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Last updated: September 11, 2021 • Marketing Tips

Get Listed With For Better Online Visibility

Looking for ways to score more cash in your pocket this year? When you join the Official Real Estate Agent Directory®, you’ll gain access to an entire list of tools not only to expand your network and land clients, but also to build your reputation. The keys to boosting your income are only a click away!


When homebuyers kick-start their search for the ideal real estate agent, they are looking for leaders in the industry. As a member of The Official Real Estate Agent Directory®, you’ll have the chance to demonstrate what an expert real estate agent actually is.

WHY GET LISTED? is home to The Official Real Estate Agent Directory®, offering real estate agents across the U.S. online support and visibility since 2003. Our Real Estate Agent Directory is visited by thousands of real estate buyers and sellers every month, providing valuable exposure to our listed real estate agents.


Check out our three great listing packages for those seeking to expand their reach as a real estate agent online. No matter which package you choose, we’ll optimize your professional profile for you to attract the most attention. Prospective home buyers and sellers searching for the ideal professional agent will get all the necessary stats to know why you’d fit the bill. And the more city listings you join in will give you more exposure and in return will land more cash in your wallet.

  • CLAIM YOUR NAME (BASIC):  First things first: if you aren’t listed yet and want to get your feet wet, then this package is for you! We are trademarked as the Official Real Estate Agent Directory® and often clients come to search an agent’s name and learn more about them. Our basic package comes with your choice of a basic template for your very own agent page, and a listing in our directory so you are instantly searchable by name. It’s a good start to improving your online footprint! (See our chart below for package pricing.)
    search real estate agents by name
  • PREMIUM: Our premium package amps up your visibility, including everything in the basic package, plus a comprehensive listing in an entire city (no matter how many zip codes the city has). Its personalized exposure to your target audience, for your entire city. (See our chart below for package pricing.)
    real estate agents mobile
  • ELITE:  Our elite package focuses the spotlight on you as an agent,  including everything in the premium package, plus upgraded templates for a more striking agent profile, the ability to be featured on your city pages see example of real estate agents in Chicago and also on our real estate agents directory home page, and the option for interested home buyers and home sellers to text you directly from the website or their phone. See our chart below for package pricing.
    elite real estate agents

Pricing Chart: Based on Per City

 Basic PlansPremium PlansElite Plans
3 Months $35$45$55
6 Months$55$59$79
12 Months $75$99$125


We pride ourselves on our customer service. Anytime you have a question, want to add a city listing or need help with your profile, just head over to our website. Spark a conversation on our live chat, email us directly or call our office. We are here specifically for you!

The Elite and Premium packages also come with Real Estate Agent Badges. Easily cut and paste these lines of code to attach them to your email signature or use them on your social media accounts. You’ll create a geo-targeted link or badge image for each city you are listed in. When interested clients click your link or badge, they’re brought straight to your listings. With these, you’ll get to market yourself effectively.


Like most subscriptions, you will be set up for recurring billing. However, unlike most companies, we don’t require a 30-day notice to cancel your subscription. Just contact us 10 days or more before your current cycle ends, and you won’t be charged again. You don’t have to provide a reason, and you’ll still be able to edit your agent page and city listings right up until the last day of your subscription period! (Cancellation must be in writing, sent by mail or fax, and received before the 10-day deadline prior to subscription renewal. See our TOS for more information, or feel free to contact us directly with any questions!)

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