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Last updated: May 20, 2021 • Lifestyle

Does Where You Live Affect Your Health?

Many factors contribute to any one person’s health and well-being. Food can affect the body’s overall health, as well as physical activity and mental state of mind. But what about where one  lives? As far as health, the location of a home can affect someone to an extent. There are tons of environmental factors that can be attributed to changes in health. Because of this, some may need to consider how their home’s location can be adversely affecting them and how to change it.

Weather: Different geographical locations vary widely in terms of normal weather conditions. In a city like Seattle, Washington real estate, that typically (hosts) a rainy and cloudy environment, there will be less sunlight. This will affect the amount of vitamin D that an individual can absorb because of less exposure to sunlight. In a city like San Diego, the polar opposite of weather conditions in Seattle, residents can be more exposed to sunlight on a regular basis. And buying a home in Chicago means living with four extreme seasons.This is not to say, however, that living in a sunnier location is necessarily better for health, but does have an overall effect.

Pollution: Certain cities that have a substantially large population do tend to harbor more air pollution. This pollution can be the result of auto exhaust and other factors that can create smog. For people that have respiratory issues, this can adversely affect their health. Residing in an environment that has air pollution can be more detrimental to health for a person with respiratory issues, than an environment with cleaner air.

See the: American Lung Association Pollution Map By City

Proximity to stores: Health can also be affected by one’s proximity to grocery stores. It is important for people to be provided with grocery stores that can provide them with fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain their health. Have you ever decided to skip the trip to the grocery store and order take-out because the store was out of the way? Many people that are further away from their preferred or primary supermarket may frequently skip a necessary grocery trip and consequently adversely affect their health.

Proximity to nature: In city environments with endless blocks of high-rises and skyscrapers, residents may find it harder to get a day at the park or a nature trail. For those living in areas that seem like there is no opportunity to be in tune with nature, locating a city park will help. Parks usually have jogging trails for runners who want to be active outside and off of the city sidewalks. Living in a city that offers more outdoor activities can keep residents more active by requiring them to engage in more physically demanding activities.

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Physical location can affect one’s health and should be considered in buying a home. Speak with a real estate agent today to begin the search for the home of your dreams in the perfect area for you!


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