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Last updated: May 24, 2021 • Real Estate Market

Is Your Prospective Client Pitch, Perfect?

What feels silly, but can be one of the most profitable activities you can engage in?

Did you guess the answer?

Scripting your real estate calls.

Rehearsing your pitch with a partner and role playing until you get the pitch perfect.

So many real estate agents let their outgoing personalities lead them, maybe reassuring themselves that they will know what to say when they meet a new client, or at the moment they want to close the sale.

Keller Williams, a notable force in the field, even offers their realtors scripts to read during key transactions, in the hopes they will practice until their selling has become a science.

The best thing about this process? It’s highly successful.

If you haven’t applied these tools, the time is now.

Envision answering questions for your client and yourself, such as what happens when the market shifts mid-deal, what is motivating my client, or how do I talk to a buyer looking to relocate?

If you are pitching a seller, you’ll be prepared to intercept questions about interest rates, cover the amount of money a seller is willing to invest in the selling process and learn how to ensure expectations on both sides of the table are clearly communicated.

Using a script can also help you mediate some of the more stressful situations that may occur in the process of buying or selling a home. How many of you have dreaded the conflict of speaking to a buyer’s agent about their client’s price, which they’ve made crystal clear is their bottom line? in a non-emotional manner, you can refer to your script and calmly explain that the offer needs to come up in order for the two of you to make your commission. Have you ever skirted this conversation and taken less than you knew you should because you were caught off-guard, and it was easier to acquiesce?

Whether you use the scripts we’ve linked here, or craft your own, it’s also worth it to pay attention to the trouble areas in your sales technique. When you do, it’s likely that you’ll have created a new client segment to pursue and that you will also have made progress toward solving some of your most pressing communication concerns.

Check out these scripts from The National Association of Realtors, and watch their videos, if you have a moment. Both illustrate an effective way to master successful scripting, which equals more sales!


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