The Many Homes of Sarasota Florida

beach view of Sarasota Florida

Real estate agents in Sarasota Florida it will tell you the town has more to offer than its rich history and interesting people. The architecture in this town tells a story, and each with over a century’s worth of decorative structures, homes, and monuments, there is a lot of ground to cover. Whether you’re just visiting or looking for inspiration for your new home, here is the place to find diversity and a very impressive real estate market.

Like many other big cities, Sarasota FL is home to many years of architecture. New York boasts a mingling of old and new, and the history of every single building can be traced back in time. Sarasota is the same way, and you can definitely see the styles change as you take your tour through the town.

If you have no plans to visit or are just curious as to what you might see, here is some info on the many homes of Sarasota, Florida.

  • The Ca d’Zan. Meaning ‘House of John’, the Ca d’Zan is one of the best and brightest examples of the Mediterranean Revival style that emerged in the 1920s. Capturing the spirit of Italy, this home boasts a lot of marble and breezeways to keep the house from becoming stifling.
  • The Tatum-Rawls House. A pre-20th century structure, and one of the few of its kind. With many windows and a long, airy porch, this house perfectly captures the plantation-style gothic that its era was known for.
  • Sarasota Opera House. Creamy stucco and classic Italian decorations make this building one of the most well-known in the city, and it was said to inspire many more of the Mediterranean Revival buildings in town.
  • Blue Pagoda by Victor Lundy. The Sarasota School of Architecture emerged after World War II, and with it came a number of beautiful buildings. Most of which are in the city the school was named for, and the Blue Pagoda is no exception. Victor Lundy’s work is breathtaking and beautiful, and boasts a number of aspects you should view yourself.
  • The Worth’s Block building. This is another pre 20th-century building still standing today, and it is now known as the Gator Club. Like the Tatum-Rawls house, it is a piece of Sarasota’s history, and miraculously survived the fire of 1915 due to its fireproof brick structure.

Even if you’re not interested in architecture, Sarasota FL is the place to go if you want to see the mingling of history in person and are planning to buy a home. Each building is a part of the town, and almost all of them have unique styles. Inspiration for your new residence can be easy to find in this real estate market, and there’s a taste of almost everything available.

From classic tough-and-sturdy buildings to the delicate, airy style of many Mediterranean Revival buildings, Florida boasts a lot of diversity in both its people and its art. If you can’t go visit yourself, try searching the houses online or take one of the many online tours, or just take a glance at the images found on their websites. Your adventure doesn’t have to start when you leave the house!


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