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Last updated: May 20, 2021 • Real Estate Investing

The Power of Emotion: Buying and Selling a Home

In any given community, there can be a number of homes on the market. However, some of these homes sell faster than others, while some homes remain on the market for months. In some cases, homes that are harder to sell may not necessarily have anything wrong with them on paper. Buyers may just be having a difficult time imagining themselves living in the home. So, what differentiates a dream home from any other regular listing? Emotion. Home buyers that gain an emotional attachment to a home will be more inclined to put in an offer for the property. The power of emotion plays an instrumental role in the home buying and selling process.

Wish Lists: Many buyers go into the buying process with a wishlist for a new home in mind. Some buyers request that their real estate agent find a home with a certain number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Buyers may also be looking for a home within a certain location or school district. Perhaps the buyer wants a home of a certain size or style with an extra room. Some clients may even have requests as specific as wanting a turnkey home with certain types of features already within their home, such as surround sound or soft close drawers and cabinets. In most cases, when a realtor finds the house that their client wants that meets all of their wishlist criteria, the clients immediately put in an offer for the home. Though, sometimes, clients need something more than a home that completely matches their wishlist to make them completely fall in love with the property. What happens when a completely checked wishlist seems like it is not enough? It may be time to stage the home.

Staging: Some home buyers go into the buying process with little imagination. That is why, with some clients, finding the right home may take much longer than expected. For the clients that have a hard time visualizing themselves living in a home, staging the home will be effective. Although a home may meet a client’s wishlist criteria, staging the home will help to further build an emotional attachment to that property. Adding decorative or scented candles to the rooms of the home can make a difference. Also adding flowers and linens can make the home seem more cozy. Staging can also be done with actual furniture to really make the home feel lived in.

Creating an emotional attachment to a home for clients is powerful and can get the best result for home buying and selling. Are you ready to increase your home sales? 

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