What Is The Average Home Price In Alpharetta GA?

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When thinking of a city where you can raise a family in a safe environment with enough amenities to provide both the young and the elderly Alpharetta offers everything a family can need. It’s 22 miles north of Atlanta in the land of golf and swimming, with outdoor theater and places to hike or bike.

Alpharetta has housing options that vary

With a population of 65,799 as of 2017 and around 23,000 houses or apartments, the average home price in Alpharetta Ga is around $400,000. While the average home price in Alpharetta GA for currently listed homes is $476,450, the amount sellers actually got for their house is an average price of $381,500 for sold homes.

The prices have gone up by 1.5% in 2019 and Alpharetta’s housing market is predicted to go further up by 2.4% within 2020. While not only among one of the most expensive cities in Georgia, but in all of America, the real estate market in Alpharetta can satisfy all needs and budgets. More than 53% are single-family detached homes, but other types include apartment complexes, high rise apartments, homes that are converted into apartments and even a few duplexes. If you decide to build a house from the ground up, the square foot price is $177, which is higher than the average $132 of Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell Metro.

Alpharetta is within your budget 

The job market in Alpharetta, Georgia increased by 2.9% over the last year. Predictions were made of job growth of 50.1% over the next ten years, a rate which is higher


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than the US average, 33.5%. This offers an incredible quality of life and there are exceptional residential neighborhoods. With an average income higher than the rest of the country, Alpharetta’s residents can afford the slightly higher real estate prices.

Realtors in Alpharetta GA can satisfy any demand seeing what is the average home price in Alpharetta GA, but you can find homes from $200,000 all the way up to $5,000,000 on the luxury home market, or even more for some custom homes. 

Very Entertaining

It depends on what your needs are and exactly what you are looking for. Alpharetta has options that include swimming or tennis amenities and, if you’re patient, you can even find homes in golf communities.

Along with parks, restaurants and entertainment venues, the city of Alpharetta provides a variety of civic clubs, neighborhood organizations, business associations, and volunteer opportunities as well. This is a city that works with the homeowners’ associations and other neighborhood organizations in order to improve the way in which the citizens get involved in their community and together, improve their city and way of life. They hold public meetings to discuss projects and ensure that the information gets into the hands of the citizens. Alpharetta is safer than the rest of Georgia. It has a lower crime rate compared to other communities of similar population size.

Every yearAlpharetta is placed on the top of just about all the online “Best places to live” studies. A recent Time Magazine article placed it at the top of places to live nationally. Alpharetta is a city that is governed in a smart way, with good schools, low crime and a great long-term master plan which makes it a great place to live.


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