Is Alpharetta GA A Safe Place To Live?

Answer for "Is Alpharetta GA a safe place to live?"

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Most of the online “Best places to Live” listings grant Alpharetta a top ranking, but is Alpharetta GA a safe place to live? If we take into account the fact that the overall crime rate in Alpharetta is 28% lower than the national average, Alpharetta is also safer than 71% of the cities in the United States.

This is the third-best suburb to live in Georgia, being a big town with a small-town feel. It is one of the friendliest cities in America with its signature Southern hospitality. Also, the city of Alpharetta was named by Forbes the “#1 Place to Relocate in America”. In the 2012 U.S. Census, Alpharetta was ranked the 6th Fastest-Growing City in America and it’s continuing to grow at a high rate. Considering the grading offered by Niche, Alpharetta received an overall A+ grade, but a B- when it comes to Crime and Safety, but the majority of the responses consider this lovely suburb to be a very safe place to live, grow up and raise a family.

Statistics for crimes differ from the general nationwide numbers. Calculated annually per 100,000 residents, in Alpharetta there had been 22.4 assault crimes, while the national number is 282.7 for example. The difference is similar when it comes to other violent crimes, but the balance changes slightly in relation to property crime. The number of burglaries in Alpharetta is 153.6 per 100.000 while the national average is at 500.1.

The suburb located 26 miles from downtown Atlanta is a great place to raise a family like many families and young professionals start their lives here. There are real estate agents in Alpharetta GA who can make sure that your new home will be what you have been looking for. Focus on the community can be felt as there are many family-oriented activities, community involvement, recreational areas and shopping malls that bring the whole family together.


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