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Living in Alpharetta, GA

If you like golf, swimming, music, community and value family life, then Alpharetta might just be the place for you. There aren’t many places that are focused so much on its community and its people, quite like Alpharetta manages to.

Thinking logically, the first thing that you have to do in order to attract people into a city is to create a high quality of life. This has been done here through infrastructure that makes it the ideal place for tech companies, through the 4 major highways that are available, a public transport system that makes it a quick trip to Atlanta without worrying about traffic and the public schools in Alpharetta, GA that have a 94.4% graduation rate and an average of 24.5 ACT score.

It is why Alpharetta was named the best place to live in Georgia by both HomeSnacks and the Chamber of Commerce, and also, it received the title of one of the safest cities in the U.S. by, but let’s see what this really means.

Alpharetta’s population consists of more than 66,000 people. They consider this lovely city home, so why wouldn’t you take the next step towards living in Alpharetta as well?

Cost of living in Alpharetta, GA

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The one thing that can make you think twice before moving to Alpharetta would be the cost of living. The reason for that is that it is a, let’s say, slightly more expensive city than your average American suburb or town, but, it’s worth it. 

While the cost of living in Alpharetta is high when compared to the rest of Georgia, this family-oriented city also has a higher income than average. With a technology park that developed due to the smartly implemented optical cable infrastructure, Alpharetta is slowly attracting more and more technology companies like Microsoft and HP.

It has an exceptional business climate and of course, some of the best names in the industry came here to develop their products with the help of the most extensive fiber-optic network in the Southeast. Those companies increased the average income in Alpharetta and so the housing costs also increased. The incomes surpass the nationwide average by 55% and the unemployment rate decreased to 4% in 2019.

Transportation and healthcare, aside from being developed in a smart, savvy way, are also cheaper than the national average in Alpharetta, but your everyday shopping bag may relieve your pockets of a few extra bucks. Groceries being 6% above the national average may not be a real difference at the end of the month, but that difference is also applied to utilities. For the lather you can thank Alpharetta, GA weather.

Speaking of Alpharetta, GA weather

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It’s great if you like the heat and aren’t a big fan of cold temperatures. That might make Alpharetta the ideal place for you. Alpharetta weather is generally mild with four distinct seasons. Being at the base of the Appalachian Mountains, the city is shielded from polar air masses, thus granting temperate winters. On the other side, there’s the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, both of which ensure a moderate summer heat. 

In the summer temperatures are an average of 81 degrees, and the days are radiant, but stuffy due to high humidity. You don’t really have winter weather here so snow is very unlikely. The coldest period of the year is, in general, towards the end of January when temperatures drop around 35 degrees. The winter months have an average temperature of 59 degrees and it barely goes below freezing, if ever.

Alpharetta’s weather and location make it a place where most days are beautiful, sunny and great to enjoy outdoor activities. Maybe have a jacket on hand if it’s the winter season, but other than that, you should be safe from cold temperatures as the weather here is perfect for snowbirds.

Demographics of Alpharetta, GA

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This is a city with a long history and we can see that even in its name, “Alpha” means first and “retta” means town. Those who founded the city gave it a name that spoke of its legacy back in 1858. Formerly part of the Cotton Kingdom and known for livestock farming, today’s Alpharetta is a place where business and culture thrive. People living in Alpharetta are known to work hard and play harder. 

The population in Alpharetta, GA is approximately 66,000, placing it as the 13th largest city in Georgia. It’s a young city because even if the median age is 37, around 27% of the population is below 17 years old. A lot of young families live here which makes for a sustainable future seeing as there will be other generations to thrive here.

With education being a central focus here, it’s not a surprise that almost a third of the population have Bachelor’s degrees or higher diplomas. If in Georgia the percentage stops at 37.8%, in Alpharetta it’s more than double that, 66.6%. With public schools being ranked in the top 2% nationally and number 7 in Georgia, young families will be happy to enroll their children in these schools.

Those living in Alpharetta, GA, show a tendency to buy their houses with 63.5% of them being owners. Renting is as common here as it is nationally at a 36.5% percentage.

The male to female population is beautifully balanced at 50% but that’s where the balance stops. When it comes to racial demographics, the large majority of almost 60% is White whereas the Alpharetta, GA population with Asian heritage is at 17%. In the past, Alpharetta was part of the Cotton Kingdom, but that did not influence the African American community as they are placed in third place with 12%. The most common language spoken in Alpharetta is English, followed by Spanish.

Looking at houses in Alpharetta, GA

alphareta ga aerial view of subdivision

This southern Atlanta suburb has a diverse selection of real estate that allows anyone to find a condo, single-family house or townhouse to call home. While Alpharetta’s average home prices are slightly higher than the average American real estate market, there is something for every budget and need. Because that is the thing you have to keep in mind when browsing through the wonderful choices available here. Realtors in Alpharetta GA can provide their expertise so that your search won’t be burdensome. 

It is your family that will live there and while the community is lovely and welcoming, not to mention safer than most of the country, it all comes down to what you and your family needs and, of course, your budget. The houses in Alpharetta are available at a decent price considering the average income in Alpharetta. With a median of $344,100 for purchase, renting houses in Alpharetta is at a median of $1,222.

There are several delightful neighborhoods to look into and we can provide you with a few examples so that the picture we paint is more colorful.

Shepherd’s Pond

This neighborhood promotes a sense of belonging and you will feel like you are part of something built for a sustainable future if you move here. It features mostly large homes which makes it perfect for families, that are reasonably priced at an average of $309,000 for a four bedroom/two bathroom home. 

The 178 single-family home community is one of the best areas for living in Alpharetta. Here you have a swimming pool and tennis courts that can be enjoyed amongst other amenities. Imagine walking, hiking or biking in the Big Creek Greenway on the weekend with your kids and dog. These houses in Alpharetta are perfect if you have an active family and like the outdoors. What could be better? There’s more. 

Another big plus is the fact that on each side of this comfortable family-friendly neighborhood there is a highway which makes it that much more convenient to get to and from Atlanta in less than an hour. Highways aren’t always convenient, but when you take into account transit and time spent behind a wheel, you’ll be happy to have two options if you move here.

Glen Abbey

Similarly, located less than an hour’s drive away from Atlanta, Glenn Abbey has even more amenities than Shepherd’s Pond. Aside from swimming pools, proximity to Big Creek Greenway, the tennis courts here employ tennis professionals to make sure that residents of Alpharetta become better at their game, set and win. They even have a swim team called the Glan Abbey Gators, but if you don’t wanna be a Gator you’ll find this community also has a basketball court and an on-site workout room. 

When you enter you will be greeted by an Old English-style clubhouse with a warm fireplace, areas to host meetings and social activities, also a fully stocked kitchen. These brick houses in Alpharetta will win your heart in an instance with their lean lawns and big trees guarding them.

When the location is of utmost importance, Glen Abbey has it all in close proximity. Go explore the North Georgia Mountains or Lake Lanier if Big Creek Greenway is too light for you because there are ample choices here.


The presentation tries to sum it all up in one catchy phrase, but it doesn’t serve it justice. “The community where dreams live” has more than 3,000 acres and it looks more like a resort than a residential area. There are 44 unique neighborhoods with some of the most luxurious houses in Alpharetta, prices ranging from $400,000 to over $4,000,000 so there is a wide variety all in one place. 

Among the amenities, there is the private Golf Club of Georgia, the Windward Lake Club with swim and tennis clubs, not to mention the shores of Lake Windward. There aren’t many communities that can offer such a desirable lifestyle and the vast sports complexes, parks, and family-focused social events.

Downtown Alpharetta

Life in Downtown Alpharetta is bursting with life. With 25 shops on 6 streets, there is more than enough to keep a family busy. Saloons, spas, elite home decor, and fashion stores will make your time off seem like a holiday. If you get hungry, there are over 30 Chef-Driven and locally-owned restaurants serving anything that might cross your mind. And after a whole day of shopping, you can enjoy a great cup of coffee or a cocktail and enjoy the restored historic vibe of downtown Alpharetta.

Most homes here were built after the 1970s and almost a quarter of them only since the year 2000. The prices range from the low $200,000’s, all the way up to multi-millions and, as the majority of houses in Alpharetta, GA are single-family residences. Being in downtown Alpharetta however, there are some condo communities as well.

Amongst the attractions, there is the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater at Encore Park (a 12,000 concert venue nonetheless), Alpharetta’s Farmers Market (every Saturday morning with fresh groceries), and Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.

Chances of getting bored if you chose a house in downtown Alpharetta are nonexistent. This vibrant suburb has one of the most alive and happening scenes in Georgia. Festivals and live music are the centers of attention, with a focus on entertaining the whole family and making sure that everyone gets involved.

Are public schools in Alpharetta, GA really that good?

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When you’re moving to a new state, town or suburb, the quality of the educational system is very important, especially if you have plans for a family in the near future or already have children. We always want what’s best for our little ones and with the public schools in Alpharetta, GA you’ll have nothing to worry about in regard to their future. 

Being run by the Fulton County School System, public schools in Alpharetta, GA are part of the fourth-largest school system in the state of Georgia with a total of 43 local options. Out of these, there are also 16 elementary schools, 9 middle schools, and 3 high schools.

The main high school in Alpharetta is Alpharetta High School housing over 2,000 students. If you’re thinking of quality, this particular high school is ranked amongst the top 2% of the public schools nationwide.

There are many places you could move to where you can have a good life, but Alpharetta Georgia is one of those places that provide layers upon layers of comfort. It might be the scenery with those big oak trees that shelter your home or the Southerns friendliness that draws you in because this is a city with friendly faces, great public schools and a job market that keeps growing in the heart of Georgia. A pearl in the South, Alpharetta is a great choice for families and Alpharetta’s realtors can help you find exactly what you are looking for.


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