa april

The overall layout and design of many commercial buildings in Florida are being turned into campus-like settings. This turn away from more traditional layouts isn’t unheard of in Florida, but the frequency of these designs is increasing rapidly.

For example, Miami is breaking ground on the Magic City Innovation District this year, a big project that will blend commercial, residential, and cultural spaces for a sustainable and entertaining lifestyle. Live-work -play scenarios have become more familiar to people; what will your commercial spaces do in 2022 to utilize the power of those scenarios?

Home is still a haven, and people still want to be able to escape from work. Still, there is a demand for spaces that blend the boundary so that you can enjoy an element of community around you even when living in an apartment building or in an area without a strong community atmosphere. Designing new living and work arrangements to feel more like a campus than in the past might be successful at doing just that.

Keep Updated With Climate Considerations

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Climate urgency remains an important concern that should be worked into any commercial building design, especially in Florida where there are a number of important governance requirements to follow on this front.

Not only do many potential investors or tenants find it important to be using the latest in sustainable technology, but it is also important from a social standpoint. Creating sustainable advantages creates value for commercial spaces; there’s no doubt about it.

Health and safety features should include what it takes to have a safe, healthy, and planet-friendly environment. Whether designing an apartment building or a mall, commercial spaces should highlight money- and planet-saving upgrades, like solar panels, green appliances, and other features.

Designs should highlight and utilize these features in a way that makes them part of the building’s natural ecosystem. Incorporating any green controls into overall savings is a huge plus as well

It’s important to also remember that the EPA sets measures in Florida to help preserve the natural habitat, protect infrastructure such as roadways and water supplies, and more. These cross-agency initiatives are happening around the country; stay up to date with the latest innovations in bringing eco-friendliness into modern commercial design. 

Consider Sustainable Materials, Too!

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Bringing sustainability into commercial spaces is about more than energy-efficient lighting and appliances; it’s also about sourcing materials. Do your designs incorporate planet-friendly materials, furnishings, and more?

As you shop, think recycled and sustainable whenever possible. These looks are in, and in fact, you could win a lot of positive attention simply by ensuring that whatever you design is largely sustainable. Vintage finds, for example, add a unique and interesting touch to a space while still keeping with the greener design cues that are becoming more popular by the day.

A big bonus is that materials like bamboo, upcycled wood, and old industrial fixtures are more popular than ever. Think of unique ways to bring these into a commercial space. Light fixtures, desks, and more can be created from what was previously used in the space. New furnishings aren’t always the best design move. 

What can you recreate through sustainability? This is an important question to ask as you work your way through the design process. 

Repurposing Design Pieces 

3d image laptops office plexi glass

Builders, designers, real estate agents, and everyone involved in the CRE pipeline should be looking for ways to repurpose.

Are the desks in the office no longer a good fit because they don’t accommodate needed plexiglass separates or video cameras? Rather than trash the desks altogether, find out if there is a way to order extenders, accessories, or other add-ons to upgrade the desks to fit current needs better.

Is the office building your company has under construction no longer finding renters? Repurposing underused properties into multifamily projects might be a good move as the number of renters in America reaches record numbers due to the pandemic and rising home costs.

Repurposing design pieces, furnishings, buildings, and more is critical as we move into 2022. The commercial property world looks much different than expected two years ago, but that doesn’t mean that the properties don’t hold value. Reinventing how things are used is eco-friendly and friendly to your bottom line.

Before starting from the ground up, get creative about how you can alter what already exists in a space.

Work Efficient Comfort into Office Spaces

modern cozy loft office

Designing office spaces as society moves into 2022 might look very different than what you’ve done previously. Many employees worked from home for much of the last two years. Even as the shift back into the office inevitably occurs, replicating the efficient comfort of home could see a huge boost in both productivity and employee happiness.

Productive spaces aren’t solely about Draconian design. Instead, design for a balance of efficiency and comfort. A home-like environment is more comfortable, and that is good for everyone in the space.

There are many different ways to incorporate efficient comfort into commercial designs:

  • Calming, peaceful color palettes
  • Natural light and plants
  • Soft textures and comfortable seating
  • Relaxation spaces
  • Quality and personalized temperature control option

Commercial design of office spaces must shift to match the current priorities of each company’s workforce. Think about what is expected and how to accomplish those goals in a way that allows for both efficiency and comfort.

Already have an office that is fairly comfortable? Consider adding new touches like plush seating, blankets, or natural lighting to reduce any remaining harsh elements. No one wants to work under cold, fluorescent lighting in 2022. Traditional corporate design is no longer necessary. It’s time for soothing with something new.

Don’t Forgo Safe Gathering Spaces

china business office

Due to the need for safe spaces and private retreats over the last few years, some commercial spaces quickly removed or reduced shared communal spaces. However, there is a greater demand than ever before for safe, collaborative rooms, especially in commercial spaces.

Collaboration and community still exist in 2022, and commercial buildings that find unique, safe ways to highlight these shared rooms will prosper. Outdoor fire pits, shared video conference rooms, and other communal spaces are greatly appreciated by tenants and employees alike. Apartment complexes with rentable spaces like movie theaters and karaoke rooms offer an “outing at home” that meets many individuals’ needs in 2022.

Final thoughts

How commercial design enables safe gathering will be something everyone is paying attention to this year. The value of these communal spaces is more evident than ever, so they should not be skimped on.

The Overall Trend: Flexibility

There’s one big commonality between all of these design trends: flexibility!

The pandemic has shifted the way that commercial buildings and businesses function and we’ve likely not yet seen the end of those changes. As things keep progressing, you should plan to see more shifts in how to approach the commercial market.

Commercial real estate, construction, and businesses will need flexibility and convenience fully integrated into their plan to stay resilient. More properties are being built with flexible use-cases for this reason, and we can expect to see redesigns and remodels aimed at flexibility as well.

Sometimes, that flexibility shows up as a commercial apartment developer redesigning a building to suit students instead. At other times, that redesign will focus on turning underutilized office space into warehouses instead or ensuring that desks can be easily reorganized into meeting spaces for flex offices.

Rethinking designs might be more necessary than ever before to keep up with investors and market needs.


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