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Last updated: May 21, 2021 • Home Improvement

Preparing to Sell Your House?

Maximize Value in Each Room

Looking to get the most value out of your home sale? Before selling, consider these home improvement tips to maximize value in each room of your house.


The foyer leaves the first impression a potential home buyer will get from the interior of your house. A warm, rich color such as red or espresso brown can make the entrance to your home feel inviting, and can make a potential buyer feel more at home. Organization is also key to adding value in a foyer. We recommend an accessible rack or closet to hang coats and leave the shoes at. A decorative art piece or mirror can also create an appealing, memorable entrance.

Living Room

Paint can go a long way in remodeling a living room. Consider using bright, lively colors such as red or orange in your living room to maximize the space’s value. Staging is also incredibly important in a living room. Evaluate if your current furniture and decor is appropriately sized for the room, making the space comfortable, but still accessible. Accent pillows and accessories can aid in staging a living room.

If the flooring is outdated or in need of repair, replace this to add additional home value. As an alternative to carpet or hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring is highly durable and sustainable. While it looks and feels like hardwood, it is more scratch and stain resistant and is completely recyclable and renewable. Bamboo flooring, uninstalled, sells between 3 to 9 dollars per square foot.


If a new toilet, shower, or appliances are not in your budget, lighting, texture, and linens can still leave a positive impact on the value of your bathroom. Try to avoid harsh lighting to give the room a more peaceful look. Color and texture, such as accent tiles can give the room a more finished look. You can save money by installing the accent tiles yourself. Apply mortar to the back of each tile, and grout and smooth with a grout sponge once in place. Use caulk around the border of the tile area to seal this into place. Clean, organized, and color coordinated linens can provide the finishing touch to maximizing value in your bathroom.

Aside from the visual aspects of a real estate, scents can also increase value. Vanilla, citrus, fresh lavender, and essential oils can fill the room and delight the senses.


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