What Is The Average Income In Alpharetta GA?

Answer for "What is the average income in Alpharetta GA?"

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This suburb-like city has been ranked one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities and it’s getting better every day. Whether you look at the growing IT industry or the highly educated workforce, Alpharetta is the proud home of some of the brightest minds in the IT industry with several companies that came here to use its optic cable infrastructure.

The average income of an Alpharetta resident is $46,113 a year while the US average is $29,829 a year. Almost 20% of the population of Alpharetta has a household income of over $200.000 and the median annual household income is $87,837 which is higher than the median annual income of $53,482 across the United States. The most common jobs held by residents in Alpharetta are Management, Sales related, and Computer & Mathematical work which are also among the highest paid jobs.

One of the things that can influence these salaries is the quality of education. Alpharetta is home to some of the best schools in Georgia with a 24.5% average ACT score and higher education establishments that offer technical training and continuing education. There is also the development of industries with corporate headquarters, technology services, and retail trade firms. With an unemployment rate of 4%, the average income in Alpharetta GA surpasses the nationwide average by 55% and the Georgia average by 73% making Alpharetta the city with the highest average income per person in Georgia.

As Alpharetta is the seventh most expensive city in Georgia and has an overall higher cost of living if we keep in mind the the average home prices in Alpharetta are higher as well, it only makes sense for the residents to have higher incomes than the general average of U.S. To give you an idea of what this means in numbers and comparisons, an Accountant can make $75,000 while a Human Resources Manager’s salary is around $118,000. With $78,000, a registered nurse or a Web Developer with $90,000 will have the possibility to buy or rent, and build a life in this city. Realtors in Alpharetta GA can buy a house themselves as well, with a yearly income of $83,000 and a mechanical engineer can start their own family with $107.000 Mechanical Engineer.

Despite the high cost of living, Alpharetta keeps growing and its job market will grow as well. This offers a sense of security and stability, which makes the city a trustworthy investment for developers. Providing a healthy environment for the residents and an attractive market at the same time, Alpharetta is a choice that will reward you and your family with the income that gives access to the best this city has to offer.


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